May 2010

Ladies Men 1 & 2 / Love and Sacrifice
Starring: Mercy Johnson, Ruth Kadiri, Queen Nwokoye, Halima Abubakar, Paul Sambo, Daniel K Daniel, Chigozie Atuanya, Alex Ekubo etc
My Ratings: 7/10

coming soon

this section will also include suggestive movie recommendation specifically for foreigners (non Africans) who have just started watching our movies.

Starting off with a bad movie can either deter you or make you addicted to this movie watching thing. A friend of mine swore for years she hated african movies, called it all the names in the book. I gave her Genevieve's "Blood Sisters" to start off with, which sat on her mantle for 3 months before she even decided to watch, But  now she borrows my movies and doesnt return them.  I have banned her from my movies (she is listed in that black book)- she needs to Attend an African Movie Addiction anonymous at her local zipcode. I tried once but relapsed.
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