Monday, February 1, 2016

2016 Upcoming Movies and MsTiLii Plans

Heyyyyyyyy Ladies and Gentlemen how are you guys. I miss you die.

Yes I truly miss blogging reviewing movies and have decided to do it more often this 2016.
the only challenge is what movie is good enough to review since most i have seen as I always complain have not been up to par
I would have love to review Gennys ROAD TO YESTERDAY (cos yall know thats ma girl and i love me some Genny) but unfortunately the movie has not yet reached here in the diaspora so we have not gotten a chance to see it here. There are many other movies out there that i have already watched , but none is worth my time to review cos none  of them are good enough for me to rate at least 8/10 + and as you know several years ago i decided since blogging is not a full time job but part time, i will only spend time reviewing movies worth reviewing and ones i will rate at leas 8/10 or above - a classic collectors item you can watch again and again and again , not the mediocre bunch that we have been bombarded with in the market
Laughter is medicine and so if you really need to watch a movie or tv show that will make you laugh, I suggest JENIFA series. Gosh i love that show, i laugh so hard my ribs hurt. Falz and Jenifa are crazy. Currently for us here in the diaspora, we have only watched it to season 2 and 3 has not yet been released here. 
Also my Ghanaian girl Nicole Armateifio has just released Season 2 of The African City. This time around you cannot watch it for free on youtube. You actually have to pay to watch it, but its not that expensive and its all worth the watch - if you loved season 1, season 2 is even better.

I look forward to Shirley Frimpong Manso Movie REBECCA starring Joseph Benjamin and Yvonne Okoro.

Oh Another movie to look out for is AudreySilva Company long awaited movie called SURUL'ERE which is going to be released in Nigeria on Feb 12 2016. It is starring Rita Dominic (who is also the producer of the movie and she partners again with Film Maker Mildren Okwo whom she also collaborate with to make the award winning movie THE MEETING )

Oh and one more thing before i end this post. After much encouragement by many of my friends and family , in  2016 I have decided to write my first script which i will also produce myself yes. And you know with my life long passion of being a casting director, I will be doing all the casting myself. I cant reveal plot or any of such just yet, but just know it will be an exciting movie with great casting - all i need now is to shop for the best director to make my vision come to life. I critique others so much - you should know i cannot leave any room for error on mine. The vultures are ready for me :) .
Nice to be back guys.  I will try better with my blogging this 2016

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