Monday, September 16, 2013

African Actors/Actresses Learn to Be Humble and Not So Big Headed.

If you have been in the industry a short minute with a handful of movies and not a single breakthrough movie yet, abeg, calm the f*** down and dont blow your own damn horn on social media. It is extremely annoying and unattractive. With some of the attitudes showcased you would think some of these nollywood and ghana film actors and actresses are veteran oscar winners. Like seriously, I will call you out if this BS continues. 
You act these local movies that dont even make it to international level and you acting conceited and brand new. I dont blame you sha, I blame those kissing your ass on social media. And its always these mediocre ones who make noise. Mschwwwwwww

1 comment:

Adesuwa said...

Ummmmm... yeah! It's not just newbies, it's terrible "actors" and "actresses." Why is it the terrible ones who be feeling themselves OD?!

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