Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Introducing Ugandan Juliana Kanyomozi (African Celine Dion)

I came across this gorgeous Congolese Lady singing a Duet with beautiful Ugandan Singer Juliana Kanyomozi (I call her Africa's Celine Dion). Such Beautiful Ladies, i never heard of them till now.

Alicios is so pretty and resembles my oh so pretty nollywood actress - look at the lips and nose and guess who, i wont mention her name - she know who she is. :) 

Tell me she is not an excellent singer. I got goose pimples listening to Juliane.
whoever her publicist or PR people are am sorry yall aint doing a good enough job. Are you kidding me, with this voice, how come not many have heard of her. You gotta do better, Her voice is too phenomenal - Help push her brand globally. Please
Gosh I so love my Africa. Africa Rocks! So many talents. We dont give our selves enough credit, always kissing the asses of the western world. We got the best talents bar none.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Introducing Kansiime Anne (Funny Ugandan Comedienne)

If you have never watched this lady on you tube, you are so behind. Her name is Kansiime Anne, and she was born in raised in Uganda and hilariously funny. her comedy skits are on her youtube channel and she does her skit in both her native Swahili language and some in English. A few are posted  below.
It hurts me that there are so many extremely great talents and i never get to learn of many of them till later - all i learn of most is those in my western region but sometimes when the stars are in the East or South, unless some one brings it to my attention I never know. 


i was practically on the floor watching her imitate some of our regular typical useless african politicians who dont know their left from their right nor speak good english. I mean see how she puts on a straight face. I dont know if she is imitating a specific Ugandan politician but from this skit i see several useless politicians from my own country Ghana.
This blog is not for only my native Ghanaians or my Nigerian neighbours only. This Blog is to shine the light on all african stars on the continent so please if you know of any great actors, actresses, comediennes etc, just bring them to my attention, i will watch them and make my judgement if they are good and then promo them on this blog.
Can anyone recommend any great Ugandan or Kenyan movies (preferably i like to start with romantic ones). 

Thursday, June 6, 2013

IT FACTOR: Tamara Etiemo (Upcoming Actress to Watch out for)

Tamara Etiemo, Yes - she got the "IT" factor. I first saw her in Royal Arts Academy movie "Mrs Somebody" and she caught my eye with her acting. I think she has such great potential and I have high hopes for her with more experience she will be very good. 
She is beautiful, she speaks  well (without faking any accent like most wannabes and newbies) and she is very confident on screen. Tamara Eteimo is from Bayelsa State and won the Next Movie Star reality show in 2011 after graduating from the University of Port Harcourt (Uniport ladies like her predecessor Rita Dominic never disappoints, they are good), where she studied Theatre Arts. She landed a lead role in the wale Adenugba’s production, Superstory and acted the role of UTOHAN, the female .
This lady right here, watch out for her and mark my words today, she will be "excellent" with time. I only seen one movie as I mentioned above, but like i said she  is going places based on the great directors and producers she works with and the great scripts she chooses. Watch out for her. 
I wish you well lady, you started off well , working with the right team (Royal Arts Academy) , I hope you continue to make great choices when it comes to script and not say yes to any nilly willy script based on the naira. Yes maybe "quantity" may make you famous as most of these fly by nite razz actresses understand, but Lady i promise you, "quality" will pay off in the long run, so choose QUALITY over QUANTITY.
My candid advice as a mere movie watcher who knows how to spend my money wisely on what movies to buy and not to buy cos its pure trash: If you want to know what producers/director to stay away from, browse my blog (In my opinion, Nonso Ekene Okonko or Ogezu Ogezu are NOT the kind directors/producers you want to start off with -
Aim for Tchidi Chikere, Emem Isong , Izu Ojukwu and the likes - Go for scripts that test your versatility eg village movie etc - stay away from the babes, aristos, campus, nonsense).
I predicted Mercy Johnson when i saw her many many years ago in her 1st movie "The Maid". I predicted Yvonne Okoro after seeing her for just 5 mins in the Ghanaian movie Beyonce where she had a tiny role, and I also predicted Majid Michel after seeing his performance for the first time in movie "Crime to Christ". My prediction were simply that these are good actors/actresses with bright future as they grow with time and I was right - they are all big now, doing big thangs. 
I also made an IT LIST HERE. Yes I know, I am harsh critic when it comes to our African actors and actresses but i know a good one when i see one - and I want nothing but the best for my fellow Africans - I want us to have THE BEST representation in the international world, so mediocrity just does not sit well with me. Mediocrity is subjective, what i hate you may love, and thats okay. Like i always say, we may agree to disagree - To each his own (Deuces!!!!!!). 
I look forward to purchasing movies with this lady in it and I hope i dont waste my precious money.  Last advice, take your time, don't rush (you crawl before you walk, and not the other way round). Learn from the established pros who paved the way for you (Genny, Rita, Mercy etc) - study their on screen performance like science if you have to and add your own stint to it to make you unique.
Here is a Trailer to an upcoming movie titled "Desperate Housegirls" starring Ini Edo, Tamara Etiemo, Desmond and etc. This is a Desmond Elliot produced movie.

ps: Is it me or does Tamara resemble (or vice versa) my actress i like called Daniella Chioma Okeke? They could act as siblings in a movie I think, what do you think?

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


June/July 2013.(bump up)
I have the need to bump this thread back up.
Nov/Dec 2012.(bump up)
I have the need to bump this thread back up.

April 11 2012.(bump up)
I keep getting lots of emails people asking me who my favourites are so since 2010 when i first wrote it, i have had to keep bumping this thread. Since 2008 the only names i have added is the ones in orange which i added in 2011 (these are ones with "POTENTIAL"). Not many of the Actresses I have seen raise my eyebrow or catches my eye, they are just a whole bunch of  new faces with not any spectacular  or memorable acting for me to say they have "great potential" at least in my opinion. Just one or two I've noticed but we shall see sha. We are watching you like a hawk and if you have potential i will say it and if you suck with no hope, i will say it too. 
I really hope this year 2012 is good and we have great movies so i can go back to doing my  fun filled MISS TILLI ANNUAL AWARDS because honestly - if we don't get classic releases again this year, once again and for the 3rd time, I will postpone the award because of lack of categories.  
Though my awards are all in fun - (cos i am not giving away any plaques, trophies and what not), I don't do it just for doing sake like most award shows do- where clearly 99% of the jury have never even watched the movie in depth. People I nominate and whom my readers & movie watchers vote for (unlike most awards)- we all actually have watched these movies from beginning to end (and sometimes twice or thrice like i do as i get closer to naming the nominees - cos i don't want to miss a beat) and know exactly what we are talking about.
July 26 2010 (bump up)
I first created this list about 2 years ago, but lately i have been getting questions via email where i am being asked who do i consider "Great" Actor or "Great Actress" - besides in the past 2 years i have had some additions and subtractions. Granted there are many I deem as GOOD in my books, there a handful i consider GREAT and they are as follows (african actors, actress and producers) - I am only focusing on GHANA and NIGERIA;
All in purple are Ghanaian Actors and Actresses and all others are Nigerian Actors/tresses.
My Personal Top GREATEST and Favourite Actresses (Nigeria and Ghana)
  • #1 Genevieve Nnaji (though this list is in no particular order Genny is my #1)
  • Funke Akindele
  • Akorfa Asiedu
  • Joke Silva
  • Funlola Aofiyebi
  • Rita Dominic
  • Patience Ozorkor
  • Chinny Ahaneku
  • Geraldine Okeocha
  • Camilla Mberekpe
  • Ebere Okaro
  • Ngozi Ezeonu
  • Liz Benson (one of the 1st pioneers)
  • Kate Henshaw
  • Bimbo Akintola
  • Jennifer Eliogwu
  • Rama Brew
  • Uche Owusotole
  • Stella Damasus Aboderin
  • Stephanie Okereke (when she doesnt fake her accent and she is herself)
  • Omotola Ekeinde (aka OmoT)
  • Mercy Johnson (depends on script and the director - breakthru movie THE MAID)
  • Ini Edo (depends on the script and the director - breakthrough movie WORLD APART)
  • Nse Ikpe Etim
You need one breakthrough movie to make you shine for me to consider you great. Thats why you have to be extremely selective on the script and most importantly check the resume/cv of the director directing you. SInce their breakthrough movies Ini and Mercy havent necessarily done great in all other subsequent movies - they have accumulated "SOME" not so great movies on their cv . I guess u have to be in a great financial space to be able to confidently say NO attimes and not say yes to every script which will sometimes tarnish your greatness.
For the up and comers who have not entered the industry yet and want to - get some of the movies by my listed greats and study these actors and actresses VERY VERY VERY - study them like science and detect what exactly about their acting make them raise that much eyebrows - take a lil cue from them add your own and the sky is the limit for you. I wont tell you - u study their every act and ask yourself why. And please look beyond the physique or their looks. There is more to it than just the looks.
Next Best Thing - Actresses with the Greatest Potential and to keep a keen eye on - we are still watching your growth.
  • Omoni Oboli (movie: Entanglement)
  • Uru Eke (movie: Widows of Men)
  • Yvonne Okoro - (movie: Beyonce: The Presidents Daughter, 4Play)
  • Martha Ankomah (movie: Kiss me if you can) - she has one of the best potential as a ghanaian actress but thus far based on poor choices she has garnered a reputation (at least in Ghana) - people are now overlooking how great she could be focusing on the overly sex scenes she has played - This is what i am referring to as being selective so much, it doesnt come to bite you and overshadow your greatness. You can not erase what you have done. But i still give her the benefit of doubt bcos i still think with the right script and direction she will outshine many.
  • Lydia Forson (movie: Scorned)
  • Roseyln Ngissah
  • Nadia Buari (movie: "Beyonce") - Be ya self and loose that fake accent and you will be greater
  • Nuella Njubibor (depends on script and director stay away from stereotypical movies)
  • Tamara Etiemo (movie: Desperate House-girls)

My Personal Top Greatest & Favourite Actors (in no particular order)
Ramsey Nouah
  • Muna Obiekwe
  • Majid Michel 
  • Richard Mofe Damijo (aka. RMD)
  • Zach Orji
  • Ramsey Nouah
  • Jim Iyke (if he doesnt fake his accent and he is himself and more relaxed)
  • Nana Kwame Sarpong
  • Adjetey Anang
  • John Dumelo
  • Chris Attoh
  • Brew Riverson
  • Olu Jacobs
  • Kofi Adjorlolo
  • Pete Eneh
  • Chiwetalu Agu
  • Nkem Owoh
  • Sam Loco
  • Sam Dede
  • Charles Okafor
  • Kanayo Kanayo
  • Yemi Blaque
  • Yul Edochie
  • ??? (i have been racking my brain bout this actor who played the pastor in "Saving Sarah" - one of the best but i cant remember his name) 

The Next Best Thing - Actors with the Greatest Potential and Ones to Keep an Eye On - (there is a reason i bolded and underlined "potential" - we are watching your growth)
  • Blossom Chukwujekwu
  • Kenneth Okolie
  • Joseph Benjamin
  • Ken Erics
  • Fred Leonard
  • Daniel K Daniel

My Favourite Movie Producers/Directors
  • Shirley Frimpong Manso (wrote/directed/produced movie: Perfect Picture)
  • Emem Isong (produced movie: Guilty Pleasures)
  • Lancelot Imaseum (directed movie: Behind Closed Doors and many more)
  • Adim Williams (directed movie: Sharon Stone)
  • Steve Gukas (directed movie: Keeping Faith)
  • Jeta Amata (directed: "Amazing Grace", upcoming "Inhale" and "Black Gold")
  • Teco Benson (prodcued movie: Silent of the Gods)
  • Izu Ojukwu (directed movie: Distance Between)
  • Tchidi Chikere (e.g movie: Blood Sisters)
  • Chinny Ahaneku (wrote/direct/produced movie: Alice My First Lady)
  • Lancelot Imasuen (directed movie: Behind Closed Doors)
  • Vivien Ejike (produced movie: Silent Scandal)
My favourite African movie themes are the village set movies. These are my favourite because i think its the realest, they are no pretences or no faking of accents like the usual ones. This is why Tchidi Chikere remains one of favourite directors (I love his old movies).
So to the ones who emailed me i hope i answered your questions. This is my own personal favourites and i am sure you and everybody else may have your own personal favourites too. To each his own. If i didnt mention someone - nothing personal, they may be good but not great in my books. Again I repeat its nothing personal. To each his own and we can agreet o disagree. My opinion doesnt have to count at all (am ok with that).
I had to come back and edit this post by adding my two cents here based on a comment an anonymous person made which was so right and I have also mentioned before in many of my old post.
The fact that, I think many of the problems we are having in the industry is not necessarily the actors or actresses lacking in skills but the growing evidence that sometimes, as our BEST of the best actors/tresses grows (such as Majid Michel, John Dumelo, Mercy Johnson etc etc) their range and depth over exceeds the range available to them and evidently SOME OF the directors they work with, are not growing at the same pace to challenge them enough movie after movie. Yes, we have improved on sound and picture quality, but when it comes to scripts and direction sometimes i prefer the old storylines.
Yes i said it, Many of our directors are not growing the same pace as the Actors(tresses) and so if you live in a country like africa where your main source of income is acting - sometimes you have no choice but to say YES to any script even though it may not be challenging enough - it sure pays the bills. When u ask some of our stars where do you see your self in future many are quick to say - HOLLYWOOD, well good, i wish you well, but at this pace where u are not being challenged with time, you have a lot to compete with in Hollywood. Its like sometimes the actors take 10 step forward with acting and being directed in the great script and then the next thing you see 10 steps backwards.
The industry is quick to complain about lack of funding for creating good movies, which i agree (somewhat), but in restrospect when you think about it, much of what they are complaining about, with me looking from the outside in (and correct me if am wrong Mr Producer/Director if you are reading this) has nothing to do with funding. The actor or actress needs to be challenged one movie after the other - not float on the same level for years on end. Challenge them scripts with different depth and make them go higher. If you search this thread you will find directors I have called out in the past for somehow getting to work with the best talent we got, yet NEVER able to challenge them enough, either based on the poor script of the movie or simple poor direction.
This is why as of 2008 I decided not to let the Producers and Directors go scot free - if you did not do a good job - I will call you out. Who am I to judge who is doing a good job and who is not considering i have never directed in my life, I am one of the bajillion audience out there who spend my hard earn money to buy the movie only to be DUPED with crap. All we simply ask is for quality movies, NOT QUANTITY. I mean do you really think just cos you are producer or director, i should simply shut up and take whatever you put on the market. Assuming none of us buy your movies, how do u think the indutry will be. Put your self in our shoes, yes we are paying $5 or $10 odd dollars a pop, may seem lil, but money is money even if I am spending $1.
-Take Actor Leonardo DiCaprio foreinstance see how he has grown and in every new movie he does with , he is challenged more and more. See his depth of growth since "EATING GILBERT GRAPE" or even "TITANIC" - he is one actor i admire because he is not an overnight success and has grown over time thanks to Producers Martin Scorcese
-Actor Derek Luke had never acted 'much" before but see how Denzel Washington challenged him in all the ranges with his first movie debut "ANTWONE FISHER" - and since then he has grown so much in depth. This is what I seek for in African movies, how you the director can make one shine in their role by challenging them.
And to the anonymous person who commented - you are right yet wrong on the subject of Shirley not having much ranges. "YES, Checkmate was poor (at least compared to all the previous) but if you compare all the current Ghanaian producers or lets say Producers in Ghana (cos not all are ghanaian) to me, she is the only one holding up and so we can agree to disagree where i say NO when you state she doesnt have ranges. To me Life and Living it vs Scorned vs Sting in a Tale is a good range enough (even if average) as compared to the other rubbish being put out there on the ghanaian market. For a young LADY who writes, produce and direct, I will continue to give her all the encouragement she needs but at the same time I will not sugarcoat when something crap is puttin out there, as was with CHECKMATE. I will tell it like it is. Checkmate may not have lived up to par but I cannot overlook the other good ones she has done. You cannot say that about Shirley and turn a blindseye to ppl like Abdul Mumuni or Frank Arase or whatever and tell me THEY are doing a better job - yes I have seen 4play, The Game, blah blah blah and still not impressed with the scripts, the profanity, the foreign names and all that nonsense - but thats just me - to each his own. Ghana has GREAT directors - folks i personally know who graduated from prestigious NAFTI school, but unfortunately, many left the country after much frustruation when it comes to funding and I wish they will come back to show ppl how its really done.
I for one love Ghanaian prime time tv shows like "Things You Do for Love", "Taxi Driver", "Sun City" and the likes and I always wonder if these prime time tv shows are so well produced and directed how come they cannot transition this into movies. Abdul Mumuni and Frank ARase are not the only ghanaian movie director/producers out there, but yes they are the ones with the most funding to do whatever they like and no one questions them - but hopefully not for long with them feeling they are untouchable. So i do understand what you are saying when you state "There is a paucity of active filmdirectors in Ghana now which sometimes leave the actors/tresses no choice".
My wish is all the great directors and producers who have been sitting on their great talent and on the back bench (both in Ghana and in Nigeria) get all the funding they need to save the industry from the bombardment of crap being putting out there. Where is Kwaw Ansah of "Loved Brewed in African Pot" - its people like that i want to see back in the industry.
For one thing i do notice a trend of many producers/directors making great movies worthy enough to go straight to the cinemas (Figurine, Home in Exile etc) and I am very proud of them and can not advocate for them enough. Its a huge step for africa. I pray the other producers still pushing out QUANTITY and not QUALITY will have the sense enough to join this bandwagon, sitting behind the drawing board to come up with creative enough scripts to go straight to Cinemas world wide and be recognised in ALL THE FILM FESTIVALS (sundance etc)
This opens a discussion which hasnt been talked about much and as part of an audience who watch african movies, I would love to hear your point of view - constructive comments will be posted.
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