Wednesday, March 20, 2013

What Ever Happened to Nollywood Romantic Movies

When i first started watching Nollywood movies 13 years ago (it was the summer of 2000 at a hair braiding shop in NYC) what really got me hooked was the love stories and romantic movies, which always headlined;

  • Genny + Ramsey (my favourite)
  • Genny + Emeka Ike
  • Genny + RMD
  • Genny + Muna Obiekwe
  • Stella Damasus + RMD (my 2nd Favourite)
  • Omotola + Zach Orji etc etc

I mean those were the good ole days and  I miss em so much. Love stories and Romantic Movies sell well so I suggest the good producers (abeg i said good producers/directors so all you illiterate razzistic producers can take a couple of seats over there to the left - cos you can NOT do it so dont touch it - just continue with your "runs" and "campus movies since that is what you do best :)  ) 
I think the last great love story movie i watched and truly loved and will consider "one of my all time classic" was LETTERS TO A STRANGER  starring Yemi Blaq and Genny produced by Fred Amata. It was great, it was just one part and the ending was NOT predictable. I just loved it and often wondered with the way it ended if by any chance do a sequel.
Talking about Yemi Blaq, one of the most under rated actors ever (kinda remind me as the male version of Bimbo Akintola) - He needs to be more famous cos he is such a great actor  and yall know I am a sucker for eloquence and articulation and great delivery in a cute actor at that. I think someone needs to write a beautiful love story starring him and Nse Ikpe Etim . They have such a great chemistry together. Alternatively it could also star Yemi Blaq and Rita Dominic. I love them together too.
As we are talking about Romantic Movies I don't know if you have heard this but the whole cast of The Best Man have met again and currently on location in Toronto shooting a sequel after 10 years (yes everybody is in it including Nia, Taye, Morris, Monica, etc.) I am so excited. Now if only they will do same or redo Love Jones, that will even make my day the better.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Paint My Life / Tempest (A Tchidi Directed Movie)

Paint My Life/Tempest is a movie starring Daniel K Daniel i have been waiting for in a while since last year and finally its here. Am very excited and i look forward to watching it ad reviewing it as soon as it hit the shelves.
Its an interesting story line and i have been waiting for a while to see Daniel since "Ladies Men"
An intriguing story of a wealthy ambassador and his insane daughter who passed through series of nightmares & trauma as a result of his daughter's ravaging mental illness,trying to make sure she is not compelled to a public confession of his misdeed and her daughter tries to unleash the full dose of her mental condition on a decent Painter/Artist who tries to straighten her.

Tchidi Chikere.

Ikenna Anumba.C.E.O,LISBON MOTION PICTURES NIG. LTD(+2348035346335).
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