Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Apologies for My Silence and No Update

I have been extremely busy, trying to launch my products Nov 1st, so i have been extremely busy, besides aint ish out there worth reviewing - one junk after the next, you would think after 20 odd years in the industry, this baffonery and stupidity of movies like Blackberry Babes and all that bullshyt will stop, but noooooo, they keep em coming, in parts 1, 2,3 and 4.
I am simply waiting for the next best thing, which i presume will be in the new year when the likes of Weekend Getaway is released. I have been informed of some others, and in due time when am given the green light to do so, I will announce it here. These are high anticipated based on Producers body of work and who was casted. Watch this space for announcement.
Someone emailed me about "In the Cupboard", yes i know its out somewhere in the world, but its not here on these shores, and until i get hold of it and watch it - i cant review it. I hype it enough, and lately when i hype something and they keep us waiting for so long, I loose interest. If it finally gets to North America on DVD, for sure i will watch it and give my 2 cents, until then, ...Deuces.
Miss Tilii

ps: my product is in the fashion industry, but don't luxury fashion you wear (zip lip) - there is all forms of fashion you know. This is been long coming and my passion finally coming to fruition. Do what you love, the money will follow.

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Adesuwa said...

Thank God you're alive!! You've been MIA for a hot minute! There is absolutely nothing worth watching (on DVD) and I have only **HEARD** about "In The Cupboard." I heard the acting wasn't allat... that only the woman who played the mom was good. This person even said that Initial was wack! IDK, man!!! Anyways, Good luck on the side project, and fill us in ASAP on how we can support! PeaceLOVE&Blessings!!

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