Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What Makes A "GREAT" Movie?

To my blog readers please answer this question; 
In your opinion, "What Makes a Great Movie? 
This is a follow up from my previous post from last year, titled "What is Great Acting" which is also a lil bit related to this topic titled "Method Acting" - which happens to be my favourite form of acting. 
Everyone may have a different definition, as evident by the numerous emails i get with some people disagreeing with my some of my reviews, to which i always say "To Each His Own" - We can agree to disagree, so tell me what makes a great movie.
Let us Discuss.


Anonymous said...

A movie that will make me laugh, ask what next and most of all wishing that it never ended!

Not too long...but enough to tell the story in a full meaningful length. I do not need part 1 and 2, as long as I can understand the end and the the end of it, I want to be able to put the END at the BEGINNING!!!

Something that APPRECIATE all means.....I enjoy hearing African ascents in the beautiful

nollywood fan said...

Great script, great act, dats a good movie...

Adesuwa said...

A "GREAT" movie has a message, irrespective of genre. Be it a social, moral/ethical or religious (I'm not into the occultic movies, though). The actors are clear in speech - regardless of language. Obviously, this excludes dialects like pidgin. Pidgin has its place. The visual and audio quality is great, ESPECIALLY now. There is no excuse for fuzzy video, or exposed equipment, like the microphone. Once I saw a crew person!! The synopsis is realistic. The scenes are realistic. No empty restaurants. The actors are on the same level (or are trying to be) in acting ability (I don't want to see RMD, Dominic and Tonto Dike, or worst... Rukky Sandra)

Anonymous said...

See this

This is what I say, waiting, curious to watch a Good acted movie!

Chapter 10 of Adams Apples.......

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