Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tanzanian Actor Steven Kanumba Laid to Rest

My sincere apologies to my East African Friends (Tanzania to be precise) - that i am so late on this story. i don't know what rock i was hiding under in the past week. Honestly I haven't had the privilege to see any of his movies so i guess the name did not click, but now i am searching high and low to find some to watch. 
As i have said on my blog many times i like to learn about other great actors in the continent apart from Ghana or Nigeria so whenever you guys see talent as Steven was please alert me so i can dig on him and search for his movie to watch and review. It hurts me so much that i did not know of him, but after his death. May he rest in peace.
More than 30,000 people in Dar es Salaam have attended the funeral of Steven Kanumba who accidentally died this past Saturday - Whao 30,000 - he was such a loved man. I hear so many women /femal fans, fainted out of distraught as he was being laid to the ground including Former miss tanzania turned bongo movie actress Wema Sepetu (seen below in the 2nd pic) fainted after seeing the casket carrying the body of her ex-boyfriend Steven Kanumba.

I can imagine how painful it must be for all his fans. He is gone way too soon and he was so cute with so much ahead of him. Please can any one recommend some of his classic movies so i buy it and watch it. I am so sorry for his early demise and wish he did not die. May he rest in peace.
Story from Last Week
Dar es Salaam – Police are busy trying to resolve a mystery surrounding the shocking death of movie star  Steven Charles Kanumba, who died in Dar es Salaam  yesterday, shortly after picking  a quarrel with his girlfriend.

The Bongo movie iconic actor, 28, was pronounced dead on arrival at Muhimbili National Referral Hospital where he had been rushed by his doctor, a family member and close friends. He died at around 3am.
The Kinondoni Regional Police Commander, Mr Charles Kenyela,  said Kanumba had been rushed to the hospital unconscious from his city home in Sinza suburb.
“Initial reports indicate that he fell in his bedroom where he was with the 18-year-old girlfriend identified as Elizabeth Michael,” said Mr Kenyela. The girl, also an actor commonly referred to as ‘Lulu’, has been cohabiting with Kanumba for some time now. 

Mr Kenyela confirmed they were holding Ms Lulu for questioning. She was still locked up at the Oysterbay police station last night. The police chief said investigations were  still in the initial stages, and as such, it  was too early to draw conclusions on the cause of the death, but  promised to issue a detailed statement upon completion of the exercise. He confirmed  that a postmortem was also underway at the hospital’s mortuary.
According to Mr Kenyela, Lulu told them that Kanumba fell down and hit his head on the concrete  wall and passed out on the spot. “She said the deceased just slumped to the ground and hit the concrete once they were in the bedroom,” he said in a telephone interview with The Citizen.
He said the girl told the police Kanumba had picked a quarrel with her after they had arrived home at about 1am,  over a telephone call she had received  a short while earlier.
“Lulu claimed when he got aggressive, she attempted to run away but Kanumba caught up with her outside the gate and took her back to the bedroom. She says he collapsed as soon as he locked the door and hit the wall,” Kenyela explained.
The police took from the scene a glass and bottle of whisky which the deceased was believed to have been drinking. Other witnessed claimed they also saw them dust the wall and also take away a sword found in the bedroom.
News about the death spread fast and shocked the nation where the self made actor had attracted tremendous following and liking for his quick success in the film industry spanning almost decade.
His talent not only made him a household name locally, but also in other countries like RwandaBurundi, DR Congo, Ghana and Nigeria, if social network post yesterday are anything to go by.
Thousands of fans rushed to the hospital  as soon as they got wind of the incident. The crowds welled by the second outside his house gate, forcing the police to intervene to cordon the highway for smooth traffic flow.
Fellow actors wailed uncontrollably and some fainted on arriving at the home to join other mourners, whom included Cabinet ministers,  and top public and private sector  executives.
The  grief galvanized the entire nation and other countries where Kanumba had made a name for himself as one  of the rising actors in the continent. A close friend and South Africa based Tanzanian model Happiness Magesse could not hold her tears and broke on national television during an interview in the morning.
At Muhimbili, close associates and comrades cried and huddled in disbelief when they witnessed his body  being removed from his brand new Toyota VX land cruiser and wheeled him into the mortuary.

I dont know how i feel about this story because i cant imagine this tiny petite girl killing this man, to me they simply have to do an autopsy to figure out cause of death, If he got drunk and slipped and fell  on the concrete and hit his head that makes sense but other than that i dont know what to believe, all i know is this 18 yr old is too tiny to be able to kill this huge man during a fist fight or struggle. Tis a case of wrong place at wrong time, but you know africa police they will need a  scapegoat to pin this on. I hope this case is solved and we all hear some update.
(Source The Citizen and Bongo5.com)


Sarahlove said...

Ms-TiLii, thank you for posting the passing of Steven Charles Kanumba on your Blog, indeed it is a lost for Tanzania and the entire continent of Africa. Although movie industry in Tanzania is still inchoate, people are talented and have great ideas, but the industry needed people like Steven to make things happen. He will greatly be missed. R.I.P. Steven.

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth Michael reminds me of Tonto Dike.

Anonymous said...

if he hit the wall and collapsed then Kanumba might have been poisoned and lulu knew that very well.

Anonymous said...


I would imagine since their lives public business, they would just date or marry ordinary people to balance the equation.

Seems this was Hollywood pandemic, now slowly coming into our continent.....Angelina/Pitt kind of relationships! Tough to handle.....

Anyway, they are free to choose who to love......but in Swahili we say Mafahari wawili hawawezi ishi kwenye zizi moja..like saying two bulls cannot survive in one place!


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