Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Rugged Priest - (A Kenyan Movie)

I will write more details about this movie later but in the mean time just check out the trailer. Seems interesting.

I look forward to watching this movie - this topic of priest having relationship as we see in this movie is one of those hush topics in our African community. But i know it exist. I never really understood the reason behind some priests not being allowed to marry. Maybe if they did all this wont happen.

Thanks to my Kenyan reader for sending me this trailer. I always want to shine the light on all great African movies (not just Ghanaian or Nigerian) - and so i ask you all wherever you are from in Africa - if there are any great movie releases -just let me know and i will publicize it here for you here. I want to support all my African countries with my free publicity. This is the least i can do.  Its my greatest pleasure. 

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