Friday, April 20, 2012

Ghanaian Local (Twi ) Actors vs English Actors: Part 1

I read somewhere actor Prince David Osei said he will not act in Twi movies because its not attractive to him, whereby John Dumelo on the other hand said he is very open to acting in Twi/Akan movies. Hey!!!! David Osei tell me that did not come out ya mouth .For now i will give you the benefit of doubt that did not come out your mouth. I am going to discuss in detail who i think are the better actors.
JD more grease to your elbow. I wish to see you in such movies acting along side our greatest like Bill Asamoah, I will really love to see that side of you.
Twi and English Actress Emelia Brobbey - thank you for raising this topic awareness of "being a great actor means being versatile in both english and local dialect movies (twi). You are so right and this is a topic worth discussing.
I will tell it like it is how i see it and i will not be comparing lace-front wigs and fake contacts coupled fake accents. i will be comparing REAL TRUE ACTING.

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