Monday, April 9, 2012

Genny & Majid 2012

How would you feel if i told you my Genny and my Majid have another movie coming. I am not trying to tease you or nothing but stay tuned. Its not your typical movie - the script sounds hella good and thats all am going to say. Stay tuned. I am on pins and needles just like you. When i am given the green light to spill all i will.
Apart from these our very two favourites - 2012 sounds quite promising - so keep on having patience. All these bombardment of crap movies will not be like this forever. One day one day  - it will be the thing of the past - fingers cross. 
(Ps: I hear there is another crap release in the pipeline titled "Jollof Rice" LOL LOL  - combine the upcoming movie "Jollof rice with other movies titled  "Blackberry Babes", "Facebook babes, "I-Phone Boys, "Twitter Babes" - its a done deal - we got an ever growing mountain catalogue of crap movies- What else is new ?? LOL ). 
Sometimes i blame y'all, cos either way , somebody is buying these *ish*, for them to keep on producing. LOL


Adesuwa said...

SOME of the movies coming out this year sound soooooo goooood!!! Weekend Getaway, Phone Swap, Amina, Aina (hopefully), THIS... there are like 3 more. That's a lot!!! I'm proud! Let's stay on this trajectory. I pray that movies like Fashion House are on their way to being a thing of the past.

Anonymous said...

You make me laugh iPhone babes, twitter babes. As if blackberry babes wasn't enough lol. Well I will be looking out for that movie with Gen and my majid hope it comes out before December.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait I love those two. Now I'm going to be looking out for that movie. I just hope it comes out this year and not 2013. I want to know what the movie is about, I'm so excited

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