Friday, March 2, 2012

Chidera - What God Has Written (Upcoming Movie)

- Martha Ankomah
- Paul Sambo
- Amaka Mordi
- Sandra Okereke
- Okwui Eneowo
- Ephraim Arinze (exec)
Serah Donald Onyeachor
Chidera in igbo means "What God Has Written.This movir Is a story about a 19 year old Dera (Martha Ankomah)  who out of Family pressure gets pregnant for her boyfriend (Paul Sambo) and in that confused state leaves her baby in the hospital for her boyfriend to take care of. Ten years later Dera is back but with a New face surgery as Fate will have it she meets her baby Daddy Jay and unknown to Jay he falls in love with her again , But little Jenny is giving Dera a hard time, because she believes her mother will come back some day, Dera is turn in between revealing her real self and standing the chance of loosing her boyfriend and Daughter (Amaka Mordi) again, or keeping the truth from them and living the rest of her life in lies .
I am very excited for Martha as i mentioned here -hope this is her big breakthrough movie like Sharon Stone was for Genny N, The Maid was for MercyJ and Worlds Apart was for Ini Edo. Like I said before, Out of all the Ghana actresses she and Yvonne O are the only ones to me with the greatest potential (Let me repeat, I dont care for any Nadia Buari or Jackie Appiah acting - if they are excellent in your books thats your own - to each his own).
I have high hopes for you Martha. Just keep making good script choices that will make you shine and help you improve - a director who can challenge you and push you to shine. I wish her nothing but the best and to work with ONLY excellent directors and great scripts. Lets just hope she doesnt fall on the bandwagon like the rest of being lured by the high nairas and cedis for any CRAP script.
As for Paul Sambo you all know from this post - that i have been waiting for him to headline something since Ladies Men. Wuzzup Paul - 2012 we are waiting ohhh (as well as Daniel and Alexx) - we have been patient for over a year now.
I hope this movie does justice and is a great movie. We look forward to its release date this March 2012.


teema said...

Thanks Ms TiLii

I haven't seen Martha Ankomah in any good flicks... so as u have said, maybe this is her breakthrough.... I can't wait to watch this flick.... :D

Anonymous said...

Hi Ms. TiLii,

I am not commenting on this movie, but just wanted to share my agony with two movies I watched recently!

1st, I really respect all African actresses who are married and at one point in their lives they want to have kids!

But then, PLEASE if they are in that processes, I think they should take a break instead of taking a role that does not need a pregnant or big or fatty woman at all.

I think directors should be very keen on this as it make no sense for someone to act as a single lady or teenager who is not supposed to be preggy, while in REAL life the person is expecting. That is just so unprofessional!

If my eyes were not seeing well, I watched this movie (Spellbound and Fire band), I just decided to stop after part 2 as I could see Chioma who was paired with Benjamin Joseph was expecting for real, and in the movie that was not supposed to be the case....let alone she kept on hiding the stomach something one cannot do with that condition.

I don't want even to say the second movie as I was mad why I bought it.....

Miss T-i-l-i-i (African Movie Reviewer) said...

Yes Teema we are still waiting for Martha to have a breakthrough movie since she hasnt had one yet.

Miss T-i-l-i-i (African Movie Reviewer) said...

Anonymous 12:09 am i understand your frustruation and i have talked about this time without number. i hate movies that insult my intelligence such as you explained, I saw a lot of such nonsense in the movie VICTIMS which just came out with Majid. How does one person constantly rape his patience and no one ever catches him. Maybe am wrong but last i check most male gynaecolist always have a female nurse in their office when they are performing examination. Anyway i want you to comment again later when i post a topic specific to this discussion.

Thanks for your comment

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