Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Majid Michel Pays Respects to Whitney While in LA

While Majid is in Cali for several gigs and films festivals this month (Feb 2012)- He gracefully pays respect to Whitney on the Blvd.
While we are speaking about Whitney, please keep her daughter Bobby Kristina in your prayers and also her mom Ms Cissy Houston. Ms Cissy has been through so much in the past many years, especially with Whitney, and I am just hoping Bobbi Kris does not become a problem on her hand since she is the only next of kin who is trust worthy to take her of her now  and she is at her old age. The old woman deserves some happiness before God finally calls her home someday - I hear Bobbi Kris is so distraught over her moms death she is threatening she doesnt want to live anymore. Just remember her in your prayers. You dont have to know one personally to pray for them.

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Adesuwa said...

I'm 25, and I can't imagine loosing my mother! This poor child... only 18, has to live the rest of her life w/ only memories of the mom. My God comfort her, and her grandmother, Mrs. Cissy Houston. This is heart wrenching.

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