Friday, February 10, 2012

2012 - African Movie Releases Thus Far.........

Happy Feb/Mar Ladies and Gentlemen, now lets see if african movie industry can impress us  better than they did in 2010 and 2011.
I received my box of 17 new african movies from dealer 2 weeks ago,  and thus far, I have watched 14 movies which i must say, are absolutely ridiculous and just pure nonsense. I will make sure i list all of them here soon and for sure I will mention names (Morris Sesay) and the likes  - I mean are you serious??? like really? Abeg africa movie industry lets not even go there this year giving us mediocre scripts, acting and what not. I want nothing but the best. Please enough is enough.
Later, I will review the 3 "good" movies i have watched thus far - they are not "great" but they are "good" enough. Forinstance lets just say The Wisdom of Thomas is hilarious (Nkem Owoh and Funke Akindele). I will review it soon. I am truly keeping my fingers cross for us this 2012 that we get at least 10 great movies this year and more great new faces and talents come out this year. Enough of the recycling - We are tired. I am keeping an extreme keen eye on talents. Very keen eye -what they are going to deliver to us and most importantly their choices of work (which saids a alot of bout their respect and love and longevity goal for this art of acting).
Ladies Alexx Ekubo, Daniel K Daniel and Paul Sambo all have some very promising releases this year so please watch this space for updates. I have some interviews too with some folks - these interviews were done last year, but i am just waiting for the right time to post it to coincide with their movies releases as part of my promo to help push their work.
My Most Anticipated Movies for 2012
(And hoping for wide DVD sale distribution to audience, after premieres and what not).
  • Weekend Getaway
  • Aina
  • Tango With Me (I am slowly giving up on this one - its over a yr old)
  • In the Cupboard
  • Phone Swap
  • Chidera
  • Adesuwa
To my most appreciated and respected movie makers, what you need to realise is that, once you finish premiering your movies, please do consider that not everybody lives in the countires, cities or states these movies were premiered, So give or take, at least 4 to 6 months after the premiere (just like Hollywood does), try to give a wide distributed release on DVD, so we can also purchase it and watch it too (eg Tango with me) - yall need to have some kinda time line - dontcha think :)  - some of us get a lil tired of waiting - am just saying.
I am quite hopeful though for 2012 - i must say. Very hopeful. I want to do my end of year "Miss Tilii Movie Awards" by December like I did in 2008/9 but they have to give me something to work with.
Good Luck to all the actors, actresses, movie producers, directors etc. I wish you all well (the ones i like and respect only) - Lets make this year a fabulous year. We are here for you. If the movie is great we will help you market it and push it - I love to promote nothing but the best - for free - because if the movie is great - its a great pleasure of mine to just make lots of noise about it and help market it. 
To all the producers and directors whose goal is to continue to raise the bar to weed out the "embarassing mediocre ones" kudos to you - we love you for this. We wish you well and that you get all the funding you need to get the job done - great scripts - great acting. But I just have to say this "Please cast based on talent - not based on "Likability" factor, "Them being your friend" or that "they have a financial stake to the movie production" - Your reputation and resume/cv is on the line here. We  want to see real talent who will raise eye brows on international level with their acting perfomance for international film awards and film festivals nods. Abeg - please consider this.( Yall know i tell it like it is, so I just thought to squeeze this in here).
My faithful readers as i continue to scout for talent - i need your help, if you see any one whom you think is GREAT and has potential, shoot me an email and let me know and let me observe for them myself in performance in whatever movie they are in. I am scouting for some new movie maker buddies of mine.
ps: Does anyone know if Izu Ojukwu or Vivian Ejike is coming out with anything - if you know of any other "HIGHLY" anticipated movies - (note i said "highly" )- please let me know and i will add  to the above list. I know Shirley and Leila have something already cooked, i just dont know the titles yet.
Had to come back to edit this post by adding this last comment based on a nonsensical anonymous comment i received and this is my response to him/her.....
Let me reiterate this fact that I am 100% true blood undiluted Ghanaian - Mi yer ghana ni proper and speak 4 ghanaian languages -"nensu michin nkwasiasem 1st class' -
Just cos I am ghanaian some people expect me to just sugarcoat ghanaian movies even if the movie is foolish and retarded. Listen - When i say something i stick to it, i dont mince or sugarcoat my words. If you read this blog (and clearly the person who sent me the comment is either a newbie to this space, or just a disgruntled mediocre actor or actress of some sort whose movie i refuse to review) I have mentioned her gajillion times - I MISS TILII DO NOT ADVOCATE NONSENSE LOW QUALITY MOVIES - AS AS SUCH I DONT REVIEW MOVIES FROM THE LIKES OF VENUS PRODUCTION, SOCRATES SARFO, PASCAL AMANFO ETC -
The only Ghanaian movie producers I respect and love and will always advocate for is Shirley Frimpong Manso, Leila Djansi and Kwaw Ansah. As a true blood ghanaian  I know we have a lot of talented movie makers (nafti trained and all but unfortunately many our out of the country and thus we are succumbed to saturation of the market with mediocre nonsense) but if we are going to bombard the market with the likes of venus, pascal, socrates whatever - I will not promote it here - If I dont like it - it is what it is - I dont like - Kumi!
. is a free site - create a blog and advocate their movies, cos i surely wont. When Frank Arase did "Somewhere in africa" - it was better than the most and I said i like it - didnt I? so whats your beef . Nobody pays me to blog , blogging is my hobby I do at my spare time - so if i choose to use that time wisely and review movies I like - then so be it. Yes I like Genevieve Nnaji and she is a friend but so do I Majid Michel or Akorfa Asiedu and many other Ghanaians I respect whom I listed here.
Dont ever think cos i am Ghanaian I will be kissing ass to any nonsense Ghanaian movies.  You are sadly mistaken. I have never done it and i wont do it. If Venus change their superficial  type movies and improve on their script and have better acting by the majority of the cast (and not just Majid and a few ones) - and its a classic movie I rate at least 8/10 - then for sure I will review it.
I will continue to be harder on my ghanaian cos I know for a fact we can do better. Growing up in Ghana the phenomenal acting i saw in sitcoms like Jagger P, Things We Do for Love, Sunset City etc - is what i want to see in our movies and not this nonsense mediocre non eloquent actresses prouncing around sets with their lace front weaves and blue contact looking pretty thinking that should equate - "I am a great actress". I am just praying more of our great hidden gems of producers who have all migrated abroad after come back home to help Shirley and Kwaw Ansah and weed out the likes of Venus, Pascal and what not. Those guys are not my epitome of great ghanaian producers (and by the way Frank Arase is not ghanaian - so lets just get that straight - migrating to live in ghana does not make you ghanaian). I want my ghanaian movies to be the Sundance Festival type of movies - and not Single Six, or Beyonce, Mummys Daughter, or Sin of the Soul of whatever the hell you are talking about.
I want to see more of my Legon Drama School well trained and eloquent articulate actors and actresses in my ghana movies (the kind Shirley uses) and not some cyto trained apuskeleke girl who slept with the producer to get a role and yet cannot speak let alone intepret their role. I have never praise mediocre and I will never do it.
You mentioned movies like "Why Marry" - yes i watch it all - and it was funny movie, a just ok, i will simply rate maybe a 6/10, but definately not a classic in my books and neither was Pascal Amanfos movie "Sin of the Soul" - that was simply ok - nothing to ride home about. As for Single Six i wish i could flush that DVD in the toilet if I could. Movie with no head no tail  - simply ridiculous and a waste of my precious time.
I have a different taste than you have so if my choice of movies I review does not please you, then by all means, the door is your front - I am your worst critic so do us all a favour and dont come back on my blog again. If your taste of a great movie is Single Six then I feel sorry for you. It is 2012, - and tis about time you stop praising Mediocre Movies and Acting just cos you eyes are attracted to some heavily made up girls, wearing lacefronts, looking pretty in colorful china silks posing. Apart from Yvonne Okoro whom i once mentioned was one of Ghana's most hopeful and was just ok in this movie, tell me which other girls performance in Single Six was so phenomenal that you want me to review. Mstchewwww.
I started this blog so I can speak my peace which i could not speak on other blogs I was a long term member to. I also started it as a platform to review movies so other can read to enjoy movies "I" think are great, but I am not on anybodys payroll so i do it my way, and I advice the likes of you, who does not agree with my reviews - to each his own, I have said it before, You dont have to agree with me, we can agree to disagree - but please dont come into my territory or my hood to insult me just cos we have a difference in opinion. You only make yourself look like an ass, cos  maybe you are forgetting where you are standing.
Go on and go to and start your blog. I have been patience enough and had to respond to this comment.


Adesuwa said...

Shine a light on the crap/crap makers, please! I wanna see that list. Has "In the Cupboard" been released yet? GOODNESS, in my mind, it's been forever and a day! I WANT TO SEE THAT MOVIE!!!! Along with "Adesuwa." I'm itching... anyways, all we can do is be hopeful that good movies are on the horizons this year. Last year was shocking. I'm excited about Paul Zambia, Daniel K. Daniel, and Alexx Ekubo, as well as others.
BTW, has AINA been premiered? No? I have been waiting too long for that one, too.

Anonymous said...

I think you are the worst critic of movies. All you talk about is Nigerian movies and their actors and actresses which lets be honest have taken a back seat. Most of the Ghanaian movies that you have decided not to add has being great I.e Abdul Salam single six, frank raja why marry, pascal Armanfo sin of the soul. All I hear you rambling on is I can't wait to see this movie, Genevieve this, Genevieve that, and most movies that you rave about tend to be a flop. That's why I think you shouldn't be reviewing movies because you have no clue.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh Ms. TiLii,

If you take everything as a matter of life and death, YOU WILL DIE A LOT!

Please do not even waster your time addressing those people. DELETE and move on!

Let them be the ones to waste their time writing and see no changes!

Lulu Lek

Miss T-i-l-i-i (African Movie Reviewer) said...

to the stupid anonymous idiot who keeps sending me comments - mi ni wu whan na ye kwasia. You keep commenting and i am not posting your comment - so who looks foolish now.

I will not give you the satisfaction of arguing with who on movies i deem great vs movies your stupid retarded ass deem great. To each his own. Get the hell off my blog.

Go start your own blog and review your foolish movies you love like sins of the soul, girl six etc etc. You keep coming back to this blog to comment so clearly you must be addicted to it or something.

Get the hell off my blog - abua enchiwu enwi. Seh enu diye wutiasiye.

Nkwasiasem kwa. You have the audacity to come on my blog to come and insult me just cos i refuse to review CRAP FOOLISH RETARDED Ghanaian movies so that make me non patriotic and non ghana. I dont like apuskeleke movies - clearly you are one of them.

I only respect and like my ghanaian movies made by Shirley, Leila and Kwaw Ansah - every body else including Pascal and Frank ARase and Abdul Mumuni and Socrates Sarfo are Non MF Factor to me.

I flushed your comments where it belongs - in the toilet. Now get the hell off my blog. You are permanently on spam now. POOF - BYE. Nsemfokwa.

ps: ko na koka chire abeiyifuor na omu sumaa wu nu seh wu ba ye wanber tu mi. Clearly you were sent.

Anonymous said...

No witch send me here. I was passing by when i saw this stupid blog. You are not Ghanaian, most Ghanaian I know will not talk this shit about Ghana. From the few trashy thread that I read on your blog I was able to figure you out. You are not Ghanaian. You are close minded fool, who is set in her ways and does not want to change. I do agree with you about the socrato guy, he is a fool. The rest of these guys has produced good movies that are entertaining. As for Shirley, her movies are boring and over westernize, just like emem isong movies. Leila is the best, I also agree with you. All I see in your blog is criticizing Ghanaians and praising Nigerians which believe me is annoying. Before I couldn't watch Ghana movies because it was boring, but now I can enjoy Ghana movies and the Nigerian ones has turned into a bore but like I said you are out of touch and should not be reviewing movies. Go to professional such as nollywood love and see how they review. They are unbiased and they don't allowed their view of directors and producers influence their review or lack off. Truth hurts.

Miss T-i-l-i-i (African Movie Reviewer) said...

EVERYBODY I introduce to you the retarded foolish MsTilii Stalker 2012 who has been stalking me endlessly because she feels I am not ghanaian enough because i dont review the likes of Venus Production or Pascal Amanfo movies, - movees like Single Six, Sin of the Soul, and the likes.

She feels am only Pro Nigerian and that I am not ghanaian. To her I have never praised any ghanaian movie or ghanaian actor or actress (cos her slow fickle mind is too slow to read my old post wher i mention my all my favourites)

Obiara entiye "Yenya kwasia panin bi ewor ye mist". Clearly the hiefa is bound on venting until i review her stupid movies with mediocre cyto-educated actresses who feel like fcking on screen (or the producers) equates good acting or wearing lace fronts and contacts and slanging fake accents equates good acting.

This stalker hates my blog - she is pro reviews and NollywoodLove reviews and as she has clearly stated (I mean "figures" - why am I not surprised) yet someway somehow she cant shake off MY stupid blog, she has my blog book marked and like to stop by daily to write a stupid foolish comment, forgetting i own this blog and will choose not to post her nonsense (she is always to slow to remember that).

I am not ghanaian - Mifri Kosovo eni Afghanistan - ehor na mi fri. Adwiii enchi wunwi. Mi ye sure seh wuti enu asi. Nkwasiasem, Fawukwasiasem sor mi blog nu so kor. You are so much more ghanaian than me, you cant even respond back in our local language. Fake ass Abuafunu. (I am sure my kosovo ass dont speak, ga, twi, fanti and ada).

Go tell the mediocre actresses and producers and directors who sent you to stalk me - I still will NOT review their nonsense movies. Am sure there are other ppl like NollywoodLove who will do that for you. Unless you are Shirley, Leila or Kwaw.Opps ma bad - you dont like Shirley - because in your fickle mind Pascal, Socrates and Venus do better movies than her - that statement alone summs you up very well. I know your kind.

I command you to continue to come here and comment your stupid comments so i can joyfully delete you. C'mon comment back NOWWWWWW!!!!!!!!

WOMANC Inc said...

I follow your blog and love what you a die hard movie fan especially Ghananian and Nigerian movies...but like you im simply tired of crap...i have boxes and boxes of movies dating back to Violated and the likes. But recently the market has been bombarded with CRAP. Please keep up the good work, Im tired of spending money for nonsence. Although I dont have the luxury to return my own crap but your guidiance has always been on point for me...Right is right! Truth is truth regardless of your nationality. thanks! Do you have an update on Tango with Me?

ummed said...

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