Friday, January 6, 2012


Bimbo Akintola where art thou???????
Gosh i miss this chick, i been thinking bout her all week. This weekend I am going to pull out all my Bimbo movies and watch back to back to back. Bimbo We miss you - We Want You, please come back
I have always said on this blog time and time again that Bimbo Akintola is the #1 underrated actress in The whole of West African (Ghana & Nigerian) movies. I want her to win so bad yet i dont understand why she still hasnt broken through yet. She is on my list here
Great Actress - Quadruple Check
Eloquence - Triple Check
Articulation of the English Language - Triple Check
Beautiful African Woman - Check Check Check.
For all you newbies who just started watching African Movies, if you do not know who Bimbo is, seek and you shall find. She (as well as Funke Akindele) got me to watching Yoruba movies, cos when i was not hearing from her i heard she was being featured in a few Yoruba movies, so i switched to Yoruba, fell completely in love with their scripts and been watching it ever since (Ms Tilii watches everything) - but even lately i dont see her in yoruba movies anymore. Bimbo where art thou - where are you jor.
My all time favourite Movie starring Bimbo are
-Keeping Faith (which also starred Genny and RMD - my #1 Nigerian Movie of all Time)
-All My Life (which also starred Omotola, Rita Dominic and Zach Orji - m other all time favourite)
I so miss the good ole days - very unlike today where we are so bombarded to so many crap movies by things prouncing around set with fake her and fake everything calling themselves actors and actresses.
Bear with me as i look for a beautiful photo of Bimbo to post on here - Matter of fact i vote that Bimbo be featured on Wow Magazine. I just love me some Bimbo.
2012 I PRAY SHE COMES BACK - that some great director writes a very great script for her to headline. The "few" great we have - lets please nurture them - cos as you know we are saturated by plenty crap ones out there. I want my Bimbo back.
ps: is Bimbo on twitter or facebook (real one not fake one)??????


Anonymous said...

I think we should just allow them to take a break until there are nice movies to act!

So let them keep their energy and creativity for the best!

I miss her too!


Anonymous said...

Bimbo is there oohh at least doing something meaningful for Nigeria!



tunmi said...

She neither has a Facebook account nor a Twitter handle. I really want to see more of her. The most recent work she has done, that I know of, is 90Ninth Day (by Paul Apel).

She is alive and in Nigeria, she was recently at a fuel-subsidy protest in Nigeria.

Nicole said...

Ms. Tilii, we share a lot of the same thoughts some times. I have always thought the same of Bimbo. She is one of those actors who's not disappointed me yet. Loved her in Keeping Faith. I loved that film, period. She was also in a film called, I think, "Dance With ME." starring Chioma Chukwuka. I might be wrong about the title. It's your average "guy has mishap, loses memory, falls in love with poor girl who parents disapprove of" story. Bimbo plays the parent's choice mate for their son. That's of course because they don't know her true character. The story was mundane... but her performance was so memorable, it's the only reason I remember the film.

tunmi said...

Nicole, I know the movie you are talking about. "Last Dance"

Anonymous said...

Seen her in three new yoruba flicks, Sumisola Otelemuye, Dewunmi Iberu, Baba kamimowon-she was a lead actress in this.

ramblings of a sassy chickita said...

miss tili just to let you know anchor baby is available to watch for 4.99dollars at Also, figurine Araromire is available to watch for 3.98 pounds on hibuzz. take care and God bless.. have seen both of them.. amazing movies

Miss T-i-l-i-i (African Movie Reviewer) said...

Oh thanks Ramblings I will check it out - can i buy the dvd online, cos seriously i am not one to be squinting my eye watching a movie on a laptop i like to buy the dvd and relax in my sofa to watch it.

Miss T-i-l-i-i (African Movie Reviewer) said...

Anonymous thanks for the update on the yoruba flicks that Bimbo is in. I will ask my dealer if he has it. Yoruba movies are hard to come by here in USA, most dealers deal in english movies, but my dealer tries sha.

Miss T-i-l-i-i (African Movie Reviewer) said...

Nicole - like you and me - many ppl love her too and want to see more of her. Oh how i wish i see her again headlining some great movie

film said...

I agree with your blogspot - Bimbo Akintola is truly a talented actress. I hope she will be gracing our screens soon.

Dare To Be said...

The Figurine - Araromire is availabe for sale on

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