Friday, December 30, 2011


(Save Your Money/Headache)

-*Hidden Fantasy

-*Geisha Girls/Malaika Girls .

-*Royal Temptation/Royal Target .

-*Royal Panic/Together Apart .

-*Statement of Account

-*The Journalist

-*The Return of Spade .

-*My Dying Day .

-*Return of Blackerry Babes

-*Blackberry Babes (Its simply EMBARASSING yet funny)

-*Dangerous Maiden (Rita D this is pitiful u accepted this)

-*Blind Lust -

-*Behind Da Heart -

-*Who Owns the City

-*The Altar -

-*Criminal Minds -

-*Good Girls Gone Bad -

-*Gift of Angels -

-*The Code -

-*Jewel of the Sun -

-*Campus War -

-*Dirty Secret.

-*Other side of Love

-*And many many more. 95% of 2011 releases were CRAP

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