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Above is the poster for Tyler Perry's new movie coming out in Feb 2012. sorry for the late response. i aint been on twitter in a short minute cos i been so busy. Tyler Perry ditches his Madea persona in Good Deedsf or someone a tad more conflicted: Wesley Deeds, a by-the-book businessman who has his world shaken to the core when he helps a young single mother (Thandie Newton) out of a tight jam and starts falling for her. The problem is Wesley's engaged to the beautiful and successful Natalie (Gabrielle Union) -- forcing him to decide between his heart and his head. Written, directed and starring the versatile Perry, 'Good Deeds' is out on Feb. 24


The 2nd film "Marriage Counselor" centers around Jurnee who plays the character ‘Judith,’ a marriage counselor who has an affair with her client (Robbie Jones) after her relationship with her husband (Lance Gross) begins to fall apart. Vanessa Williams will act as the owner of Judith’s firm while Kim plays the counselor’s good friend and co-worker who breaks her out of her shell. Brandy will play Lance’s co-worker. Film also stars Lance Gross, Journee Smollettt, Vanessa Williams and Kim Kardarshian (hey give kimmycakes a chance lol).

Both movies are being shot  here in my home state of Atlanta - as yall know by now (or not) - Atlanta is now the 2nd Hollywood followed by New Orleans. Apart from the fact that Tyler's studios is based here, a lot of Hollywood movies are being shot here, since the state gives them huge task breaks - Statistics show ,more studios are being built here as well as many auditions and lots of scoutings - you just have to know where to go (downtown, midtown, etc etc).

Many aspires, and film school graduate are heading here now after graduation rather than head to expensive cities like LA or NYC. I announce this for the aspiring hollywood actors out there. You might wanna head here to Atlanta if you want to network and get your foot in tthe door. Hollywood competition is triple fierce. So just bear that in mind.

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Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see this movie, since it has the likes of Jurnee Smollet acting in this. She is a great actress. I remember her stellar performance in Eve's Bayou and The Great Debaters. Also I am not sure if Kim Kardarshian will be good fit for this movie.

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