Saturday, November 12, 2011

African Child Actors vs Hollywood Child Actors (Part 2 Discussion)

In April 2009 - I wrote this article here about African Child Actors vs Hollywood Child Actors - well - check this trailer out here - a young child called "Kyler Drew" auditioning for a part in Tyler Perrys movie "Good Deeds". She looks no more than 5 yrs old to me, and yet such an good young actress - I hope she got the part. The movie "Good Deeds" comes out in Feb 2012.

But it brings me to think - if only we can nurture our own african children in the art of acting so they can act this good. Cos truth be told - yall know our kids (not all of them but most ) are not that good in acting. Very rehearsed. Not all kids have to be Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers etc.

If we nurture them at a young age as i said in my previous article - they can still get their education side by side as they act like many in Hollywood did - and once they grow up and gain more experience, we the audience dont have to endure CRAP ACTING with adult acting as we do so much now - if you catch my drift.

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