Sunday, November 27, 2011

Majid Michel Launches His New Website

I think i mentioned here before many months ago that Majid's site was in the works, well - it has finally been launched. Check it out

This by far I say is the BEST website by any african star (let alone Ghanaian star) - and am not saying that cos i know him - it is what is is - at least some stars knows how to invest their money on something better than blackberries, brazillian weaves and shoes. This is a man well prepared professionally for Hollywood level. Check it out and see for yourself.
Ladies make sure you buy the posters & calendars (buy two - one for you and wrap a second one for your friend or loved one). All the sexiness oozing from all these posters and calendars dont make no damn sense. Majid you need to be arrested, cos this is illegal - u hear me!.
The website provides a place where people can get information, interact with Majid, submit scripts, read articles, book him, view updates of his movies, watch trailers, purchase any of his movies, browse through pictures and videos in the gallery, branding of his online store with the introduction of his upcoming 2012 calendar, posters, T-shirts, postcards etc.
In addition you learn about Majid’s philanthropy passion and his future charitable goals for 2012. Including some exciting upcoming features to be disclosed in the near future. It’s definitely a site to see!
Sputnic Erawoc (CEO of ZebraChildEnt.) adds, “As a multimedia consulting company, we are really proud of this project. We were impressed with how much time spent at the start of this project understanding the particular needs of Majid, his fans and the industry as a whole.
The real highlight has been the energy and enthusiasm from everyone involved, especially Reggie Erawoc and Mathew Nestor who worked tirelessly on content and design. By working closely with Majid, we think the site has achieved its objectives and then some.
EPK is in the works for all interested HOLLYWOOD scouts interested in Majid. 2012 is going to blow your mind for what Majid and the the whole Erawoc Bros Group has in store - and am glad to say am part of the team.
For further inquiries, contact: Erawoc Bros Group & Zebrachild Ent.
678-698-4322 / 678-760-3504;
(Reggie & Sputnic - i still got beef with yall - i aint gon hide it - am just saying)
To the person who emailed me about the SWIA review, I apologise for my lateness, in summary i rate it 8/10, so if you say its coming to your city, its all worth buying a ticket to go see it. I promise - its excellent acting from Majid - oscar performance,

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Genevieve Nnaji (We Salute You)

Yup, Genny - My Genny - looking amazing. A dose of Foiness 

We been stomping hard since we first saw her in year 2000 when we first saw her, and we still stomping hard for her even till this day. There is was and will always be one Genevieve. We've been called names and been called biased and all the names in the book and had many a cyber fights, debates and arguments (in former blogs i use to belong to and WAS a frequent commenter) - which even prompted me to start my own blog and dish the B.S. Cos On here on this blog I have 100% control and there will be no negativity of my Genny. 
Its amazing how the very people who use to diss her are now praising her when 10 yrs ago when we were stomping hard making noise - they didnt want to hear it. 2004 the haters came in drums - from east, west, north, south, with rumors and stories upon stories, cos clearly many (and even till this day) wants her spot
We dont have many, and my strongest believe is the very few BEST we have on our continent we praise them to continue to be the best.
When its all said and done Genny - Psalm 91:7 "A thousand May Fall at your Side, ten thousand at your right hand" . Through thick and thin, you kept your head up, earned your keep, and still standing, still strong.  Non talented newbies get in the game now - they want to be a success like tommorow.
Majority dont know how tough the road was, they see all the glamour now and they think you are an overnight success. We look forward to higher heights and the many great releases you have in store for 2012.
We Salute You and the whole Continent of Africa is Very Proud of You.
(i was watching Sharon Stone last weekend and I was just laughing at your many scenes - those were the good ole days. I miss the good ole days on Nollywood movies. Great Scripts)

ACT LIKE A LADY, THINK LIKE A MAN (Upcoming Hollywood Movie)


mmm, mmm mmmm - Michael Ealy. I love love love me some Michael Ealy. Yes puhlease. Search his name on this blog and you will know how much i love me some Michael. In Black Entertainment USA, he is the ONLY actor I love the most since he played Pretty Ricki on Barbershop many years ago.
Anyway above is the long awaited well casted black hollywood movie called THINK LIKE A MAN based on Steve Harveys best selling book (never read the book but i heard its good). The movie comes out on March 9 2012 and It has a well casted list. My personal favourite Michael Ealy, my funny actress Regina Hall (also Sanaa Lathans BFF), Gabrielle Union, Taraji P Henson, Meagan Good and funny as hell comedian Kevin Hart (if you dont have Kevin on your twitter then it must be dull on your twitter - he is just funny as hell). Oh and Chris Brown is in too i hear. and so is BET 106 and Park Terrence J.
In summary the story is a romantic comedy centered on a relationship expert who cannot keep his own love life in order.  The movie centers around four friends whose lives are interconnected. The women in their lives purchase Steve Harvey’s book and starts taking the advice he gives in his pages, which leaves the friends love lives jolted and shaken up. When the band of brothers find out that they have been betrayed by one of their own, they conspire to use the book’s teachings to turn the tables.

I am so excited for Michael because this will be the first movie he is headlining as the lead cast in a major movie. I just love me some pretty Ricky - To tell you a lil bout my boo, he majored in English in college, became a school teacher for a short minute before embarking unto hollywood. Born and raised in a real life Cosby Family in Silver Spring Maryland.

Although I dont care for thugs, no earrings nor cornrows on a guy, Michael made thug look so damn sexy in the movie Barbershop and as a first time his acting was just excellent and ofcourse them green eyes puts a trance on a lady. He did great in the movie "Colored GIrls" as the ex vet and always angry abusive husband to Kimberly Elise's character. I hated his character in that movie - but thats cos he played it so convincingly.

I just cant wait. I will make sure i catch this movie on non peak time (eg 11am on a weekday) when it comes out - cos over here in Atlanta - black women dont know when to shut up watching a movie with fine as Michael in it. They talk thru the whole damn movie like they do when their Idris Elba comes on screen (shirtless or not), and when it comes to Michael, I need complete silence like I am the only person in the theatre watching.

Below is a clip of Michael Ealy from Scenes in Barbershop. Barbershop is a great movie to own. Its very good movie by Ice Cube (also starring Eve and Cedric the Entertainer)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

African Child Actors vs Hollywood Child Actors (Part 2 Discussion)

In April 2009 - I wrote this article here about African Child Actors vs Hollywood Child Actors - well - check this trailer out here - a young child called "Kyler Drew" auditioning for a part in Tyler Perrys movie "Good Deeds". She looks no more than 5 yrs old to me, and yet such an good young actress - I hope she got the part. The movie "Good Deeds" comes out in Feb 2012.

But it brings me to think - if only we can nurture our own african children in the art of acting so they can act this good. Cos truth be told - yall know our kids (not all of them but most ) are not that good in acting. Very rehearsed. Not all kids have to be Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers etc.

If we nurture them at a young age as i said in my previous article - they can still get their education side by side as they act like many in Hollywood did - and once they grow up and gain more experience, we the audience dont have to endure CRAP ACTING with adult acting as we do so much now - if you catch my drift.

Friday, November 11, 2011


Check out the Trailer
Oscar better give an oscar to Leonardo Di Caprio come February 2012 on that oscar night. Am just saying Oscar and I have had long standing real beef  (and why i have boycotted it for years)- they never want to honour Leonardo di Caprio and i will be damn if come February 2012  they dare by pass my man again. I will go literally mad that day - You cannot tell me you let another year go by not honouring this man. And to top it off - it is a Clint Eastwood production and direction - boy puhleese, you better not try me come February 2012. You better do the right thing or else "Oscar or whatever you call your self - me and you" - wahala dey.

Ok so if you are a regular to this blog you will know my one and only white husband (in myhead) for more than 10yrs (since Titanic) is Leonardo DiCaprio - there has never been a moment i will mention Hollywood that his name will not be on my lips. My one and only un-adulterated white husband Leo. Chei - you guys dont know how i love me some him.

Leonardo DiCaprio plays another complex real-life character in “J. Edgar.” Working for the first time with acclaimed director Clint Eastwood, the three-time Oscar-nominated film star portrays J. Edgar Hoover, the powerful, enigmatic and controversial founding director of the FBI, in the new time-shifting biopic.

I love love love love me some Leo - I mean i am not one of those girls who see a star (not Hollywood, Nollywood nor any damn wood) that i will loose myself and be screaming like I saw Jesus or something, Never have - never will. Leave that to the birds. - but seriously i dont know what i will do if i came across this dude, I will probably just faint GBRAM! and an ambulance will need to be called for me or something.

I have boycotted oscars for many years because they wouldnt honour my husband Leo - every year they bypass him and it hurts me deeply as i mentioned here. I just dont understand. Till this day i still stand by my case and say that "Leonardo Di Caprio shoulda gotten an oscar for "Titanic" " (and please dont ask me how many times i seen that movie - I cant even say the number out loud or you will think am crazy) and many other of his Martin Scorcese movies he did after that - but everyyear - they ignored him and just pass him by - am like cmon Oscar Schmoscar - "ogini - what is this nonsense" - abeg dude has paid his dues since "Eating Gilbert Grapes - way before ppl like Matt Damon and Ben Afflect even came on the scene - yet you gave those dudes oscars and not my man.
ps: When they finally honour my husband Leo in February 2012 - I am going butt nakid and run on Peachtree street or go skinny dipping in Chattanooga River here in GA.

Please everybody go out and see J Edgar the movie - which came out today 11-11-11 (i know I am). If you dont know who J Edgar is - please google him and you will be amazed the make up transformation they made to Leo to resemble him - the make up alone -has won an oscar in my my head. Not just cos Leo is in it - but the story of J Edgar is very interesting - at one point - rumour has it he had more powers in authority than the president of United States - and he had some dirty secrets - I hope they revealed in the movie he was full blown GAY too, undercover in those days ofcourse. He was highly corrupted with his midget self yet his powerful Bonarparte tendencies.

Read Excerpt of Leo's Interview below where he talks  about the movie

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. — For all the challenges involved in portraying real-life people onscreen, Leonardo DiCaprio found at least one big advantage in playing the title role of “J. Edgar.”

“To me, you couldn’t write a character like J. Edgar Hoover and have it be believable,” DiCaprio said with a laugh during a press conference last week at the swanky Beverly Wilshire Hotel.

“He was a Crockpot of eccentricities. We couldn’t even fit all his eccentricities into this movie … but the fact is that this man was if not the most powerful man in the last century, one of the most in our country. And he lived with his mother until he was 40 years old.”

In “J. Edgar,” DiCaprio – who turns 37 on Friday, the day the film opens nationwide — portrays the influential, enigmatic and controversial founding director of the FBI. The time-shifting biopic marks the movie star’s first collaboration with Oscar-winning director Clint Eastwood, but it isn’t his first time bringing a complex fact-based person to the big screen.  The Hollywood native has often won acclaim portraying real-life people, from drug-addicted street tough Jim Carroll in “The Basketball Diaries” to talented conman Frank Abagnale Jr. in “Catch Me If You Can” to reclusive business tycoon Howard Hughes in “The Aviator.”

As with his Academy Award-nominated turn in Martin Scorsese’s 2004 Hughes biopic, DiCaprio is earning Oscar buzz with his portrayal of Hoover. Along with his best actor nod for “The Aviator,” DiCaprio has been nominated for best actor for 2007’s “Blood Diamond” and best supporting actor in 1994’s “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape,” but he has not yet taken home an Oscar.  The potential for Academy Award glory aside, DiCaprio said he and Eastwood were compelled to take on the project after reading Oscar-winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black’s script. which created “a very fascinating portrait” of Hoover. The film delves into Hoover’s relationships with the few closest to him: his demanding mother Annie (Judi Dench), his loyal secretary Helen Gandy (Naomi Watts) and his faithful assistant director Clyde Tolson (Armie Hammer), with whom many believe he shared a romantic interest.

“He was this incredibly ambitious young genius that … created this federal bureau that to this day is revered and feared. Yet he was a mama’s boy,” DiCaprio said. “He was incredibly repressed emotionally. His only outlet was his job. He wasn’t allowed to have any kind of personal relationships — or he felt that — and no matter what his sexual orientation was, he was devoted to his job. And power was paramount to him, and holding on to that power at all costs was the most important thing in his life,” DiCaprio said.

In nonlinear fashion, “J. Edgar” touches on several high and low points in Hoover’s nearly half-century tenure with the agency that became the FBI. including his investigation into the kidnapping and murder of Charles Lindbergh Jr., his advocacy for the development of forensic science and his underhanded penchant for collecting dirt on his political enemies.

“You can’t deny that he was a patriot, but at the same time, his tactics were pretty deplorable,” DiCaprio said. “What was I was fascinated by was his (Black’s) take on entering J. Edgar Hoover’s career during a time of almost a terrorist invasion by communists, the Red Scare, that sort of paranoia that was infused in our country, and the sort of lawlessness of these bank robbers that were going from state to state and becoming free men when they crossed state lines, and how J. Edgar Hoover really transformed the police system in America.”

“Of course, the story goes on to his later years when he became, in essence, a political dinosaur who didn’t adapt to the changing of our country,” he added. “When the Civil Rights Movement came along, he saw that as an uprising of the people.” He didn’t adapt or change to our country, and he stayed in power way too long and he didn’t listen to his own critics. He was a staunch believer in his moral beliefs and his beliefs about what was right for our country, and therefore, his career ended on a failed note, in my opinion.”

Playing the bureaucrat as a young go-getter required DiCaprio to dye his hair brown, wear dark contact lenses and don mouth appliances, a nose augmenter and a prosthetic double chin. But portraying Hoover in his 70s forced the handsome star to undergo an even more dramatic metamorphasis involving full facial prosthetics, a bald cap with punched-in hair and prosthetic hands. He credited Eastwood for creating an immersive environment on set and for reserving the latter-day scenes for the end of the production.

“We got to get our sort of footing in the characters, and then … the last few weeks, we sat in the makeup chair for five or six or seven hours sometimes,” DiCaprio said. “The challenge for me was not just the prosthetic work and how to move like an older man, but more so how to have 50 years of experience in the workplace and talk to a young Robert F. Kennedy as though he was some political upstart that didn’t know what the hell he was talking about.”

The star likened preparing for the part to taking a college course on Hoover. “As an actor, I just love researching this stuff. We got to take a trip to Washington, and I got to meet people … that knew him and really understand and capture this guy to the best of my abilities. That’s half the fun of making a movie for me
interview source: BAM
STAY TUNE FOR THE OSCARS IN LESS THAN 3 MONTHS ON SUNDAY FEBRUARY 26 2012. I am trying to tone up to fit in that dress - cos my husband Leo and I will be walking the red carpet and yes we will ride in in our environmentally friendly friendly PRIUS with our 6 kids in tow. :)) - Dont hate!

PASTOR BROWN (An Upcoming Movie by Rockmond Dunbar)

Rockmond Dunbar
(Actor of "Soul Food fame & now Producer)
Rockmonds Upcoming Movie

I love love love love movies with 100% great casting and this movie above is no exception. This movie stars all my favourite and the icing ont he cake - theres a cameo of my pastor and one of the greatest teacher of the good bible - Pastor Creflo Dollar.
Actor Rockmond Dunbar‘s directorial debut for Pastor Brown is finally ready to be released. Production for the faith-based film began in 2008 and now the film has a distributor–Coming in 2012.
I am so proud of Rockmond - he has come so far and has paid his dues in the movie industry. I fell in love with his character on the long running HBO series "SOUL FOOD" (which was a spin off from the movie) as he played husband to Maxine's character (Vanessa Williams). If hollywood is not calling you - you got to solicit some $$$ and create your own - Tyler can be the only one holding up - considering the likes of Spike etc aint doing much lately but sit on their asses critiquing those doing IT. I am overly excited cost he cast is DOUBLE MUAH - love them all. We need more diverse good scripted movies in our black community - so we dont get typecasted.

I love and will always support Black Hollywood and I yearn for all my favourite actors/actresses sitting on the side bench waiting for that call to get work - to finally be able to do work continuously. You can check this link to see my greatest HOLLYWOOD ACTORS/ACTORS of all time.
Anyway, "the movie "PASTOR BROWN" stars Salli Richardson, Nicole Ari Parker, Keith David, Michael B. Jordan, Michael Beach (one of the most underrated actors in my humble opinion - Love me some Michael), Tisha Campbell-Martin, Tasha Smith, Dondre T. Whitfield, Rockmond Dunbar, Ernie Hudson, Monica, Angie Stone, India, Arie - to name a few. Guest appearance by Pastor Creflo Dollar (obviously doing what he does best, great biblical words of wisdom in a short scene). For my Pastor to even agree to do a cameo in this movie - which he has never done before, this alone tells me - this is a spiritually great movie with some great morals to the story. Cant sleep on that one yall.

While speaking to Collider dot com about his current role on FX’s Sons of Anarchy, Dunbar stated that a deal had been reached with a distributor ARC Entertainment: 

When I directed this film called PASTOR BROWN , 3 years ago, We got 18 offers for distribution, 3 of which were international and we finally settled on ARC Entertainment. They  are going to do the distribution for the movie so it will have theatrical release. It looks like that'll come out somewhere around April 2012. Its a great film that is very spiritually uplifting.

The film made its way to several film festivals in 2009, including the American Black Film Festival (ABFF).

Please see this trailer - Ohhh i love this. now this is highly anticipating for me.
(PS: Well i see they just had to squeeze in husband and wife Sallie Richardson and Dondre Whitfield in there huh? Well whilst you were at it - you might as well have included my Ghanaian brother Boris Kodjoe to be with his wife too on set - am just saying though :)) )

(source: collider)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011



Above is the poster for Tyler Perry's new movie coming out in Feb 2012. sorry for the late response. i aint been on twitter in a short minute cos i been so busy. Tyler Perry ditches his Madea persona in Good Deedsf or someone a tad more conflicted: Wesley Deeds, a by-the-book businessman who has his world shaken to the core when he helps a young single mother (Thandie Newton) out of a tight jam and starts falling for her. The problem is Wesley's engaged to the beautiful and successful Natalie (Gabrielle Union) -- forcing him to decide between his heart and his head. Written, directed and starring the versatile Perry, 'Good Deeds' is out on Feb. 24


The 2nd film "Marriage Counselor" centers around Jurnee who plays the character ‘Judith,’ a marriage counselor who has an affair with her client (Robbie Jones) after her relationship with her husband (Lance Gross) begins to fall apart. Vanessa Williams will act as the owner of Judith’s firm while Kim plays the counselor’s good friend and co-worker who breaks her out of her shell. Brandy will play Lance’s co-worker. Film also stars Lance Gross, Journee Smollettt, Vanessa Williams and Kim Kardarshian (hey give kimmycakes a chance lol).

Both movies are being shot  here in my home state of Atlanta - as yall know by now (or not) - Atlanta is now the 2nd Hollywood followed by New Orleans. Apart from the fact that Tyler's studios is based here, a lot of Hollywood movies are being shot here, since the state gives them huge task breaks - Statistics show ,more studios are being built here as well as many auditions and lots of scoutings - you just have to know where to go (downtown, midtown, etc etc).

Many aspires, and film school graduate are heading here now after graduation rather than head to expensive cities like LA or NYC. I announce this for the aspiring hollywood actors out there. You might wanna head here to Atlanta if you want to network and get your foot in tthe door. Hollywood competition is triple fierce. So just bear that in mind.

Monday, November 7, 2011


This is a nice documentary i encourage everyone to watch (if you get a hold of it or it shows on a tv station near you). Its very well done. I am so proud to be African and have never been as optimistic about our continent and the direction we are heading as much as now.

By 2060 - I want to see a completely peaceful continent where there are no more civil wars in any nation (Thankfully Ghana has never had one, and I wish that for everybody). 

I wish that the illiteracy level will decrease. 

I see a huge decrease in poverty and completely wipe out dependency on the west and maintain our own resources ourselves and better.

I wish that all the brain gains who are out of the country for one reason or the other, have returned home to help build the continent like the Indians and the chinese did theirs. I want to see that we have no more old men (60, 70yrs old -including tyrants) heading our nations, but rather 40 something year old well educated, smarter brains men (like Obama's age group) - heading most of the african nations as presidents, bringing in more modern ideas for rebuilding and improving our economies (rather that these old acake greedy old men who are so resistant to change).

I see better and improved urban infracstructures in every city, every village, every town etc etc particularly town planning, roads and transportation eg fast speed trains where i can sit in in Accra and within 30 mins I am in Lagos or IvoryCoast, or that i can hop in my car and within 2hrs i can confidently arrive at my destination without potholes and what not - just as i am able to make it in 2hrs on road from Atlanta to a neigboring state.

My biggest wish by 2060 - is for corruption to be erased.

My wishful thinking is there are no lizards cos i hate them - but like i said - its wishful thinking. I wish all the lizards  will sit on a boat and migrate to the west world - am sure they will know what to do to them ).

I also wish to see more of our younger generation speaking our native language - unlike what i pitifully saw when i went home to ghana (utterly pitiful to see a teenager born and raised in Ghana, never set foot out the country and cant speak the ghana language all they speak is english - some even have correct brimerican accents - I was just utterly disgusted by the parents who allowed such nonsense. By age 7 I was speaking Twi, Ga and Ada - 3 languages - I still grew up fine and speak my desent ghanaian english. Dont know if this trend is like that in other metropolitan cities across africa - but personally i think its utterly pitiful to be loosing our language. My future kids have no choice - strict rule in my house - english will be banned! speak it at school). If you are from Africa born and raised (eg primary, secondary educated etc) and you  cant speak your language please dont brag about it - cos its SHAMEFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!! UTTERLY PITIFUL .

I wish for a much more improved African Film Industry and that then last but not Least - i wish Majid and Genevieve would have won an oscar by 2060.
YES! - The First shall be the Last and the Last shall be the First.

This Is My Africa is an award-winning documentary film. Directed and produced by Zina Saro-Wiwa, this quirky and unique film is a journey into an Africa that many may not know about. Created to reveal a more personal vision of the continent by weaving together the personal memories, tastes and experiences of 21 Africans and Africaphiles, This Is My Africa has been described as a 50-minute crash course in African culture.
The Film features contemporary artist Yinka Shonibare MBE; actor Colin Firth; filmmaker John Akomfrah OBE; Channel 4 news anchor Jon Snow; actor Chiwetel Ejiofor; singer Mpho Skeef; author Biyi Bandele; travel writer Noo Saro-Wiwa; opera singer Josephine Amankwah; fashion designer Bayo Oduwole; playwright Dipo Agboluaje; writer Mazzi Binaisa; DJ Duncan Brooker; politician and lawyer Paul Boateng; restaurateur Mourad Mazouz; actress and film-maker Lupita Nyong'o; writer and curator Nana O. Ayim; magazine publishers Njide and Nneka Ugboma; DJ/Producer Tony Nwachukwu and contemporary artist Mustafa Maluka.

Watch clips of the film.

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