Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My Take (or not) on "Adams Apple"

I haven't said much about Adams Apple because I have not seen it. Not even one Episode. I was all goo goo gaah gaah about it and overhyped it when it was about to be released all for the love of Sparrow, waiting and waiting for the USA release.

I hear Episode 1 and 2 are now being sold by street vendors in Accra and yet still we here in USA have not seen any episode - Now they are supposedly on Episode 5 and what not. I could have watched it online but yall know I dont advocate for that online watch for free nonsense. For producers I like and respect - i always BUY their movies.

I contacted someone at sparrow to tell them I am here and ready to push for promos (FOR FREE like i always do) here in USA if they need me to on this blog and facebook, I still did not hear from anyone.

Last i heard (or should i say saw the photos to back it up) - the whole Sparrow crew came here to our neck of the woods, right next door to Canada to promote and premiere it, yet they did not stop here in USA.

Frankly at this stage - i could really care less. If they decide to release it here in USA - they should and we shall watch and review it the best we know how (TELLING IT LIKE IT IS), but other than than - I am over it - over as in - no more hyping it - they dont care - i dont care neither. I wont hype it anymore because i have not watched it, and I will not be squinting my eyes on some laptop struggling to watch it online for free. It aint and that deep dot com.!

Whoever has watched it and think is great, you have open space here on this blog to review it.

Another reason why i been quiet lately is cos there aint much out there to review and if you frequent this blog -you will notice, i have said it many times, I only prefer to spend my time to review movies i deem worthy - great classics you not ashamed to put in your video library or spend your hard earned money to purchase and as you all know 2011 has been the year of abundant crap razz like releases - left right center. I am so immuned to it right now. Hopefully 2012 is better year with better movies and much more improved scripts and acting.

I am however thinking of interesting topics to discuss just to get the blog going and not so bare not updating at all. I dont mean to leave yall hanging - it aint my fault. I promise i will keep it more interesting besides movie reviews. What topics would yall like to see besides movie review (nollywood gisting -LOL - hmmmm - If i start that- My blog will probably be shut down - cos i got too much inside undiluted gist on ppl - lets not go there - lets sleeping dogs lie sha! )

Another reason i been quiet too is, I started a new blog and will inform you more about it later. It is a lifestyle blog (NO it is NOT about Clothes Fashion and NO it is NOT about ENTERTAINMENT -Tis bout time we africans think outside the box besides clothes fashion and entertainment blogging -too much saturation there, dont you think? Once i get it off the ground i will let yall know so you can visit it and support me. My target is all africa.

Majid was in town (here in Atlanta) - and I went to support him and watched Somewhere in Africa. Majid Acting was absolutely phenomenal - just Whao - the kind of acting where you forget the person is acting because he makes it so damn real. I will review it this weekend when i have time. After the LA and Atlanta premier he returned to Ghana and now getting ready to go to London for some Awards Show and will head back to USA for more city stops for more SWIA premiere.

After watching that movie - just I predicted it in 2007 (four years ago) when i first seen Majid in Crime To Christ and I will predict it again - I am saying today without a doubt in my mind - that I am very confident that Majid is set to win an oscar someday - I have no question in my mind. I will confidently put my money on that. I mean bar - none - he just takes you there. I love me some Majid. I cant wait for his return so we can sit down for our long overdue chat.

So on that note my lovely Tilii-Tubbies, expect me to be more active in the coming weeks. I will find a topic to post at least every week so we can discuss and when i post it please comment to show interest and for me to know you are into it or not.


Anonymous said...

Haaa my sister,

It is being sold in Amazon.com ohhhhhh Abiiiiii






Wonders shall never end

Adesuwa said...

Forget that one, jare. Anyways, can't wait to get info on your new blog...

Anonymous said...

i hope u review somewhere in africa soon i've been waiting for ur review.

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