Thursday, October 20, 2011

Congratulations To Ezerounye's and the Uche's

Gorgeous Mrs Keke Ezerounye just delivered a bouncy baby BOY in a canadian hospital with her cutie pie husband by her side. Welcome Lil Man

We Wish The Ezerounye's Congratulations on their new Addition. 

While we are on the subject - I would like to also Wish Kalu Uche and his gorgeous Wife Congratulation. Its funny that i put a pic of Stephanie up as beauty of the month 3 nights ago unbeknown to me she was in labor, I woke up the next day i hear the news she had given birth. What a coincidence.

Like i said in my intro - i am a sucker for babies and kids, i love them so much, I love to take care of them, play with them - talk to them. I just love love love love babies and I am very happy for both couples.

Maybe Ezerounye's son can hook up with the Uche's daughter when they grow up (LOL)


Adesuwa said...

That so beautiful!! CONGRATULATIONS to the both of them!!! In unrelated news, did you know Kim Kardashian (sp?) will be in Tyler Perry's new movie "The marriage counselor." I'm kinda disturbed by this. I feel like he has been on a roll, and then I hear this... NONSENSE!

Miss T-i-l-i-i (African Movie Reviewer) said...

Yes oohhh i heard that ish. I just hope she is in for 5mins. I will hate to think she is the headliner cos she cant act for shyt.

Adesuwa said...

That "girl" actually has an essential part! Lord forgive me, but WTF?! Why Tyler, why?!!!

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