Monday, September 5, 2011

Watch out for Trailers and Promo Post This Week

Yeah i have been quiet for a minute but like i stated there is nothing good enough out there to review (am alergic to reviewing crap movies and lord knows there are plenty on the market now - i seem to get athritis when i start typing on those LOL).

But i will be posting some upcoming trailers here this week as well as promos and announcement for "Somewhere in Africa" US Premiere Dates plus real bio of Majid Michel (interview is coming soon too - a one on one sit down with ma boy Majid aka "Pxxx" )

For those in Los Angeles be real excited cos the first premiere of "Somewhere in Africa" is there in LA - an opportunity to watch the movie, meet Majdi and for us (his team) to introduce him to the many inquiring minds and scouts out there asking of him. Its a great networking opportunity and we are all excited - you never know, and we are all going to make sure he makes the most of it.

For those of you tired, just as i am with the one crap movie release after another, rest assured as we we've entered the last quarter of the year, there is good news. I know of several good movies coming out (i say "good" though i havent seen them cos i am confident in the producers/directors and most of all the cast) and be real excited as in the coming months i post infos on all these releases.

Seems like its become a trend where our classic movie makers, always keeping mum and sitting on their work only to release it around christmas time, but thats ok though, we like their work and most times its all worth the wait. (And oh yes my Genny has something coming too - cant say much now)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Miss TiLii, I just wanted to send my condolences to the family of actress Geraldine Ekeocha.May her soul rest in peace.

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