Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Los Angeles And Atlanta!

Majid Michel & Martha Ankomah
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This is MAJID MICHEL’S first official appearance in California and his fans can’t wait to see him. So far the buzz in Los Angeles has gathered such excitement that close sources say Hollywood celebrities such as Boris kodjoe, Idris Elba and Organizers of the Pan African film Festival to name a few will be in attendance. The Hollywood premiere is slated for Saturday September 24th and Atlanta, Saturday October 8th .

The Erawoc Bros Group and Zebrachild Entertainment, (Reggie & Sputnic Erawoc) collaborated with Heroes Productions (Executive Producers Kwame Boadu and Martha Ankomah ) and Raj Films (Director Frank Rajah Arase) to premiere the much-anticipated movie in selected cities across the US. As Reggie puts it, “We want to expose Majid to his fans in markets such as California, Miami and Atlanta where Majid has a much broader fan base that travels deep into the West Indies with demographics including Haitians, Jamaicans, Trinidadians, Dominicans, Puerto Ricans, and recently South America. Coming to Los Angeles and Atlanta is very significant, hopefully with time, Majid’s fans will have the opportunity to see him on the big screens of Hollywood.”

Heroes Films production and Raj Films have captivated our minds with movies such as Sin of the Soul, Heart of Men and The Game. The producers are at it again this time with AMMA nominee Majid Michel and Martha Ankomah with the most expensive, thrilling, heartfelt and touching African tale ever told in Africa by Africans, "Some Where in Africa".

A story of geode, a cry of Africans, the cries of humanity, the effects and defects of military government with soldiers everywhere with foolish wars to fight, the tears of abuse, some of it factual, much of it fiction but all of it is true and frequent happenings in Africa.

The last two decades however, were unarguably turbulent of times for most African nations. Puddles of blood filled our streets with fear as terror lurks on every corner. Horrors of combat embroiled in external unresolved conflicts. Everywhere in Africa a dirge was being sung. As mankind we have become our own enemy and we are left to the shackles of hopelessness and despair. Tomorrow they say will be better. But they forget history repeats itself. Our dreams have faded….our hearts resigned with no hope for the future. We walk on in darkness and so shall the rest of our days be. Watch out for this award winning movie "SOME WHERE IN AFRICA".

In a town where blood thirsty Militants subject the government to coup d’├ętat, life is unpredictable. It’s difficult to know when you will wake up to a brilliant morning sun which promises a day of solemnity, or a shimmering moon in which echoes the shouts of death. In the wake of the seemingly normalcy of a capricious life, a new regime is established in Kimbala town; the superlative Military regime of Yusuf Mumbasa! Thirstier and fiercer than his predecessors, the people of Kimbala are dumb by his extreme ruthlessness. The strongest of men are hit down to nothing more than a murmur; the influentials are coiled in their shells in total stillness and the civilians hide behind the hypocritical facet of patriotism! Who will dare stop Mumbasa?!

Widows cry, orphans wail and the whole town mourns in complete silence…!!! In the time when a couple of determined souls uses a weapon that has no bullet or sharp edges to overcome Mumbasa and yet fail miserably, there arises a group of fearless combatants; a group of unstoppable young students who refuse to fall into the category of the coward! Their audacity is reinforced by their esteemed solidarity to seek justice for the family of their widowed vice principal, whose husband fell victim to the callous acts of Mumbasa. At this juncture, it cannot be told who is fiercer – the students or Mumbasa! But is that necessary, when all that matters is who wins at the end?! It is a war of fate, not only for the students, but that of Mumbasa as well….Can these unarmed, inexperienced and relatively feeble minor students bring the well shielded wall of the fearsome tyrant down?! Time tells, but only the end of this story can give us the answer.

Saturday, September 10, 2011


Yes i heard it the very day she died last week, but i refused to believe it until i got further concrete confirmation. Ms Geraldine Ekeocha one of my favourite actresses in Nollywood has passed on - apparently she died from complications during fibroid surgery. I think this could have so been avoided and her death was so unnecessary.

Sam Loco has not even been buried yet and we have to grief another Nollywood legend. I am so hurt by the death of Ms Geraldine - and my condolences go out to her family. She will surely be missed.

Mr Death. Enough already - no more - we have grieved enough this year. Go back to where you came from. In the Name of Jesus we shall not bury another nollywood actor/actress for a long time.

This is so sad, and I will so miss her acting.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Watch out for Trailers and Promo Post This Week

Yeah i have been quiet for a minute but like i stated there is nothing good enough out there to review (am alergic to reviewing crap movies and lord knows there are plenty on the market now - i seem to get athritis when i start typing on those LOL).

But i will be posting some upcoming trailers here this week as well as promos and announcement for "Somewhere in Africa" US Premiere Dates plus real bio of Majid Michel (interview is coming soon too - a one on one sit down with ma boy Majid aka "Pxxx" )

For those in Los Angeles be real excited cos the first premiere of "Somewhere in Africa" is there in LA - an opportunity to watch the movie, meet Majdi and for us (his team) to introduce him to the many inquiring minds and scouts out there asking of him. Its a great networking opportunity and we are all excited - you never know, and we are all going to make sure he makes the most of it.

For those of you tired, just as i am with the one crap movie release after another, rest assured as we we've entered the last quarter of the year, there is good news. I know of several good movies coming out (i say "good" though i havent seen them cos i am confident in the producers/directors and most of all the cast) and be real excited as in the coming months i post infos on all these releases.

Seems like its become a trend where our classic movie makers, always keeping mum and sitting on their work only to release it around christmas time, but thats ok though, we like their work and most times its all worth the wait. (And oh yes my Genny has something coming too - cant say much now)

Happy Birthday Emem Isong

Emem I love you and you deserve a whole thread wishing you lots of love and a Happy Bday - You have entertained us for so long in the many years gone by with your great production and since you are behind the camera - we sometimes forget to praise you as much as we do the actors/actresses.

Stay blessed - I admire so many things about you, plus your humility to say the least, and on this day I wish you a WONDERFUL HAPPY BIRTHDAY and major success for the rest of the year and as we enter 2012 in a couple of months. May RAA continue to do bigger things.

Always remember you are loved, more than you know and a great inspiration to many women. Have a blessed birthday sister.

(aka MsTilii)
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