Wednesday, August 10, 2011

There is Nothing Worth Reviewing, Thus MIA.......

I have been getting a lot of emails everyone asking why i have been missing in action. Well there isnt much out lately for me to review. As you all know, i am allergic to reviewing crap movies. Yes every single release out there (i told yall nothing passes me - as long as its released on the US market at the NYC depot, i got it) i have watched them all (maybe 12 movies in all) and endured all the headache on your behalf, and NO, i will not review them. They are not worth a dime. One or two i will review later when i have time.

When producers and directors finally decide to put out the good movies deemed excellent and a classic, I will review them. If it is any consolation, our hunky dories (new actors) have a lot lined up for 4th quarter 2011/2012. I will update you all as i am given permission to.

Oh and for the movie producers who keep putting out crap movies, dont think i have forgotten to name yall crap movies on my left panel under "CRAP ALERT" - i am compiling them all and will list them soon.

Ladies and Gentlemen, save your money to buy great classic movies. Dont throw money away.

ps: Another reason i have been missing in action is cos i have been getting ready to launch my new blog (No! its not entertainment neither is it fashion related- someone needs to think out the box for once-the copy copy is too much) and been quite active in my new hobby of abstract acrylic painting on canvas which i plan to sell. I will announce to you all soon when i launch my new blog for those who are interested, and NO this will not take away from my movie review blogging, i will do both concurrently, and this time find some avenues of making some money out of this hobby, after 3 yrs of doing what i love -I am learning of new ways to benefit from spending my time blogging .

Also I bought my self a new DLSR Camera and loving it so much (great investment), I will post the pic here soon (its a NIKON D3100) . I bought it purposely for my new blog (and No! its not a photography blog neither LOL)

I get on twitter more often too so if you wanna chat join me at


Lipamboli said...

I had to visit your blog once I saw the title. Indeed, what do you do when "there is nothing worth reviewing"?

It is indeed a waste of time to try to find something redeemable about a movie that you despise when the credits start rolling.

On the other hand, imagine how busy you will be once top-notch productions become an hallmark of our African film industry?

You might not sleep over reviews! Let's go through this season of African cinema while it lasts... As a change is definitely going to come.

Nollywood Forever said...

You are telling me! My blog is running dry with all this CRAP CRAP and more crap. I have a few movie reviews to post but the motivation to do so has disappeared!

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