Monday, August 8, 2011

I am Utterly Saddened by Sam Loco Efe's Demise

He was one of my favourite - ultimate favourite. There are 4 people who make me laugh to rib stiffiness in Nollywood movies and Sam Loco Efe was my number #1 followed by Patience Ozorkwor, Nkem Owoh and Chiwetalu Agu.

Its amazing - i was just watching his movie last week and he made me laugh so much i said, I swear if this man passes someday many years from now and I am home, even though i may not be invited, i will gate crush my way in and I will definately go pay my last respect - cos i love him so much..

I am watching all his movies all week - to remember all the times he made me laugh and I hope for his funeral - to celebrate his life, they also showcase some of his funny skits, I am not home now and i cannot attend but i hope the funeral is well organised -I will write my own eulogy of him and post it here of how happy he made me watching Nollywood movies. I will never forget Sam Loco, i respected and loved him so much. In my head he was like a father or grandfather who told stories to make me laugh.

I am sure all of Nollywood is sad - especially Patience and Nkem who acted with him so many times. No nollywood death has pained me as much as this man. I was so numb yesterday when i heard it. I hope ALLL of the entertainment industry back home go pay their last respect to this man. He is a very special man and I am sure he will be making those angels laugh their ribs off.

My favourite thing he does is when he swears and he touches his finger to his tongue - to the ground and to the sky and say "maka chukwu" - The last movie i saw was "Sweet Patotoe" - watch this funny scene as he encourages his (son) Nkem Owoh to commit suicide - he said "Its a fundamental human rights"

Please lets respect and love the ones who are living and not wait until they are gone. Sam like Patience Ozorkwor i always felt was one of the most underrated actors in Nollywood. Despite he joked a lot - he was a very excellent actor in my opinion and I tear up as i typed this cos i know i will miss him immensely.

RIP Uncle Sam Loco Efe. You will be surely missed by many.


bestting said...

EYYAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! vi still dnt wnt to believe this. Mayhis blessed soul rest in peace

The Relentless Builder said...

Yes, Sam Loco Efe will be missed. I remember watching him perform not just in movies, but also in local TV series, and he was always certain to deliver. He is one of those people who I often wonder what else they would do if they were not actors. He will certainly be missed.

Thanks for paying tribute to him!

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