Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dear Adjetey Anang - I am disappointed

Dear Adjetey Anang (Pusher)
I respect you as one of Ghana's greatest actors (you have been in this game a long long time since "Things You Do for Love" Tv Series) and i know you cannot be always be waiting for our only best (Shirley Frimpong Manso) to give you a job which always makes you shine or stretches your ability (ie A Sting in A Tale, Life and Living it) but lately i see you falling on the bandwagon of accepting crap scripts and I am very worried about that.
Pascal Amanfo??? Are you serious Adjetey - first you said yes to "Bed of Roses" now you are in Single Six his upcoming movie (which i refuse to promote on my blog) with a bunch of non acting so called actresses (except Yvonne Okoro).
I use to put you in the same category as Chris Attoh and Nana Kwame Osei Sarpong - who are very selective whom they work - but lately you got me scratching my head, like whats up with dude? You are like the DiCaprio of Ghana. I truly love your acting and still do, but am sorry I wont support a Pascal Amanfo or a Venus Production movie.
.I hope maybe someday Kwaw Ansah or Leila Djansi will use you, so that you leave these riffraff producers alone. You are way above that.
Not a good look mehn - you need to get it together and not mess up your CV of good work.
I said it once I will say it again - becareful the scripts you accept. No! it is not easier said than done - as one might say - If you truly respect the art and have great goals for higher heights you will be careful what script to accept - and Yes i know you gotta eat and pay the bills, but please find another source than to be working with the likes of Venus Production and Pascal. They will not make you shine and stretch your talent like you need.
Just my two cents.

(Lord Please give Ghana More Great Producers/Directors so we weed the "rubbish" ones out and this to give our great actors more great choices of whom to work with. Amen)
.single6 my foot - i smell crap before its release.


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Ajete Ajete!!! The man has to put food on the table sha.

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