Monday, July 4, 2011

Alert & Attention: Confirmations on Majid Michel

I spoke to him and I spoke to his brothers who are very good friends of mine here in Atlanta.

-Every Majid Michel Facebook, Twitter, Myspace account out there is FAKE than a $3 dollar bill

-NO - he was not poisoned
-NO - he was never threatened by anybody anywhere in any country
-Lately Folks in several states across the USA are using Majid's face to promote him in making appearance to the upcoming premiere of "BED OF ROSES" -in these many various states. Please do not believe all that ish (not all the states are confirmed). He has not confirmed to all those many many states, however he is firmly confirmed to the Accra one. Its unfair how his face is being used to promote stuff he has not confirmed to.

(Majid has landed in US today 7/7th/2011 -He has confirmed to Atlanta & Columbus-Ohio premieres - any other state distributing flyers - he has not confirmed to those)

There are at least 10 facebook groups out there for Majid - they are all Fake Fake Fake - I mean when you are reading FB of actors and all you see are screen shots and photos from movie scenes - Ding ding ding - thats a red flag - i could name a whole list of fake facebook pages out there that even their fellow actors have joined thinking its real - maybe actors and actresses need to have a video clip announcing or confirming IF they have an account and if they do what that real one is - because seriously - it sometimes gets worse where these fake idiots start getting money from your fans presenting themselves as you )

Majid's brothers are working to improve his whole social media networks. Majid loves & respects his fans and is very concerned about them being updated with nothing but the real truth and corrects updates on what he is doing/done/about to do, and as such - new twitter, facebook and better yet an excellent website is in the works for him by his beloved brothers here, who want the best for him. If you dont read any of the facts from any of his upcoming and legit social media source or here on this website - I am sorry, most of the things you read about him is UNTRUE.

I will interview Majid sometime this summer, when he finally gets here for his lineup projects and you will hear it from the horses own mouth, all the untrue stories that have circulated for ever, and the confirmations true stories.

Ladies and gentlemen dont believe all you ever read.

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