Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ladies Love Alexx Ekubo (Full Interview)

Man in Black - Alexx Ekubo

So after watching my overly hyped movie Ladies Men in May 2011, and including Alexx in my raves for Nollywood New Actors Class of 2011.

I tracked down Mr Alexx Ekubo and introduced myself to him and let him know all the raves he was getting on my blog from my readers - especially the ladies. We chatted a lil bit on twitter & FB and I asked if he could do me the honours to grant me an interview. Without hesitation, he much obliged. Few weeks later when I was ready, I contacted him for his phone number. By this time he had a business engagement in Jo’burg (South Africa), however he still gave me his Jo’burg number. I called him on several occasions, but due to timezone differences, I kept missing him. I finally got hold of Alexx but unfortunately it was bad timing, so he asked me to reschedule.

I agreed and contacted Alexx again for rescheduling, but I never heard back from him. I begun to feel that maybe i was nagging dude (the one thing i absolutely hate to ever do) and being the person that I am, that never ever like to put pressure or forcefully impose on people, I left it alone for a month and by now I knew he’d probably forgotten about me because I still had not gotten a response to my last email to him.

One day last week, I decided to contact him again in a brief one liner and said "I am still waiting on you for our interview". He responded immediately and apparently this was not intentional on his part at all– He had been so busy lately with gigs, he just simply forgot about my last message for rescheduling. As a gentleman that he was, Alexx apologised on end for leaving me hanging so long. Nonetheless I knew this brother was not the kind to leave a lady like me hanging so there were no hard feelings at all. Alexx was so bent on making up for his unintentional disaapointment, so he tells me "by hook or crook" he will be ready for the interview whenever I was. Finally we rescheduled a new time and date.

Remember I live (temporary) in Atlanta GA -USA and whenever I want to speak to anyone back home (Ghana, Nigeria etc) – there's always that clash of time difference (as there was with my JD Interview in 2010,). Alexx had mentioned to me that the later time in the day the better for him, so i decided to set up a 11pm Lagos time for our interview (which was around 6pm my time in Atlanta.) This was perfect cos by then I knew I'd be back from work and in my own haven (my home), and could relax to ask all my questions.

I got home grabbed a bite to eat and got all prepared for the interview by 6pm (11pm Lagos time). I was at least 20mins late (I got interrupted with an incoming call from London). I muttered a few prayer lines and asked God to let me do this interview well and make it a success - maybe better than my first with JD since I was still new to this interviewing stuff - Alexx being my second/sophomore interview (I needed all the luck i could get to get this right).

I dialed Alexx’s number and immediately after one ring he picks up and saids in a very deep voice “You are LATE!” He didn’t say it in any mean kinda way, so I responded in my laughing tone and I apologised like “Oh Alex uhmm, I am so so sorry, see what ha-happened was….. “ before I could explain why I was late", he repeats againYou-ARE!-Late!” and starts to laughs too. I guess like they say "Touche", he got me! -This was like a tit for tat – cos he apologized earlier for leaving me hanging for a month and now I was apologizing to him for being 20mins late. To me this intro kinda broke the ice for me actually; because I knew then I was going to like my interview with this dude. He is a realist like me and tells it like it is. There’s no sugarcoating or pretense about him – what you see is what you get.

I developed a quick rapport with him like he was a long lost friend and talked about everything and anything under the sun (some too personal but he answered it nonetheless - all for the love of his fans) - I like to talk to smart intelligent people and i must say he is definately one of them. You have got to respect a man like Alexx so dedicated and stays up so late to talk to a stranger like me - I felt so honored and respect him even more - I feel a man's respect is his word and he proved it to me that day. There is a lot to read and I am breaking it into two parts.

Alex in one of his many modeling gigs looking dabber suave as always

Alex at home - ready to hit the Lagos social scenes

Alexx on a billboard ad for Chivita - click here to watch Alex cute yet hilarious tv ad

Alex in Attire by Designer ?

Alex at a recent Charity Event - Donating


Miss Tilii: So how are you Alexx
Alexx Ekubo
: I’m fine and you?

Miss Tilii: Oh i am doing great, I guess after phone tagging and all that, we finally get to speak.
Alexx Ekubo: Yes and I want to apologise again for not contacting you earlier after we last spoke when I was in in Jo’burg and said I will. I just totally forgot and that is so not my style at all. Once again I am very sorry. Today- no matter what we have to get this interview done this time. No more postponing (laughs).

Miss Tilii:
Yes, and I totally understand Alexx, I kinda figured it out. And I so appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to do this interview, considering its so late back in Lagos now. I promise this will take no more than 45mins. I will make it quick and like I said before in my email – I will make this as comfortable as possible and if there is any question you don’t want to answer, that’s totally fine with me. I am just doing this for your increasing female fans that are yearning to know more about you. Ok
Alexx Ekubo:

Miss Tilii:
So tell me a lil about yourself – how would you describe your personality to us
Alexx Ekubo
: I will describe myself as a level headed guy who is very family oriented, Pro Nigerian, Loves Jesus, likes to hang out with my family and friends etc

Miss Tilii: We all know you are Nigerian, but tell me a lil about yourself, What is your background, where you born and what state are you from?
Alexx Ekubo:
I am from Abia state (Arochukwu), Born in Port Harcourt, Lived in Kano and Raised in Lagos. My dad’s job took us around quite a bit.

Miss Tilii:
What is your family background – you have any brothers and sisters?
Alexx Ekubo:
I am the 2nd born of four. I have an older sister, a younger sister and a younger brother.

Miss Tilii:
What is your educational background and what was your major in university?
Alexx Ekubo: I attended Federal Government College of Daura in Katsina State, gained a diploma in Mass Communication from Calabar Polytechnic and studied Law at University of Calabar.

Miss Tilii: When you were a child do you remember taking part of any school plays?
Alexx Ekubo
Yes, growing up, almost every kid in my neighborhood and/or church took part or participated in either school or church drama and play –so to me that was a normal activity. And in university my friend and I use to plan events for entertainment/award show and stuff. We use to get a lot of great compliments for our well organised & successful events, as well as my hosting skills. So that’s when the whole entertainment thing sparked a light in me somewhat.

Miss Tilii:
Honestly until I saw you In Ladies Men – I hadn’t seen you in any other movie before – Tell me about that movie and how it came about - did you audition for the role and how challenging was it for you (if any).
Alexx Ekubo:
Well it’s interesting that you asked because it was kinda funny how it happened. See what happened was, it was the last day of shoot for a movie I was working on, and coincidentally one of the marketers for “Ladies Men” came on the set and had observed me. He later got my number somehow and called me out of the blue a week later asking me to fly to Abuja (all expense paid) for a movie shoot. He caught me off guard cos I didn’t know anything about the script – neither did he tell me on the phone, however I always feel whenever an opportunity rises – whether big or small you have to take chances, so without hesitation I flew to Abuja (with no script in hand ahead of time for me to prepare) and went on straight on set.

I was given the script the night before the shoot and that was the only time I had to familiarise myself with the role. When I read for the role, I was kinda shocked cos I was not expecting that at all, and I asked the producer why he had confidence in me that I could pull such an intense role off and especially without much preparation. He said he just knew I could do it and so I should just give it my best shot. And so I did. I didn’t ask more questions I just tuned my mind to do the best that I can to impress and let God do the rest. My first scene was the love scene with my co star Halima Abubakar’s role in the bedroom – and also my first time meeting Halima – so you can imagine how challenging that must have been to be put on the spot like that. But I got in the zone – and I nailed it. I hate to be stereotyped or pigeon holed and always like different challenging roles and that was why I took this role in Ladies Men. I felt it was different.

Miss Tilii: Describe your first experience in ever acting? Do you remember?
Alexx Ekubo:
Well, when I was younger I got an opportunity to play as an extra in a movie titled “Sinners In the House” by Lancelot Imaseun, who was (and still is a close family friend) and neighbour - so that was my first experience in movie. The experience was awesome and I learnt a lot. I later on got an opportunity to be featured in soap opera called Secrets & Scandals (Season 3) and was also was featured in TV promo ad and Billboard adverts for Chivita. I still currently have a role in Africa’s most popular TV Soap Opera Series by M-NET called
“Tinsel”, where I play bartender by name of “Edet”. All these exposures have been great experience to being in front of a camera.

Miss Tilii:
How do prepare for roles such as what you did for Ladies Men?
Alexx Ekubo:
I always try and get in the zone. Acting is all in the mind and tuning your mind to the role at hand at that very moment. I am also a very emotional & passionate person. I love hard, play hard, and I work hard. I believe in never cutting corners. I always go in neck deep in my acting – and just act to the best of my ability leaving no stone unturned. Also I always pay very good attention to the director who is directing me.

Miss Tilii: I also learnt you were the first runner up for Mr. Nigeria 2010? How did that come about and how was your experience?
Alexx Ekubo: This great opportunity (like Ladies Men) was also by chance. It was just a blessing from God. One Friday I was simply chilling with my friends when I received a text from another friend (called Alex Hayble) asking me “Alex, did you know there is an screening being held for Mr. Nigeria on Monday”?– I did not know that. The next day on Saturday, my friend Eric Anderson and his wife, as a favour to me, agreed to stop by the office to inquire if the application for “Mr Nigeria” was available, but unfortunately they came downstairs to find their car had been bashed badly, thus they couldn’t wait to get the form for me that day, due to the unfortunate incident. The next day being Sunday, I personally went to the office to collect the form, completed it and handed it in like everybody else. The very next day being Monday, I got a call back and the rest is history. The whole experience for Mr. Nigeria was a wonderful. As all the contestants got prepped for the event, I lived in a house for a whole week with different types of people with different personalities and learnt a lot and made good friends. Overall it was a wonderful experience.

Miss Tilii: I guess you are truly blessed, that is such a wonderful story and truly inspiring.
Alexx Ekubo: Yes I am blessed

Miss Tilii:
Since you started acting how many movies have you completed thus far?
Alexx Ekubo:
Obviously Ladies Men is one, then there are upcoming movies such as
“Aina” and a Desmond Elliot produced movie called “In the Cupboard”. I want to choose my movies very carefully so I am not saying yes to just any script.

Miss Tilii: Which movie would you say has been your most challenging?
Alexx Ekubo:
I would have to say my role in “Ladies Men” was my most challenging till date, because of the circumstance of having had such short notice and also just the role itself, making a “love scene” believable on screen.

Miss Tilii:
So how does your family feel about your new venture in acting? Were they always supportive of you acting?
Alexx Ekubo:
I guess I am very blessed because I have a very supportive family. Both my parents supported me fully from day 1. My dad whom I look up to a lot has achieved a lot in his life and always encourages me. One of my biggest fan is my 3 yr old sister. She just beams with joy whenever she sees me on the TV screen and just jumps with joy of her big brother. All my family have always supported me in this venture. I am very grateful to my family.

Miss Tilii:
What would your ideal role be someday?
Alexx Ekubo:
I would have to say playing a “Superhero”

Miss Tilii:
So give me an example of a superhero type movie you like
Alexx Ekubo:
Kinda like “Superman, Spiderman etc” – those types of movies.

Miss Tilii:
Who are your favourite actors or actresses of all time?
Alexx Ekubo:
Well I got too many to name, but I would say in Nollywood, I feel Genevieve Nnaji, Ini Edo, Ramsey Nouah, Aunty Biola Segun, Desmond Elliot, Olu Jacobs and Ngozi Ezeounu are some of my favourites. My favourite Hollywood actors and actresses include Al Pacino (a great method actor), Anthony Hopkins, Pierce Brosnan, Jennifer Aniston and Will Smith.

Miss Tilii: What is your favourite movie of all time
Alexx Ekubo: I would have to say Al Pacinos' “Dogs Day Afternoon” and "Scarface" as well as “Titanic”. Al Pacino is such a great actor and I feel “Titanic” by far is one of the most classic movies ever, and I have actually lost count how many times I have seen that movie. It was a great well acted movie with such a phenomenal performance by all the cast.

Miss Tilii:
Oh I am so surprised because I love “Titanic too yet every time I talked about it, some guys think it’s all because of the lovey dovey scenes every woman is very googoo gaagaa about this movie– but it’s just not that. I also feel it was an overall great move.
Alexx Ekubo:
Yes. Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet did a great job on that movie

Miss Tilii:
I totally agree and till this day I personally feel they should have won an Oscar for that movie
Alexx Ekubo:
I agree

Miss Tilii: In Africa which African actor or actress would you most like to work with?
Alexx Ekubo:
Well I don’t have a preference necessarily. I am hungry and passionate about acting and I feel everybody has something to give and I could learn from anybody. I am like a SpongeBob who like to soak in different experiences from different people. I just want to work with anyone good I haven’t worked with before. Everybody always have something to give, more than you can imagine. And the same goes to directors and producers I’d like to work with. I am open to working with any great producer/directors out there. I don’t have any special preference.

Miss Tilii:
How do you feel about the African movie industry? The pros and Cons
Alexx Ekubo:
On the bad side, I feel sometimes the poor work ethic is not a good look at all. Sometimes, the nonchalant “I don’t care” attitudes of some actors and actresses can be a set back for all on set. If you agree to a role, just please be on time and not hold the whole set up, and don’t be overly too confident and please allow yourself to be directed. The whole professionalism and dedication by “some” people on set bothers me sometimes. The poor work ethics. On the good side we have come and long way and have improve in sound and picture quality as compared to 10years ago.

Miss Tilii: What changes or improvement would you like to see made?
Alexx Ekubo:
I would like to see more educated people who always criticize the industry to get more involve and help rather than just sit on the side line and continuously criticizing. Do something to help make some changes. Everybody who is interested should try and get involve and help the industry – even if it means simply consulting and giving advice for improvement. I would like to see that production gives greater eye for detail to our finish product before its put out. There are many minor things that can easily be corrected yet it is overlooked sometimes (perfect continuity etc)

Miss Tilii: When in moments of self doubts, what do you say to yourself to erase any doubt? What advice would you give? I ask this question for the many potential young people reading this, who want to get in to acting but don’t have the confidence due to self doubt.
Alexx Ekubo: I will say try and be very strong willed and believe in yourself no matter what. Know that if it doesn’t happen today it may happen tomorrow. Be open to rejections, It doesn’t matter how many times you fail at trying – just keep trying. Always stay focused. Keep practicing and it will happen when you least expect it. Always try to surround yourself with positive people who will encourage your dream. Continuously watch lots of movies and read lots of books that will inspire and enlighten your creative side. Always stay humble – you will be amazed how far humility will take you. Know how to treat everyone with respect and remember no role is too small, just work it to the best of your ability and you never know who might notice you for a bigger role or job in the future. Always keep GOD First

Miss Tilii: Apart from English what other languages do you speak
Alexx Ekubo:
As I mentioned before I am from Abia state so obviously I am Igbo and speak my igbo language. Growing up, I once lived in Kano -so I speak Hausa. I also attended university in Calabar so I do speak Efik, and being raised in Lagos (and still residing here) I do speak Yoruba. My French and Spanish are a work in progress.

Miss Tilii: Well I must say the ladies sure do love you – and my blog readers all love you . How does that make you feel?
Alexx Ekubo: It is definitely flattering and I do appreciate all the compliments I receive.

Miss Tilii:
What is the craziest thing a fan ever did or say to you especially after “Ladies Men”?
Alexx Ekubo:
Sheeish (laughs) Miss Tilii, I can’t even describe it to you. You cannot imagine the things I see and types of emails I sometimes receive. The types of photos people sent to me, although sometimes flattering, they are just unbelievable and jaw dropping.

Miss Tilii:
(Laughing) Alexx I think I can imagine all of that - I understand if you don’t want to put it in words. I’ll just peoples imagination run free on this one. So I guess we will leave it at that.
Alexx Ekubo:
Yes please (laughs again)

Miss Tilii: What is your favourite local or international
Alexx Ekubo:
Well I love my pounded yam & vegetable stew with PLENTY GOAT MEAT (emphasis on “plenty”). I also love my Jollof Rice(laughs).

Miss Tilii:
Can you make it yourself?
Alexx Ekubo:
No I can’t cook to save my life – but I can represent Nigeria in an eating competition (laughs)

(The phone got Disconnected from my end and I had to call back)


Miss Tilii: Sorry Alexx I don’t know what happened – it just disconnected.
Alexx Ekubo: It’s ok, so where were we?

Miss Tilii: I was asking “What are your past time favorite hobbies?”
Alexx Ekubo:
I love swimming, playing basketball, watching movies, reading inspirational & educational books, learning and researching about the art of acting and just being in the company of my loved ones.

Miss Tilii: What is your favourite TV show
Alexx Ekubo: I like Tinsel, Jara and Comedy Shows

Miss Tilii: What kind of songs are you currently listening to on your ipod or in your car?
Alexx Ekubo:
I listen to all genre of music. I love my Nigerian vibes. Give me Tiwa Savage, M.I, Wizkid, Waje, Dbanj, Banky W anytime anyday. I also love Soft Rock, R&B and Gospel Tunes - it all depends on my mood.

Miss Tilii: Ok with this question- abeg – be careful how you answer it because we as West Africans we are very passionate about our English soccer and today you may loose or gain some fans based on your answer (laughs). So tell me which one is your team – Chelsea, Manu or Arsenal?
Alexx Ekubo:
Arsenal baby

Miss Tilii: What! Arsenal, oh c’mon Alexx, I thought you were going to say my team “Chelsea”
Alexx Ekubo:
Arsenal for life – l love my Arsenal
Miss Tilii: Hm, okay ohh

Miss Tilii: I know all men love cars – so tell me what would your ideal car be when you make your first million dollars.
Alexx Ekubo: A convertible fancy sport car

Miss Tilii: Ok with my next question if I don’t ask I might as well pack my bags and go into a witness protection program because the ladies will kill me. Tell me this –“are you married, single or in a relationship?”
Alexx Ekubo: No I am not married, No I am not in a relationship – and Yes I am single.

Miss Tilii: Who would your ideal future Mrs. Ekubo be? Describe her
Alexx Ekubo:
God-fearing is my #1 because I come from a very religious family, so GOD fearing is a must. When someone truly fears GOD, it takes a lot for them to harm/hurt you. I love a purpose driven woman - a smart woman with drive, tenacity, motivation, ambition, and a vision. I love a confident woman because as you know I am in the limelight and go out a lot to many social events and so I want my woman by my side on that red carpet, who is very confident and when approached by media asking me many questions, she & I together as a team, I can invite her to chip in for me and she can confidently contribute. I want a woman who shares my spirit and understands my dreams and believes in me. And of course my ideal woman has to be good looking and super sexy – sometimes confidence alone can be sexy.

Miss Tilii: Well ladies you read it here on Ms Tilii – this man knows exactly what he wants and he just laid it down. Alex I must say your criteria for a future woman is very thorough and good. Thanks for answering in detail. To the future Mrs Ekubo – you heard it here first.

Miss Tilii: When is your birthday
Alexx Ekubo:
April 10th

Miss Tilii: What turns you on (not in any sexual connotation, but in general)
Alexx Ekubo:
Honesty and being genuine- let your yes be your yes and your no be your no. Don’t make promises you cannot keep. I like people who are real – kinda like “what you see is what you get.”

Miss Tilii: What are your complete turn offs
Alexx Ekubo:
Liars piss me off. I hate dishonesty.

Miss Tilii: Fill in the blanks, “I feel Sexiest Wearing ___________”
Alexx Ekubo:
A Tailored Black Suit” –I love black – “all black everything”

Miss Tilii: What do you wear to bed?
(Silly question but just had to squeeze it in there)
Alexx Ekubo: simple shorts (laughs)

Miss Tilii:
What is the most romantic thing you ever did for your girl in the past?
Alexx Ekubo:
I use to date this girl once and on her birthday, I printed two t-shirts – one for me one for her. On the front of her t-shirt It had “I love My Baby” and on the back of it had my name “Alexx”. Vice Versa mine had in front “I love my Chic” and on the back of it I had “(her name). I think that was cute. I wrapped it nicely and presented it to her. Needless to say we broke up shortly afterwards and never even got to wear those t-shirts.

Miss Tilii: Awww Alex that was so creative, romantic, yet simple and nice. Fellas if you are reading this abeg don’t steal Alexx’s idea ohh.(laughs)

Miss Tilii: How would you describe your ideal night (whether it be by yourself or a romantic date with a girl)?
Alexx Ekubo:
Because I go out so much – my ideal night with my girl will be just chilling indoors - watching movies, having candlelight dinners, playing mind games etc and just getting to know each other. We could also go the movies and grab a bite to eat afterwards. I also would love a walk on the beach, chilling as we watch the sunset set in or simply walking around a nice neighborhood observing nature.

Miss Tilii:
Who is your secret celebrity/non celebrity crush of all time? You can initial it if you don’t feel like mentioning the name because that is why it’s called a secret
Alexx Ekubo:
Well I admire Genevieve Nnaji. My Hollywood crush is a popular model, who currently has a reality show in America and had a controversial Sex tape released in the past (lips sealed) out a few years ago

Miss Tilii: Oh you mean ________?
Alexx Ekubo
: (laughs) Yes

Miss Tilii: Ok then, Well I must say I am not surprised she is absolutely pretty woman and most men’s dream girl. (by now I can imagine dude is blushing in his nice cheesy smile at the other end of the phone)
Alexx Ekubo:
(laughs) Yes

Miss Tilii: Can you dance?
Alexx Ekubo:
Yeah why not – I like to think I got a couple of swag moves (laughs).

Miss Tilii: Ok your fans will read this and hold you on that when they see you someday (laughs).
Alexx Ekubo: ok (laughs)

Miss Tilii: What is your facebook or twitter account I can let the fans know. I ask this because there are always fake ones out there.
Alexx Ekubo:
My facebook is & my twitter is

Miss Tilii: Is there any rumor out there you have heard of yourself and would like to clear up for your fans?
Alexx Ekubo:
No, because if I said anything that will be giving credibility to it. Like Tuface and M.I said “If nobody talks about you, then you are nobody”. People will always want to believe what they want to believe. Live Free.

Miss Tilii: What are the last words you have for your fans?
Alexx Ekubo:
Believe in yourself and always keep GOD first.

Miss Tilii: What is your definition of LOVE?
Alexx Ekubo:
Love is an indescribable feeling – a natural high when you are with someone and you are filled with joy and happiness, however love comes from within – it come from loving your self first.

Miss Tilii: Well Mr Ekubo – we have come to the conclusion of this interview and I want to take time to thank you for your time and patience and honoring me with this interview. We been playing tag for a months now but thank God we finally got it done today. I wish you so much luck in your future endeavors in this acting business. We look forward to see more of you in some great scripts in the near future and hopefully couple of years from now you and I get to meet you and you grant me a follow up interview to see where you are at in your career.
Alexx Ekubo
: Well I also want to say thank you and to encourage you to do what you are doing with your wonderful blog. We appreciate you and the time you take to shine light on those doing well in the industry and alerting people of the great talents and great movies produced. Continue to do what you do and don’t let anybody tell you different. You are doing a great job

Miss Tilii: Well Thank You Alex, You are welcome. I try to do the best I can. If you have any movie coming out, don’t hesitate to let me know and I will be much obliged to market it for free and hype it up like I always do and alert your fans to look out for it. It was a pleasure speaking to you and sorry for keeping you up this late into the morning in Lagos. Thank you .Bye
Alexx Ekubo:
what is your real name?

Miss Tilii: Well my name is _________ (I mention my first name). And by the way what is the correct spelling of your first name – is it Alex with one “x” or two “x”, I got some of your die hard female fans wanting to bite my head of cos they said I misspelt your name.
Alexx Ekubo:
It is actually Alexx with two xx

Miss Tilii: Oh Ok thank You - Bye
Alexx Ekubo:
Ok thank you ________.(mentions my first name) Bye.

So overall I feel I did "ok" with interview- I am a perfectionist and always feel i can always do better. My take on Mr Alexx Ekubo after my lengthy talk with him is he is definately going to be around for a long time on our screens. No denying he is a very confident man and most definately a realist - what you see is what you get. He is very passionate about the art of acting and takes his job seriously with goals of higher heights and not short sighted at all. Overall he is a very friendly, open and respectable young man with a bright future ahead of him - and i look forward to seeing more of him on our screens. If you dont know Alexx yet, definately look out for him. Mr Alexx Ekubo - We Salute You.


(I hope you all Enjoyed this Interview. This was my 2nd ever interview, I am no trained or self proclaimed journalist. I am a work in progress and I am so honored Alexx (like JD) gave me this chance. I do have a few other interviews lined up before the end of the year - Majid being my next - If there is any specific actor, actress, director, producer you would love me to interview, email me and let me know.)

PS: I have NOT given permission to any other website to take this interview to post on their site and call their own. The only sister site i share information with is or my sitefriend so please with due respect before you decide to copy and paste on your site - simply ask permission and get my ok first - and IF i ok it then you can post it with my site link attached - its just due respect and part of blogging protocol.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dear Adjetey Anang - I am disappointed

Dear Adjetey Anang (Pusher)
I respect you as one of Ghana's greatest actors (you have been in this game a long long time since "Things You Do for Love" Tv Series) and i know you cannot be always be waiting for our only best (Shirley Frimpong Manso) to give you a job which always makes you shine or stretches your ability (ie A Sting in A Tale, Life and Living it) but lately i see you falling on the bandwagon of accepting crap scripts and I am very worried about that.
Pascal Amanfo??? Are you serious Adjetey - first you said yes to "Bed of Roses" now you are in Single Six his upcoming movie (which i refuse to promote on my blog) with a bunch of non acting so called actresses (except Yvonne Okoro).
I use to put you in the same category as Chris Attoh and Nana Kwame Osei Sarpong - who are very selective whom they work - but lately you got me scratching my head, like whats up with dude? You are like the DiCaprio of Ghana. I truly love your acting and still do, but am sorry I wont support a Pascal Amanfo or a Venus Production movie.
.I hope maybe someday Kwaw Ansah or Leila Djansi will use you, so that you leave these riffraff producers alone. You are way above that.
Not a good look mehn - you need to get it together and not mess up your CV of good work.
I said it once I will say it again - becareful the scripts you accept. No! it is not easier said than done - as one might say - If you truly respect the art and have great goals for higher heights you will be careful what script to accept - and Yes i know you gotta eat and pay the bills, but please find another source than to be working with the likes of Venus Production and Pascal. They will not make you shine and stretch your talent like you need.
Just my two cents.

(Lord Please give Ghana More Great Producers/Directors so we weed the "rubbish" ones out and this to give our great actors more great choices of whom to work with. Amen)
.single6 my foot - i smell crap before its release.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Alert & Attention: Confirmations on Majid Michel

I spoke to him and I spoke to his brothers who are very good friends of mine here in Atlanta.

-Every Majid Michel Facebook, Twitter, Myspace account out there is FAKE than a $3 dollar bill

-NO - he was not poisoned
-NO - he was never threatened by anybody anywhere in any country
-Lately Folks in several states across the USA are using Majid's face to promote him in making appearance to the upcoming premiere of "BED OF ROSES" -in these many various states. Please do not believe all that ish (not all the states are confirmed). He has not confirmed to all those many many states, however he is firmly confirmed to the Accra one. Its unfair how his face is being used to promote stuff he has not confirmed to.

(Majid has landed in US today 7/7th/2011 -He has confirmed to Atlanta & Columbus-Ohio premieres - any other state distributing flyers - he has not confirmed to those)

There are at least 10 facebook groups out there for Majid - they are all Fake Fake Fake - I mean when you are reading FB of actors and all you see are screen shots and photos from movie scenes - Ding ding ding - thats a red flag - i could name a whole list of fake facebook pages out there that even their fellow actors have joined thinking its real - maybe actors and actresses need to have a video clip announcing or confirming IF they have an account and if they do what that real one is - because seriously - it sometimes gets worse where these fake idiots start getting money from your fans presenting themselves as you )

Majid's brothers are working to improve his whole social media networks. Majid loves & respects his fans and is very concerned about them being updated with nothing but the real truth and corrects updates on what he is doing/done/about to do, and as such - new twitter, facebook and better yet an excellent website is in the works for him by his beloved brothers here, who want the best for him. If you dont read any of the facts from any of his upcoming and legit social media source or here on this website - I am sorry, most of the things you read about him is UNTRUE.

I will interview Majid sometime this summer, when he finally gets here for his lineup projects and you will hear it from the horses own mouth, all the untrue stories that have circulated for ever, and the confirmations true stories.

Ladies and gentlemen dont believe all you ever read.

New Updated Trailer for "I'll Take my Chances"

Please check out the new and updated trailer of upcoming movie "I'll Take my chances" starring Ini Edo and Bryan Okwarra

I posted all the details way back in April 2011 but the trailer has been changed and updated and here is the new one.

Watch this space - i will update later with premier dates and what not

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