Saturday, June 4, 2011

Ini Edo New Photoshoot

Well by now yall have seen Ini's new nice photoshoots circulating around the internet. They are all nice but this is my favourite - I see this photo and I am thinking the lyrics to Nicki Minaj's song "**** on them" to her haters (and lawd knows Ini had plenty back in the day and now- for reasons best known to those haters themselves) - but when i see this photo and how she is changing her whole brand -i am just so happy for her;

She got engaged/married in a beautiful wedding, Produced a movie (Memories of My Heart) and another one to be released (I'll Take my chances), has become real active in her philanthropic work with kids, Lost Weight & toned up and looking hella fine this 2011 and ofcourse upped her game a notch with her dress sense of style, I mean I have no choice but to be happy for her. This year is Ini Edo's Year to shine I bet.

ps: Before anybody starts running their mouth about the topless shoot, please - mind ya own. In my opinion its a tasteful photoshoot - nothing tacky about it. Besides the whole point is - She has lost weight and toned up well and that is what we are most proud about.She looks beautiful. There are several other pics too and I will add them later. The rest are all nice photos of her, looking real toned up from head to toe. Her physically trainer did her justice (Phil is that you LOL at nite?).

.... And on that note Ini I dedicate this Nicki Minaj song lyrics to ya haters (cos you know they going to come back at you hard - cos they wanted to see triple folds on ya back and now they didnt so they say its photoshop" - Keep ya head up Ini" and dance to this Nicki song LOL - cos you ****** on em LOL LOL LOL ) - I was nice and put up the "clean version" for them.

(.......These little nappy headed ***s need a perminator,you my seed I spray you with germinator,Move back bugs matter fact you know the queen could use a back rub
If you could turn back time, Cher, You used the be here but now you gone Nairrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!) LOL LOL LOL


Anonymous said...

Once again, African will always cover the vital parts. By the fact she did not cover her top (I mean Breasts) with even a piece of broken Kente, that invites criticism to her part.

It is high time we African understand that being NAKED in any way (half or full) does not make one BEAUTIFUL.

BEAUTY covered invites more curiosity that that exposed.


*the* chatter*box* said...

All I can say is I am happy for her...the amount of camouflaged as constructive criticism towards her is a lot.

Afterall these same people were knocking her down for her razz days (boy were there many!!) but look at her now she has listened and has branded herself the right way targeting her audience...and still some people have got absolutely nothing nice say....

Anyway I hope this will be a trend for other actresses...By the way ACTORS of nollywood you guys need to brand yaselfs properly coz the ladies are BRINGING IT!!!

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