Tuesday, June 7, 2011

In The Cupboard (An Upcoming RAA and Denziot Production starring Ini, Uti and Alexx)

I dont know yet - waiting on more info, but from the lil i see its like One Big Family with many secrets about to unveil - I am very excited bout this movie cos the trailer shows some award winning performances. I think Alexx is going to surprise us like we've never seen, as well as Uti.


-Ini Edo
-Lydia Forson

-Uti Nwachukwu

-Alexx Ekubo

-Biola Segun Williams

-Morris Sesay

etc etc

Directed and Produced By:
Desmond Elliot and Royal Arts Academy

(Dzzaammnn Dessy, though you not new anymore, you most likely will be standing strong in my 2011 end of year nominations for best producer cos you not resting at all, its like back to back to back- you doing big brother and we proud of you - let us know and any free promos and marketing we can do for you here - you know how we do - rave about it until everybody and their grandmama hears about it lol).

So, Ladies You Ready for this combo Uti and his real life best buddy Alex Ekubo together in one movie. Hmmm i bet you are - so see the reason why you should never waste your movie on junk movies, cos slowly but surely the better ones are coming.

Uti and Alex please I am still waiting on you guys to complete this session. Ya fans are waiting.

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