Monday, May 21, 2012

I HATE the names GhanaWOOD,GhallyWOOD and all the damn WOODS

May 22 2012
I decided to bump this up cos i just heard Ghanaian actress Ama K Abeberese (like myself, actress Anima Sintim Misa etc and many others), also hate the name Ghallywood as much as i despise it too (and KUMAWOOD). -I hear Ama has suggested "ANANSE" which is a historical Ghanaian name which was a story about a spider. So in retrospect it resonate with story telling. I think this name is PERFECT - Ama this is great. I love it. Ananse sound excellent. If any one has any more suggestions please lets pour it in. I suggested "Garden City Movies" for the Akan movie industry just like Tanzania have Bongo City, but at least with Akan movie industry - garden city is the actual nickname for our beloved Kumasi where these movies are mostly shot - so its a perfect befitting name and much nicer than KUMAWOOD.
Ghana Movie industry actors and actresses who agree with this name changing - you have a stronger voice so please advocate for this and help drop this disgusting name. Its extremely embarrassing. You can also read my article i wrote on KUMAWOOD here .
Edin nu yer mi eshi bia!Everytime i hear the Ghallywood &Kumawood name, I get so irritated.
Oct 27 2011
i first posted this thread in June of 2011 but just felt the need to bump it up again especially after learning that the local language speaking movie industry in Ghana now branded themselves KUMAWOOD. I was so utterly petrified when i heard of this name. Am like Why, Why Kumawood? C'mon mehn, are you serious? You cannot think out the box just a lil bit? Abrofu nu koraa ber siri yen. Adzen!
Bollywood started this ish, and it hanged, then nigeria followed suit and called themselves Nollywood and we let that hanged too, cos at least it rhymes, but cmon, we as a people have to draw the line somewhere - this has to STOP immediately. I mean can we as africans be ever creative in anything at all. Do we always have to copy the west in everything. Why do the industrys have to use the word "WOOD" at the end of every industry name (Ghallywood=Ghana, Sollywood= SierraLeone, Camiwood=Cameroon, Kanywood=Kenya etc). You mean to tell me you sat down and came up with this FOOLISH name? Well done! utterly embarassing

By Miss Tilii - 6/17/2011

Whenever i hear that name i cringe. It was funny at first but its not anymore. You are not gonna put that name in your luggage and fly to say some International Sundance Festival someday and brag about it (LOL) that is if & when we get there LOL. C'mon now, r u serious?
Clearly any sane person would know the used name for Ghana movie industry calling it GHALLYWOOD or GOLLYWOOD is silly. I dont know who came up with it, but I plus a few others who agree with me will do our darnest to make sure it doesnt stick (that illiterate who came up with that name can take it back to the village square and dance to it LOL)
I suggest a simple
-GMI (Ghana Movie Industry)
-Garden City Movie Industry (for Akan Movies)
i will suggest a few more later
Just cos HollyWOOD, BollyWOOD and NollyWOOD have the name WOOD at the end doesnt mean everyone has to follow suit. There is nothing unique about the name Ghollywood or Ghanawood or whatever the call it.
It bothers me much that Sierra Leone, Kenya and Cameroon have followed suit calling theirs SollyWOOD, KaniWOOD, and CamiWOOD , I mean are you serious?- As an african i get so embarassed when i hear of such names- its like we cannot be creative at all in anything - can we be creative for once in something- I mean do they even know the history behind how the name HOLLYWOOD and how it came about.
Please Lets just end it with the last WOOD "Nollywood" - at least that one rhymes and caught on well after 20 yrs, but Ghana's doesnt sound right and should not be made to stick please.
In the mean time if you have any suggestions please lets us know. Anybody can make a suggestion. We need help with this foolish name, so please help us LOL - we will present to the Ghana Movie Board Association with a presentation of why we think the name should change.


Adesuwa said...

GMI is a great suggestion. This highlights an even greater issue which is how we, Africans, are CONSTANTLY copying off of the west - particularly the U.S. The worst thing is that the worst and the dumbest things are being copied. I echo your question, "Can we be original?" Oh, I hate "Nollywood" too...

Anonymous said...

Abi my sister ooohh

In Swahili the word KUMA is uops..just Google it.

I am scared.

East African sister,

Anonymous said...

I love this post! I'm also disgusted that african movie industries all feel the need to have WOOD in the name goodness. No originality among any of them!!!

Anonymous said...

I think this is sad and it tell, how much we wait for the west to do something before we follow as sheeps.
Bollywood didnt do it for me but was accepted and there came copy cats Nollywood because thats how far the brain storming goes, and infact it was'nt a brainstorming idea but a copy and paste. 4 good names comes in mind for the entire african movies industry.....will not reveal this due to cut and paste folks lurking on the net.

Joshua Enameka
Nigeria Movies Portal
Film critique

anshul said...

Enjoyed reading post on your blog.!

Miss T-i-l-i-i (African Movie Reviewer) said...

Ohh thanks Ashul. You are ever so welcome. Please stop by again. I will try and make it more interesting in 2012.

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