Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Duck & Dive (LoL - Ms Tilii's Drive By List)

By Miss Tilii

(a lil humour for the humorous minded)

Title: Duck & Dive

As you will see on the left panel of this blog i have what you call a "DRIVE BY LIST" - a name i formed about 5 years ago, after 7 yrs of watching movies and being bamboozled daily with crap. After spending countless of money making bad purchases and having a storage full of boxes upon boxes of VHS and VCD and eventually DVD junk movies (pure waste of money), I NOW KNEW the faces and names of whom to stay away from in a heartbeat (actors, actress, producers, directors, scriptwriters, movie themes which have time and time again proven themselves to be not worth my money).

These are the people i have listed on the left side panel under "DRIVE BY LIST" - You dont have to agree with me - cos to each his own - my taste doesnt have to be your taste - but we can agree to disagree. These are my own personal choice of those whose movies I will not spend my money on. Not one dime, one kobo, one pesewa, one pence. Like i stated i may watch their movie somehow - eventually - BUT i will NOT buy it.

What goes on my movie Library Shelve is nothing but the selected best - I dont have space for junk. I am true minimalist and like my Feng Shui kinda surroundings as is LoL. When i watch a movie I want to be able to watch it again and again and again. Or when i have a non african friend over whom i want to introduce to watching african movies, I dont have to keep on answering her questions cos there is no sync to the movie and she doesnt understand the storyline -even though its in English. I prefer movies where i can follow the story line by watching their emotions and not by the screams and shouts they make, I dont want to be able to predict the movie, etc etc.

So Lately when I see them on a cover of a movie I dont just drive by fast, I DUCK & DIVE behind the shelves of the store, cos sometimes I feel like their faces on the boxes are watching me walk/drive by so I gotta do what i gotta do. I just Duck & Dive, Duck & Dive until i leave the store quick and when i get into my car I give a big sigh and wipe the sweat off my forehead and just drive off into the sunset. LOL - I will not be tortured with horrible movies.

So thats my new nick name for the lacklusters - I now call them "DUCK & DIVE" and at my end of year nominations I will create a category for them and they will win awards LOL. If you are on the duck and dive list, there is still hope , you can come off the list if you prove yourself. I am not biased and having a cute face just will not cut it for me. You gotta come correct than that. Beyonce is one of the worlds most excellent singer/performer yet cant act that good - and thats ok too -we still love her dearly and she will still remain gorgeous and the best entertainer in the the world. Seek what your true talent is, I know mine is not acting LOL.

Do Better and You will be Praised. I just simply Tell it like it is - whats a girl got to do? - am just saying - It is what It Is.

Though I mean it, this is still just a lil humour for the humorous minded - It is NOT that serious. wink wink.

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