Thursday, June 9, 2011

CASTING CALL (June 11th 2011)

We got 1 more day to the casting call so i had to bump this post up.

There is a casting call for the upcoming movie I told yall about, which i will be casting for (CLICK HERE).

I dont own the movie, I have just been asked to help out with casting. Yall know how extremely picky i am and never care for african movies made in usa with collaboration with non talent actors and actresses. Trust me I read the script all 200 pgs in detail - and it is phenomenal (or else i wont be part of it).

Some of the confirmed and chosen lead cast is some of the best you can think of. I cant give much out on the storyline cos i signed the dotted line, but our main target we looking for this saturday is 25-35 year old male/female of african descent with eloquent & articulate polished natural born english accents (no pretense) and are good with showcasing emotions or bringing a character to life. If you have some headshots bring it along with you. Once you are chosen - you will know more details of the storyline.

I just wish this casting was back home in Africa (Ghana, Nigeria etc) because then I know exactly the various actors/tresses whom I had in mind and would have confidently & personally hand picked to play these excellent roles/characters, but after much talk with the movie owners and research, flying folks over here and going thru the whole hooplas of paper works, and getting them temporary work visas and what not, is not worth the headache, considering the strict time line for this shoot, so we will just work with the "just as good" unhidden african talents we have here. One or two of the lead cast who are well known back home, already got themselves sorted and flying over to shoot this. I want my next casting to be back home.

Though the movie owners plan on auditioning in other states in the next few months, for now they have chosen to start in GA. Whenever they let me know what other areas they plan on auditioning I will post that info here. I am only involved withthe GA casting.

If you live in Georgia, There is a casting call this upcoming saturday at

2780 Five Forks Trickum Road
Lawrenceville, GA 30044-5865

(Gwinnett county)
11AM - 5PM EST

Ps: To my african aspires, lil hint -please No slangings of bri-merican accents - everybody knows that is my biggest pet peeve- just be yourself speak in your normal eloquent african english accent and relax and give the best emotions you can give at the spare of the moment when puttin on the spot - I know exactly what i am looking .Please come prepared

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william Orleans said...

i live in Baltimore. Will you have auditions up here?

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