Friday, June 10, 2011

Adams Apple Comes to London (Go Grab Ya Tickets)

As you will remember HERE - I promo'd Shirley Frimpong Manso's Adam's Apple. The movie has been split into chapters (ie series) and thus far a few chapters have already been released and showcased in Ghana. Now they are ready to start premiering it in UK and here is a short promo from JD and Jocelyn (Hi Guys! we here in the US also wait patiently, Ken Chaley enti won ma mi update? pls give me some update - am waiting on pins and needles).

Here are a few snippets from the first few chapters

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William Aggrey Orleans said...

Ms Tili I have a bone to pick with you!!!!...You reviewed the movie Ladies Men on your page and gave it 7/10..i said to myself " if Ms Tili likes it maybe I will too" simply because i believe we sort of have the same discerning taste in African movies. So i rush to my local retailer bought it and boy was i disappointed. I was so disappointed i tried to return it but the retailer refused to take it back.
First of all let me say i cant stand slow paced movies . Every other scene the characters are sitting down in a living room having a discussion. Its like watching one these Adult Education programmes on GTV. The story was badly written and the dialogue was inane. I couldnt empathise with the most pathetic character. Over and over and over scene after scene after scene the story failed to grab my attention or hold my attention for more than 5 minutes.The story simply wasnt plausible. It isnt that hard in this day and age to walk away from an abusive relationship.The woman will have to be mentally weak to hang on to a man who abuses her mentally or physically.The characters were simply too fabricated...too cartoonish.To actually sit through the entire movie is to hope for a happy ending or a resolution that makes watching this movie worthwhile. Unfortunately that did not happen. The ending was as dull as the movie.Needless to say i wont be watching Ladies Men ever again. I give it 2/10..the 2 being the effort it took to assemble the actors and get the technical crew..etc..etc..Cheers

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