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COUNT ON ME (Independent Film Starring Kalu Ikeagwu and Others)

"Count on Me" Independent Film Lagos and Philadelphia USA. Produced by Uzoma Dike. Starring Kalu Ikeagwu, Empress Njamah and a host of new faces. Will update you all more on storyline and what not as i get more info.

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THE ART OF METHOD ACTING (Topic For Only Serious Minded Actors)

By Miss TiLii
I have mentioned here on this blog many times my love for method acting and I thought i elaborate on that a lil more today - and after you read it tell me whom you think in Nollywood or Ghana movie industry or anywhere else in Africa you would describe as the best method actor or actress. This article may not be of interest to many - this is only for the serious minded who aim to take their profession to higher heights - who truly respect the art of acting.
Many have asked me - with this much passion that i have for movies, have i ever wanted to be an actresss - the answer as i have said time and time again is "NO" - i never have had the desire to be an actress, but I have always as long as i can remember (since my first movie at age 10: Sound of Music) wanted to be a casting agent. At a later stage I am thinking of writing a script and whatever Gods may be afterwards, he will lead and I follow - HE is the master of my fate.

You dont have to read but one page of this blog to detect how extremely PASSIONATE i am for the ART OF ACTING and MOVIES as a whole. I respect it - I love it- I live it - and there is no descrimination - I watch it all - if they are good - regardless of language barriers - i will watch it. I love it when an actor has incredible intellect and emotional depth to bring to the character to the screen with great acting and when they love the art of acting like I do (and not evidently doing it for the money/fame like most in our african movie industry do) - i instantly fall in love with them. You can always tell how much a person respects and love the true art of acting by the choices of scripts they accept to do and whom they choose to work with.
Before i move on to my topic on Method Acting - I advice my serious minded Actors - who have a goal to succeed in the international world as a well respected acclaimed actor to read the book (INTENT TO LIVE: ACHIEVING YOUR TRUE POTENTIAL AS AN ACTOR) by Larry Moss - which you can get from Amazon
Watch Larrys's interview and be extremely attentive to everything he is saying here in this 55mins clip, (not far from what i have said many times here before (ie let your family or friend watch your movie on mute for the whole movie and ask them if they were able to tell the story line - if they do not - then you have to rethink this whole acting thing and take some further lessons - You act with your actions and become the character - you dont act with just your screams/shouts/cries and this is the whole meaning of Method Acting - you become the character so much so -I cant differentiate between you and the fictional person - you become one - in that moment)

(HEAR YE ! HEAR YE! -Ghana, Nollywood and all other lackluster african directors - did you hear that - if you didnt just rewind it and hear it again)

(take away)
Even though i am no actor i took a lot from this video but the most that sticks out which i will advice all serious actors to take away from is Watch Daniel Day Lewis (movies: Last of the Mohicans, Room with a View) and Meryl Streep (movies: Sophies Choice, Bridges of Madison County) WITHOUT SOUND, to try and see what they are doing with their body language. You hear them and you feel them even without sound. 
(My favourite actor of all time, hands down)
If you dont know Daniel Day Lewis - Several times Oscar Winner and the ultimate Method Actor - Ladies and Gentlemen I introduce to you "Daniel Day Lewis" Like all the many names listed below - find any movie he is in and study it like science to master the art of acting - this clip here is from "Gangs of New York" also starring another method actor and my all time favourite "Leonardo Di Caprio" 

Method acting is a phrase that loosely refers to a family of techniques used by actors to create in themselves the thoughts and emotions of their characters, so as to develop lifelike performances. It can be contrasted with more classical forms of acting, in which actors simulate the thoughts and emotions of their characters through external means, such as vocal intonation or facial expression. When an actor pours their whole being into their work and comes out shining and willing to lose themself and become who the character

Best Method Actors (By: Shawn Lealos )
Method actors became popular when students trained by pioneers Lee Strasberg and Stella Adler came to prominence in the fifties. The training pushed actors to become the characters, using their own personal experiences to find the emotional core they portray. These teachers trained students who went on to win Oscars as the best actors of their generation.

Leonardo Di Caprio:

Meryl Streep:

Anthony Hopkins:

Daniel Day-Lewis. Daniel Day-Lewis is a two-time Oscar winner, while receiving four nominations for his work. His method acting appears in films such as “My Left Foot,” where Lewis refused to leave his character’s wheelchair, spoke in the broken dialect of an individual afflicted with cerebral palsy and even had crew members feed him. The hard work won the method actor his first Oscar. Daniel method acting could be considered a bit extreme and here is why (movie titles in red):
***The Boxer: Trained for 18 months with former world champion Barry Mcguigan who later said that Day Lewis could have easily been a professional afterward. 
***The Crucible: Etched actual tattoos onto his own body. 
*** Gangs of New York: In preparation for his role as Bill the Butcher, Daniel Day Lewis actually took up an apprenticeship as a butcher; he would sharpen his knives during breaks in filming. He was also diagnosed with pneumonia on set, after continuously refusing to wear warmer modern coats as they 'wouldn't have existed in the 19th century'. 
***My Left Foot: During filming as paralytic Christie Brown, Lewis refused to leave his wheelchair between scenes, so he could truly experience the problems associated with the condition. His constant refusal to break from character also earned him 2 broken ribs, from his continually hunched position in the wheelchair. He somehow sat still so hard that he broke his own ribs, and still didn't move. 
**** Last of the Mohicans: Lived in the wild for 6 months, surviving only on necessities. No word if he ate a mountain lion whole and took a grizzly bear as his "Woods Wife," so we are forced to assume he did. 
**** In the Name of the Father: For the part of a prisoner, Lewis lived in solitary confinement at an abandoned prison. The only reason he was not dragged away by the furious ghosts of long dead prisoners was the vast weight of his balls rooting him to the spot.
Marlon Brando. Marlon Brando remains the poster child for method acting. The actor received eight Oscar nominations from 1952 to 1990, winning two for “The Godfather” and “On the Waterfront.” An example of the method actor’s training includes spending a full month confined to a veteran’s hospital in preparation for his debut film “The Men.”3.Robert De Niro. Robert De Niro won his second Oscar for his portrayal of boxing champion Jake LaMotta. For the role, which spanned 23-years, De Niro worked out to achieve a lean, muscular body and then gained over 50 pounds for the film’s climax as a washed-up has-been. De Niro won his first Oscar for “The Godfather: Part II” and earned four other nominations.
Robert DiNiro.Robert De Niro - With nigh-countless Oscar winning performances in films such as The Godfather and Raging Bull, De Niro is arguably one of the greatest actors of our time. He's also extremely dedicated to method acting. Why, he's been playing the role of "over the hill one note comedic flop" for nearly a decade now! While preparing for his role as Max Cady in Cape Fear, De Niro decided that he wanted his character's appearance to reflect the fact that he had spent a long time in prison. In order to do this, he paid a dentist roughly $20,000 to fuck up his teeth. It's a shame he wasted the money, if only he'd waited 14 years he could've gotten an audience member coming out of Meet the Fockers to do it for free.
Al Pacino. Al Pacino is a co-president of the Actors Studio, the school he studied in under the method acting philosophies of Strasberg and Adler. Pacino earned seven Oscar nominations before finally winning his first in 1993’s “Scent of a Woman.”
Jack Nicholson. Jack Nicholson said in an interview with "Esquire" that he utilizes method acting more than almost any actor in Hollywood. He received twelve Oscar nominations in his career, the most of any male actor as of 2010, and won for “As Good as it Gets,” “Terms of Endearment” and “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.”
Ed Norton. Edward Norton is another actor who studies the Strasberg method techniques. He earned an Oscar nomination for his first role in a film. When he portrayed the split personalities of a man accused of murdering a priest, it was a tour-de-force.

Christian Bale. Christian Bale followed the footsteps of Robert De Niro over the years in his approach as a method actor. In 2004, Bale dropped to 120 pounds for the film “The Machinist” before working out and gaining almost 100 pounds six months later for his role as Batman in Christopher Nolan’s 2005 film “Batman Begins.”

Forest Whitaker. While not the first name mentioned when talking about method actors, Forest Whitaker finally won his first Oscar for his portrayal of Idi Amin in “The Last King of Scotland.” For his role in “Ghost Dog,” Whitaker studied eastern philosophy and mediated continuously throughout the film shoot.

Adrian Brody. Adrian Brody won an Oscar for his starring performance in the 2002 Roman Polanski film “The Pianist.” To prepare for his role as a man who lived in a war-torn Warsaw, Brody gave up his car and apartment because he felt he owed it to the Polish Jews he represented in the movie.

Heath Ledger. Heath Ledger’s method acting work affected his health while filming “The Dark Knight.” In an interview with the New York Times, he said he felt exhausted and refused to let his mind stop. He filled notebooks with strange, off-the-wall writings as he buried himself in the persona of The Joker. His hard work paid off; he posthumously won an Oscar for the performance

A little clip with some of the best Hollywood Acting -talking about the challenges of Acting (Deniro, Matt Damon and Angelina Jolie) -

In conclusion i recommend all serious minded actors to invest just $13.00 and buy this book and read it 10 times over. You will thank me later

The Intent To Live
By Larry Moss

Sanford Meisner on Acting
By Sanford Meisner


In West African Movie Industry (Ghana and Nigeria) - in my opinion - the best method actors we have are just Majid Michel and Genevieve Nnaji - Majid and Genny are my best method actors in Ghana and Nollywood - just love them to bits. When they act - they become the character, the character doesn't become them (if you know what i mean)
I considered Method Acting greatest acting than any other - as i describe here too. The British trained actors are masters at this as evident with my list above.
I saw this of Majid when i first saw him in Nov 2007 watching Crime to Christ acting as Al Pacino and of Genevieve I saw this of her in numerous of her characters but it hit me the most in a scene between her and Tony Umez in the movie "My First Love", when Tony was trying to seduce her in his house. Thats when it hit me bam! that this chick is a serious Method Actress.
I hold Majid and Genny in high esteem when it comes to acting in africa - many don't like that - but it is what it is. I just tell it like it is. Thats why i started this blog - cos in other blogs my voice was suppressed, here i can speak my mind

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Somewhere in Africa (Upcoming Movie Premiere Dates)

Following my Promo for upcoming movie SOMEWHERE IN AFRICA - click ont he below website link and will see the dates/months for premieres in various cities , starting in Accra Ghana on July 30th 2011. Here is the Website

Click Here to Read my previous Post about the movie

Hmmm like i said Frank Rajah, i just hope that, not an ounce of the scene was picked up from SARAFINA. For once show us you can be creative in your movie production and script writing. Just this once. Being creative should not be that much of a challenge Mr Raj. LOL

Adams Apple Comes to London (Go Grab Ya Tickets)

As you will remember HERE - I promo'd Shirley Frimpong Manso's Adam's Apple. The movie has been split into chapters (ie series) and thus far a few chapters have already been released and showcased in Ghana. Now they are ready to start premiering it in UK and here is a short promo from JD and Jocelyn (Hi Guys! we here in the US also wait patiently, Ken Chaley enti won ma mi update? pls give me some update - am waiting on pins and needles).

Here are a few snippets from the first few chapters

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Who Is Your Favourite On Screen Couple of All Time

Gosh I love being black & African - cos Black surely dont crack for us. Taraji Looks Gorgeous
"She Kilt It" (in urban slang we dont say 'killed' anymore, we say "KILT" LOL)

I mean at 41 yrs old and a mom of a teenage son, Taraji is "Still killin em!"

(matter of fact i have plans of making a post very soon dedicated to black female entertainers across the world who are above 40 and still look hella good for their age. You will be amazed those in this category. Half of them look like 20yrs old. Ladies lets keep taking care of ourselves - married,single, baby or not. We r so blessed. I want to look this good at 40 someday)

Oh and the bruthas r looking Dubber Suave too.

(Jody ma Jody - LOL)

This is July 2011 Ebony Magazine Cover with Baby Boy Co-stars Taraji P. Henson and Tyrese (Jody ma Jody ! LOL)are featured on two separate covers for the issue featuring the first ever 50 Finest list. The issue, which hits news stands June 15th, also features the cast of Boys N The Hood.

The former co-stars are still great friends to this day. So EBONY put both of actors in white hot looks for the double cover July 2011 issue. Tyrese is starring in the upcoming movie Transformers: Dark of the Moon, out July 4th weekend. And his book How To Get Out Of Your Own Way is killing the charts. And Taraji is in the upcoming Larry Crowne movie and also was just announced for the cast of the new Think Like A man movie, based off Steve Harvey‘s book

Baby Boy is one of my favourite movies of all time - and asa first time actor and actress on a big screen I think Taraji and Tyrese did an excellent job at it. Phenomenal performance which open so many doors for the both of them. Producer/Director John Singleton like Tyler Perry always has a good eye for casting talents who go on to new heights (Taraji,Tyrese, Nia Long, Cuba Gooding, Morris CHestnut - i mean the list goes on and on ). I truly respect John as a movie maker (though not necessarily gravitated to hood gangbanging scripts - he is a good producer/direector none the less). I am remembering many scenes from Baby Boy and it is making me laugh (and of course Pandora played by beautiful Tawny Dahl -u got to pronounce the hood way "Pandzorra! as Yvette will say LOL)).

Anyway so my question to your all is in our African movies or in Hollywood - who has been your most favourite onscreen couple of all time.

Mine is as follows

-Genevieve Nnaji and Ramsey Nouah

-Genevieve Nnaji and RMD

-Genevieve Nnaji and Muna Obiekwe (old muna not the new lol)

-Genevieve Nnaji and Majid Michel

-RMD and Stella Aboderin

-Rita Dominic and Jim Iyke

-Ini Edo and Mike Ezerounye

-Ramsey Nouah and Nse Ikpe Etim

-Sanaa Lathan and Omar Epps (Love and Basketball)

-Nia Long and Larenz Tate (Love Jones)

-Jada Pinkett and Allen Payne (Jasons Lyric)

-Gabrielle Union and Morris Chestnut (The Brothers)

-Gabrielle Union and Idris Elba (Daddys Lil Girls)

In future for African movies I want to see (as mentioned in this thread)

-Paul Sambo and Genevieve Nnaji

-Paul Sambo and Nse Ikpe Etim

-Paul Sambo and Omoni Oboli

-Majid and Yvonne Okoro

-Daniel K Daniel and Ini Edo

-Daniel K Daniel and Martha Ankomah

-Daniel K Daniel and Halima Abubakar (***)

-Bryan Okwara and Uru Eke

-Adjetey Anang and Martha Ankomah

-Chris Attoh and Yvonne Okoro

-Chris Attoh and Rita Dominic

-Chris Attoh and Mercy Johnson

-Chris Attoh and Genevieve Nnaji

-Nana Kwame Osei Sarpong and Martha Ankomah

-Nana Kwame Osei Sarpong and Yvonne Okoro

-Uti Nwachukwu and Yvonne Okoro

-Uti Nwachukwu and Mercy Johnson

-Jim Iyke and Martha Ankomah

-Jim Iyke and Nuella Njubigbo

-Yul Edochie and Nuella Njubigbo

-Kenneth Okoli and Nuella Njubigbo

-Kenneth Okoli and Rita Dominic

-Kenneth Okolie and Mercy Johnson

-Alexx Ekubo and Ini Edo

-Alexx Ebubo and Uru Eke
-John Dumelo and Rita Dominic

-I have always said I want to see an african remake of CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF (click link) where I'd love to see RAMSEY NOUAH (as Brick) play opposite GENEVIEVE NNAJI (as Maggie in this favourite classic old hollywood time movie (with rights and permission ofcourse).


Miss Tilii come out of ya fantasy island (LOL) - ok ok - a girl is aloud to dream out loud abi? LOL

And of course i am sure there are many more yet recognized beautiful talents who are yet to be found and could have great chemistry on screen too, I am just excited for our industry now and the new talent and faces coming up who are not just pretty faces but talented too. We love that.

Matter of fact no producer has come out with an excellent romantic movie (at least in my opinion) since Ego Boyo "Keeping Faith" - still waiting. Many have come close but "Keeping Faith" remain my favourite best. Ego needs to make that movie be reproduced into a better quality. I get emails asking me where to get it, and I dont know, cos i got mine many years ago (though the quality is not as good as todays DVD) , I am holding on to my copy. Many old classics needs to be reproduced on DVD for new audience to watch. The old scripts were better in the day.

CASTING CALL (June 11th 2011)

We got 1 more day to the casting call so i had to bump this post up.

There is a casting call for the upcoming movie I told yall about, which i will be casting for (CLICK HERE).

I dont own the movie, I have just been asked to help out with casting. Yall know how extremely picky i am and never care for african movies made in usa with collaboration with non talent actors and actresses. Trust me I read the script all 200 pgs in detail - and it is phenomenal (or else i wont be part of it).

Some of the confirmed and chosen lead cast is some of the best you can think of. I cant give much out on the storyline cos i signed the dotted line, but our main target we looking for this saturday is 25-35 year old male/female of african descent with eloquent & articulate polished natural born english accents (no pretense) and are good with showcasing emotions or bringing a character to life. If you have some headshots bring it along with you. Once you are chosen - you will know more details of the storyline.

I just wish this casting was back home in Africa (Ghana, Nigeria etc) because then I know exactly the various actors/tresses whom I had in mind and would have confidently & personally hand picked to play these excellent roles/characters, but after much talk with the movie owners and research, flying folks over here and going thru the whole hooplas of paper works, and getting them temporary work visas and what not, is not worth the headache, considering the strict time line for this shoot, so we will just work with the "just as good" unhidden african talents we have here. One or two of the lead cast who are well known back home, already got themselves sorted and flying over to shoot this. I want my next casting to be back home.

Though the movie owners plan on auditioning in other states in the next few months, for now they have chosen to start in GA. Whenever they let me know what other areas they plan on auditioning I will post that info here. I am only involved withthe GA casting.

If you live in Georgia, There is a casting call this upcoming saturday at

2780 Five Forks Trickum Road
Lawrenceville, GA 30044-5865

(Gwinnett county)
11AM - 5PM EST

Ps: To my african aspires, lil hint -please No slangings of bri-merican accents - everybody knows that is my biggest pet peeve- just be yourself speak in your normal eloquent african english accent and relax and give the best emotions you can give at the spare of the moment when puttin on the spot - I know exactly what i am looking .Please come prepared

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UNDER (Movie Review)

-Tontoh Dikeh as Elizabeth (aka Lady MiuMiu)
-Daniel K Daniel as Dave
-Artus Frank as Harry
-Ganvivina Tamakloe as Father
-Vivian Achor - as Mother

-Esther Okereke as Chrystal
-Vivian Amegashie - as

Nonso Emekaekwue

Dennis Abey Osaba


Accra, Ghana

Running Time: ?


Homosexuality, Down Low,

Storyline: (the storyline is straight from the box - not my writeup LOL)
At home Larry was workaholic; at work he was promiscuous. The family reputation is at stake when Lizzy's relationship with Harry was taken a different turn and Harry's Secret lover in the house. A terrifying possibility that everything he built his world upon is a lie. The only problem is, does he truly understand what he is getting into?

My Review:
The Movie was watchable and nice. This would not be the first homesexual based theme ever made in Nollywood or Ghana movies, but this unlike Men In Love (starring Muna Obiekwe and John Dumelo) - I enjoyed watching this - not necessarily the theme (cos i dont care for any gay nonsense) but just the acting and emotions protrayed by the lead acts were convincing enough.

The story is about a young man called Harry (not Larry as the dvd box states LOL) - played by Artus Frank, from a very well to do home, who returns from abroad and starts engaging in homesexual relations with their live in houshelp/servant (played by new come Daniel K Daniel) with promises made by Harry to Dave that if Dave comports to fulfilling his sexual desires, in exchange, he (Harry) promises to sponsor Dave's education (which was Dave's ultimate aim and goal considering he was an orphaned young man with no money or hope to return to school whilst working as a help in these rich folks house).

Meanwhile Harry had a fiancee (Elizabeth played by Tontoh Dikeh) who eventually becomes his wife. So this is why this movie was called UNDER which is similar to the real life immoral trend rampant in the diasporan west - where married men (or men with girl friends) secretly have sexual relations on the DOWN LOW with other men - yet don not consider themselves gay- the nickname of these acts is called "DOWN LOW" and so it was very befitting the owners of this movie titled it UNDER because basically everything is done undercover. They dont kiss and tell.

If you are regular to this blog you will know they one thing i dont do is give movies away by telling the whole story line - but none the less this movie was simply "nice".

Tontoh Dikeh

Played her role ok, but as always i have said before - predictable as always - I mean what else is ever new with Ms Dikeh. When Tontoh is angry or emphasizing some strong point - by now I got that down pact and always predict exactly the way she is going to act - and lo and behold she never fails. The hard forceful talk with veins popping down her neck to emphasize he strong point LoL (personally i think its annoying) - the by force talking its getting real tired Tontoh - get it together. Like I said she played her role well, she knows how to play a bitch role to the T (like Genevieve in her hay days) and in this role she was to Dave (the househelp) and everyone else i the house. I have gotten to a point when i see Tontoh in a role I just say in a rolly eye way "Oh here we go again" - all her acts are predictable to me.

The one scene I did not understand and its no fault of the actors - was when she met her former secondary school friend (???? played by Vivian Amegashie) that part was very fakely played by both Tontoh and Ms Amegashie- and then on top of that how does your friend (Amegashie) tell you she works for your husband (Harry played by Artus Frank) yet Tontoh goes ahead and introduces to her husband again "Oh honey this is my friend from Secondary School Days her name is ......." am like Oh cmon Tontoh Dikeh, the girl just told you that is her boss and why are you reintroducing her again like they have never met-Doh!!!. In such instances in the movie the 100% full blame is on the director and not the actors. If an actor makes a mistake you catch you scream CUT and correct them before you move on. Sheish!!

Another scene that was extremely annoying was when this same actress played by this same lackluster actress Vivian Amegashie was kinda flirting with her boss Harry (Artus Frank) in his office -with her tight skirt and booty all pirked in the face of her boss and flipping thru some binder or album of some sort. I'm like Aaarrhhhggh that scene was so annoying to me, I was like "What exactly is this girl doing - is that the new millenium style of flirting or what" - that scene was fake to highest degree. Like I said this lady Vivian Amegashie is going straight to my "Duck and Dive Drive By List" - she has no screen presence whatsoever - and i cant say she has potential - at least not in my eyes. Bye!!! LOL

Artus Frank - well I am not a big Artus Frank fan - he is simply good but no where near great. He is good when it comes to showcasing strong emotions - but sometimes over acts the part and he does this evil look with his eye - which sometimes the part doesnt even call for it. Its becoming outdated now Artus try something new. He has the greatest smile and i wish he'd use it more when the scene calls for it, cos every dvd box where he is on the cover its that same Jack Nicholson in the movie "Shining" evil look. He does play dark evil & wicked roles very convincing but at the same time Mr Frank you want to make sure you are not pidgeon holed to some acts. Though Liberian and lives in Ghana, I sometimes find it very hard to understand him when he speaks. I sometimes have to rewind to really understand what saids, but its becoming better though.

Harry (Artus Frank) chemistry between Dave (Daniel K Daniel) was very good - a lil too good actually -Foreinstance after years of not seeing each other , since Dave had been thrown out of the house /role as a househelp - they finally found each other again - spend the night in a hotel and Dave telling Harry "I dont want to return to cold lonely years without you". Am like chei -chim chim chim chiomooo hmm - thank God this is just fiction ooh, hia!. I got uncomfortable sometimes watching their chemistry because they both made it so real like a Man & Woman but then you are looking two men - and that goes to show they did a good job because lets just get this straight neither Artus or Daniel is gay (so please dont be making any unnecessary comments - they are both actors who simply played their roles - neither of them are gay - so lets just get that point straight) - when two people play a role and you cannot separate the real person from the actual role - then kudos to them because they achieved their aim. None of the scenes were as ewww as John Dumelo and Muna Obiekwe in the movie "Men In Love" - they simply insinuated whatever it is they were suppose to be, in all the scenes but you dont physically see any kissing, or slapping on the ass as you saw in "Men In Love". They made the character believable and this brings me to finally review Daniel K Daniel.

Daniel K Daniel

Daniel K Daniel who played the character Dave - is a new actor on the scene (well not new anymore cos he is been acting for two years now and my first movie or notice of him was in Ladies Men/Love and Sacrifice) -His role had a lot of emotions in it, considering he had never been experienced to such acts of homosexuality before and here he was being manipulated by the hands that fed him (his boss' son Harry). Mr Daniel as an actor not only just have strong screen presence, he's very articulate, speaks well and knows how to bring the character to life most of the time.

His role as Dave was timid and very vulnerable and that is how and why his boss and his family were able to maltreat him so much, and this eventually led to Harry seeing his vulnerability and sexually abusing him (Yes i call it sexual abuse because initially he was against it but got manipulated to it)

There were scenes where he had to communicate his hurt to Harry (Artus Frank) of how this whole ordeal was making him feel inside - and I must say he nailed it - he played it so well, because you could feel his pain and his emotion come thru your screen - you could feel his sadness/loneliness/lost - kinda like you are poor and been pushed in the corner back agasint a wall, and dont know waht to do- His delivery was on point and even when he eventually got angry at Liz (Played by Tontoh Dikeh) you could really feel his frustruation and anger.

His only scene i did not think his acting was that convinving (at least in my honest opinion) was when he got frustruated and got drunk and Harry confronted him in the house he'd rented/bought him - that drunk scene was not convincing at all - kinda reminded me of VV drank or crying. lol! (I rewatched that scene 2 times cos i wanted to be sure I saw what i saw - and honesty - it just didnt do it for me) LOL - I mean that whole scene was maybe 3-4 mins long and its starts off with Dave depressed and supposedly drunk out of frustruation, but by the 4th minute of this scene, when Harry (Artus) got injured by getting his hand caught in a door and Dave is comforting him (Its like the drunkeness had just vanished-Fiam! lol). The comforting part though, quite well done.

With time this gentleman will grow to be a household name in African Movies - he is definately a force to be reckoned with- so pay close attention. Way before they became househould names, I predicted this with Mercy Johnson after "The Maid, Majid Michel after "Crime To Christ" as i have lately also with the likes Yvonne Okoro as well as Martha Ankomah and true enough my predictions are mostly right - it doesnst take too long to from outright to see who has potential to be great or not. Its that s first impression where the camera and audience loves you). He is definately a looker with great potential in future pertaining he works with the best of the best directors to bring it out of him and help him grow. I am very picky as you all know and Daniel K Daniel like i stated here - amongst the several new faces - we definately need to keep an eye on. I just hope some of our BEST Producers are paying attention and will use the likes of him (I said BEST PRODUCERS!!!! - let me just reiterate - BEST PRODUCERS - cos we dont want our growing best to fall on the bandwagon like the rest and work with just any tom-dick-harry! saying yes to every damn script to make a quick buck). No ma'am that is not going to happen.

Lately i try not to put as much blame of the actors for the many flaws in movies as much as i do with the directors - this 2011 I am on the directors big time-I am definately watching them. If someone is a good actor with great potential, and you the director behind the camera watching with your eyes cannot feeellllll this person is acting drunk convincingly - then you cut - and redo the scene - correct him and bring the best out of him - but i guess REDO-ING scenes is not nollywood/ghana movie making vocabulary - there is no time to redo ish. They scream AKSHON!! lol - time is money - Gotta GO!! Gotta Go!-we got one month to do this movie, lets hurry up and do these scenes quick. Nonso Emekaekwue- bia, listen-we the audience are no fools ohh- we know when you rushed thru a movie to get it done (at least veteran movie watchers like myself) - by simply watching the movie, because the flaws overshadow everything else. There is a huge evident different between a movie that the makers took their time to make vs a movie that was rushed through. Its not hard to tell at all.

The lady who played ? (real name: Vivian Amegashie) - I am sorry to say, i will have to add her to my drive by list. This is the third time i seen her in a movie and honestly I will pass on her next time. Esther Okereke who played ? - this will be my first time seeing her in a movie and personally i think she is simply "ok" as an actress.

Vivian Achor and Gavivina Tamakloe characters i did not care for at all. First of all all that honey honey honey stuff is getting real tired. Their chemistry was just blah and really fake. Their costume i never understood because one minute they wearing normal clothing next minute they are wearing Igbo Royalty clothing and am thinking "wait a minute, are they suppose to be king and queen cos i dont ever remember hearing it being announced in the beginning, middle or end of the movie. Yes this movie was shot in Ghana by a Mr Nonso Emekaekwue and his crew, please just stay consistent. The costuming of the parents were very confusing to me. It was not synching with the movie and storyline. Yes i know your characters are rich and what not - but you dont have to be royalty to be rich - that was a strong epic fail for the movie and lost some major points.

In Summary to my review Daniel K Daniel, Tontoh Dikeh and Artus Frank held the movie up to make it good- but they can only do so much if the other supporting acts or extras are not as good and the director cannot live up to par neither with flaws that needed to be corrected to make it more real. This is why regardless of a movie being not so good i watch it, because i like to focus on the actual talents and not necessarily the poor direction of the movie. The script was good I liked it. The directing - not so much - the whole production of this movie coulda been better. And I asked my self at the end of the movie - so what is the moral of this story.

Is this based on some true life story or something?I just hope this gay theme movies doesnt become rampant in OUR industry. This is the third one thus far i have known of and i just hope it doesnt become a common theme for production. We are africans and our moral values frown on such behaviour and granted we live in this world today and cant deny slowly but surely this is creeping to Africa - its just not common yet (as far as i know) in Africa and we want to keep it that way. Let the West do their thang! If the producer is trying to tell us something that this is todays reality even in Africa - then i say TUFIAKWA - may it not be so. We will not loose our men (or women) to such immorality.

Some few actresses name (eg actress ?? Amegashie and the lady who played Daves girlfriend) name in the movie i dont recollect (dont blame me - their performance was not that memorable) but bear with me as i search for the role names and post it here. Please bear with me,


(Normally i dont review movie with this low rating, but for this movie by request i did)

Ties That Bind Trailer (A Leila Djansi Film)

Leilas interviewer in 2011 Cannes Film Festival

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

In The Cupboard (An Upcoming RAA and Denziot Production starring Ini, Uti and Alexx)

I dont know yet - waiting on more info, but from the lil i see its like One Big Family with many secrets about to unveil - I am very excited bout this movie cos the trailer shows some award winning performances. I think Alexx is going to surprise us like we've never seen, as well as Uti.


-Ini Edo
-Lydia Forson

-Uti Nwachukwu

-Alexx Ekubo

-Biola Segun Williams

-Morris Sesay

etc etc

Directed and Produced By:
Desmond Elliot and Royal Arts Academy

(Dzzaammnn Dessy, though you not new anymore, you most likely will be standing strong in my 2011 end of year nominations for best producer cos you not resting at all, its like back to back to back- you doing big brother and we proud of you - let us know and any free promos and marketing we can do for you here - you know how we do - rave about it until everybody and their grandmama hears about it lol).

So, Ladies You Ready for this combo Uti and his real life best buddy Alex Ekubo together in one movie. Hmmm i bet you are - so see the reason why you should never waste your movie on junk movies, cos slowly but surely the better ones are coming.

Uti and Alex please I am still waiting on you guys to complete this session. Ya fans are waiting.

Duck & Dive (LoL - Ms Tilii's Drive By List)

By Miss Tilii

(a lil humour for the humorous minded)

Title: Duck & Dive

As you will see on the left panel of this blog i have what you call a "DRIVE BY LIST" - a name i formed about 5 years ago, after 7 yrs of watching movies and being bamboozled daily with crap. After spending countless of money making bad purchases and having a storage full of boxes upon boxes of VHS and VCD and eventually DVD junk movies (pure waste of money), I NOW KNEW the faces and names of whom to stay away from in a heartbeat (actors, actress, producers, directors, scriptwriters, movie themes which have time and time again proven themselves to be not worth my money).

These are the people i have listed on the left side panel under "DRIVE BY LIST" - You dont have to agree with me - cos to each his own - my taste doesnt have to be your taste - but we can agree to disagree. These are my own personal choice of those whose movies I will not spend my money on. Not one dime, one kobo, one pesewa, one pence. Like i stated i may watch their movie somehow - eventually - BUT i will NOT buy it.

What goes on my movie Library Shelve is nothing but the selected best - I dont have space for junk. I am true minimalist and like my Feng Shui kinda surroundings as is LoL. When i watch a movie I want to be able to watch it again and again and again. Or when i have a non african friend over whom i want to introduce to watching african movies, I dont have to keep on answering her questions cos there is no sync to the movie and she doesnt understand the storyline -even though its in English. I prefer movies where i can follow the story line by watching their emotions and not by the screams and shouts they make, I dont want to be able to predict the movie, etc etc.

So Lately when I see them on a cover of a movie I dont just drive by fast, I DUCK & DIVE behind the shelves of the store, cos sometimes I feel like their faces on the boxes are watching me walk/drive by so I gotta do what i gotta do. I just Duck & Dive, Duck & Dive until i leave the store quick and when i get into my car I give a big sigh and wipe the sweat off my forehead and just drive off into the sunset. LOL - I will not be tortured with horrible movies.

So thats my new nick name for the lacklusters - I now call them "DUCK & DIVE" and at my end of year nominations I will create a category for them and they will win awards LOL. If you are on the duck and dive list, there is still hope , you can come off the list if you prove yourself. I am not biased and having a cute face just will not cut it for me. You gotta come correct than that. Beyonce is one of the worlds most excellent singer/performer yet cant act that good - and thats ok too -we still love her dearly and she will still remain gorgeous and the best entertainer in the the world. Seek what your true talent is, I know mine is not acting LOL.

Do Better and You will be Praised. I just simply Tell it like it is - whats a girl got to do? - am just saying - It is what It Is.

Though I mean it, this is still just a lil humour for the humorous minded - It is NOT that serious. wink wink.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Aspiring African Actors/tresses Seeking Hollywood

By Miss Tilii

(this thread is aimed at only the serious minded african actors/tresses seeking to get into HOLLYWOOD someday)

I wish everyone the best - all our african actors and actresses aspiring to get a foot in Hollywood someday - and winning oscars someday. But if you are really serious about your craft - start doing your homework and research now, so that you dont embarass yourself competing with the sea of people all waiting in line in hollywood.

I write this thread because of someone (i wont mention name or give a hint - she/he knows who they are if they are reading this - they are "good"/border line"ok" but not "great" ) who had a great opportunity given to her by my good friend to meet an top exec in Los Angeles - and she/he was so unprepared (but i dont blame them cos no PR taught them what to do and my friend mistakenly referred this person not knowing they were not prepared) - It just made my friend look so bad and they themselves looked worse. This coulda been this person big and easy break into a top show here in USA yet they were so unprepared with no portfolio and came in gleaming from ear to ear like "Doh I should be known". If you dont know something ask questions and you will be told. Very embarassing situation.

I am no hollywood person nor expert, but from the little I know/heard from a friend or two in the industry who know much more than i do , if you want to get into hollywood there is a to learn and I would want to share some of these facts with you;

-CHOOSE GOOD SCRIPTS AND WORK WITH GREAT DIRECTORS TO CHALLENGE YOUR TALENT TO GROW (and do not say yes to every damn script cos you want the money or you just want to be famous for the next 5 yrs) - with the first few pay checks you get - maybe, try another business venture on the side so that acting is not all you depend on - and there fore have no choice but to say "YES" to regardless of script - cos you gotta eat or feed your family. Open a barber shop or snack spot - or something just to get some extra income (and the extra money could come handy in your EPK - if you dont know what an EPK is i will tell you later). I always wonder how many of our actors or actresses have side business they can fall back on.


-INVEST IN AN EPK and or DEMO REEL - like any other job here in USA you got 5-10mins to sell yourself to let the person hiring know you are better than the million others. Nobody is going to hand you anything on a silver platter cos you think you are famous on the continent of africa. EPK stands for Electronic Press Kit, which obviously is in an electronic form because the person accessing has to be able to view it at a snap shot on their Laptop, BB or Iphone (no body in hollywood has time to waste - like this person am talking about wasted this execs time and embarassed themselves) - You got 5-10mins to prove yourself. In the EPK kit will include;
-Your Headshots - this is imperative that by now you create an impressive picture portfolio

-Your Website (godaddy only cost $12 a year to get a domain name for your website, and with $300-500 some student can create you a nice professional website and less thatn $5 to host the website - This is 2011 - social media like FB, Twitter is extremely important - make use of it). Publicity small scale or not is publicity and People like my self and a few other bloggers are here to help. If you have a PR contact lets list it here for you - you not paying a dime for free publicity and maybe someone interested in your might contact you from LA. I may not be a big time blogger, but I am only trying to help for free - but i wont beg you.

-Your Resume of Work (best movies made with names of directors/producers etc)

-Professional Business Card

-3-4 Monologues of your self in your best scenes, ready to go/viewed at all times

-Network when you go to film festival (a little agressiveness with the bid dawgs you encounter wont hurt,dont just socialise with people u know, but with industry people who may be of help- dont assume he/he knows you cos you are big in west africa). You got 5 mins at that brunch table as you are all in line to get some meal, 5mins to say something memorable or sell your self. If this is too much pressure, abeg dont venture hollywood to embarass yourself.

We are all humans and nobody is better than anybody, If president Obama could become president of USA, then anybody can do anything you put your mind to (If you want to win an oscar someday-pray, confess it, and believe and it will happen)- but if you refuse to put the time, money, effort and research into it like everybody else - then am afraid you got a tough road ahead of you. Dont make the sentence "I want to win an oscar someday" begin to sound cliche. Mean what you say and start to proove it. If you are comfortable where you are now (africa) - then so be it - stay there, but dont waste peoples time and when asked of your long term goals in interviews, dont dare say "Hollywood/Oscar" and then you get an opportunity and you come unprepared with no portfolio/demo reel to proof yourself. You embarass the person who referred you and you embarassed ya damn self.


You dont have to aim for Hollywood, Personally I dont even think one has to aim for hollywood if they dont want to (though it may be the epitome of "you have arrived"). We can have our own well respected Hollywood in Africa- providing great work of art to the world, breaking box office records globally, paying good salaries to our actors in our own continent of Africa - but the question is - are we on that route or still simply playing touch football even after 20 odd years. Where exactly is our industry going. Yes we improve our sound and picture quality somewhat, but whats next, What is our long term goal.

ps: and please lets leave that "bragging rights" of 2nd largest to Hollywood on the table. "2nd largest to what??? is my question. Lets not flatter ourselves that much and get ahead of ourselves but rather stick to reality. Unless our movies start making millions of dollar in revenue globally and our well deserve actors start earning milllions of dollars per movie - keep that "2nd largest....." talk under wraps for now. You and I know the real deal.

Business Suggestion: For those wanting to relocate home and undecisive of a business venture- here is one for you. I suggest opening a Celebrity Life Coaching/PR company specifically targeted at hollywood aspires, to help many of our african aspires out - cos seriously - the majority need help - the fan base is growing here in the diaspora but they dont know what to do with. They make small guest appearances in small cities like NYC, Houston, Atllanta and make chump changes like $5000 during their 2 weekstay and they think thats it. They could easily make 6 figures if they know what they are about and they are strong PR behind them. Dont assume its only africans watching your movies- Teach them International Interview techniques, red carpet techniques, how to pose/smile, networking techniques etc etc - everybody in hollywood invest in this so why not africans.

This whole Hollywood thing takes a LOT OF WORK than meets the eye. Its like going thru metamorphisis of some sort to make the camera love you and ppl to love u. Pippa Middleton has a PR background and knows how to work it - so dont be surprise she is a world wide phenom after her sister Kate's wedding (its not just because she is Kate sister - she has the IT factor) - Now people are willing to pay millions of dollars just for her to make appearances, PippaMania is on strong 2011 and she doesnt even act- she is a smart girl, and with the lil popularity rising for a many of our stars - if they could channel this - it will work well for them.

ps: And to the 419ers making failed promises to aspires - please stop making all these big promises to these aspires. At least if for nothing help them put together a demo reel to show some professionalism. Aspires becareful whom u trust.

Sheish! - we have such a long way to go but slowly but surely we will get there.

ps: Please also bear in mind that Los Angeles is not the only hub for movie production now, Georgia (ie Atlanta where i reside now) is fast becoming the Hollywood of the South, followed by other cities like New Orleans giving huge tax breaks to film makers just so they can rake some money to rebuild the city after the 2005 flood.

Due to the huge tax breaks a lot of hollywood movie houses are moving their production here to Georgia. Georgia’s movie business is on a roll.

26 feature films were shot here in the last two years. New facilities are under construction. Film and TV production tripled to $770 million in 2009, according to the Georgia Film, Music & Digital Entertainment Office. There are some great networking opportunities here - so just bear that in mind.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Mr and Mrs (Upcoming Movie with Nse Ikpe and Joseph Benjamin)

poster coming soon

Here is trailer to upcoming movie titled MR and MRS starring our beautiful actress Nse Ikpe Etim and hunk Joseph Benjamin

(chei did yall hear the kiss *click* i heard Joseph gave Nse at the start of the trailer. Infact this acting business has a lot of perks and benefits. Sometimes i feel i am in the wrong business.

Mr and Mrs was Produced by Chinwe Egwuagu and directed by Ikechuwku Onyeka and shot on the Canon 5D by DOP Tom Robson

Mr & Mrs is a story of couples whose marriages are threatened by age old economic and social divisions in our society. Actor Joseph Benjamin plays Kenneth who is ashamed of his wife’s (Nse Ikpe Etim) background and decides to keep her in the kitchen where he believes she belongs. Meanwhile, another couple Linda and Charles played by the duo of Thelma Ojiji and Paul Apel seemingly have a perfect marriage until Linda begins to take her husband for granted because she takes care of all the bills in the home.

I dont have a promo poster yet but bear with me and watch this space for updates.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

KISS AND TELL (Upcoming Movie from RAA)

After 2wks, the Poster finally came so decided to bump this post up

Yep lol! i am going to post on here, in the coming weeks/months, all the great work coming out from our favourite production houses - slowly but surely i will post all the info/trailers and whatnot - lol lol - I dont want to bombard you with all the excitement cos there a lot more great work to come in 2011 and like i mentioned in my below thread - So save your money from trash and wait for the great releases.

TITLE: Kiss and Tell
GENRE: Drama
PERIOD: Modern
STORY: Uduak Oguamanam, Darlene Benson
SCREENPLAY: Anthony Kehinde Joseph
STARRING: Desmond Elliot, Monalisa Chinda, Nse Ikpe-Etim Uche Jombo,Joseph Benjamin, Bhaira Mcwizu, Darlene Benson
DIRECTOR: Desmond Elliot
PRODUCER: Emem Isong
EXECUTIVE PRODS: Monalisa Chinda, Emem Isong

Iyke, the ultimate player, is best of friends with Bernard, except when it comes to Blue Quest, the firm they run together. When Delphine, a gorgeous divorcee who has sworn of men, walks into Iykes’s life, he makes a wager with his friend to sleep with her in ten days or sell his controlling shares in the company. What Iyke didn’t bargain for was falling for his Prey.

This is the Trailer of upcoming movie "Kiss and Tell" starring Monalisa Chinda, Joseph Benjamin, Uche Jumbo, Nse Ikpe Etim and Desmond Elliot - from Emem Isong Production House - ROYAL ARTS ACADEMY. I dont have much details yet nor have the whole story line yet but just watch the trailer and judge for yourself.

This movie premieres on big screen starting in Lagos, Nigeria on June 16 2011

Ini Edo New Photoshoot

Well by now yall have seen Ini's new nice photoshoots circulating around the internet. They are all nice but this is my favourite - I see this photo and I am thinking the lyrics to Nicki Minaj's song "**** on them" to her haters (and lawd knows Ini had plenty back in the day and now- for reasons best known to those haters themselves) - but when i see this photo and how she is changing her whole brand -i am just so happy for her;

She got engaged/married in a beautiful wedding, Produced a movie (Memories of My Heart) and another one to be released (I'll Take my chances), has become real active in her philanthropic work with kids, Lost Weight & toned up and looking hella fine this 2011 and ofcourse upped her game a notch with her dress sense of style, I mean I have no choice but to be happy for her. This year is Ini Edo's Year to shine I bet.

ps: Before anybody starts running their mouth about the topless shoot, please - mind ya own. In my opinion its a tasteful photoshoot - nothing tacky about it. Besides the whole point is - She has lost weight and toned up well and that is what we are most proud about.She looks beautiful. There are several other pics too and I will add them later. The rest are all nice photos of her, looking real toned up from head to toe. Her physically trainer did her justice (Phil is that you LOL at nite?).

.... And on that note Ini I dedicate this Nicki Minaj song lyrics to ya haters (cos you know they going to come back at you hard - cos they wanted to see triple folds on ya back and now they didnt so they say its photoshop" - Keep ya head up Ini" and dance to this Nicki song LOL - cos you ****** on em LOL LOL LOL ) - I was nice and put up the "clean version" for them.

(.......These little nappy headed ***s need a perminator,you my seed I spray you with germinator,Move back bugs matter fact you know the queen could use a back rub
If you could turn back time, Cher, You used the be here but now you gone Nairrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!) LOL LOL LOL

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Are 'Most" of Directors/Producers Challenging our Actors/Tresses Enough?

My personal opinion is "NO"

I will elaborate on this a bit more later.

Most of are great talents (Genevieve, Majid, Rita, Mercy, Ini etc etc) have hit a glass ceiling where they are not being challenged enough.

Mr Producer - Mr Director my eye is on you. You will not go scot free. This is 2011 - the mediocrity and bafoonery productions have to seize. Our growing actors and actresses need more challenge.

This topic will be discussed at length later.

When Love Dies (An Upcoming Tchidi Chikere Movie)

Watch out for this upcoming movie by Tchidi Chikere starring Rita, Mercy, Nuella and Artus. Will update you all as i get more info (and/or trailer) - We miss you T, and we look forward to this.

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