Thursday, May 19, 2011

Yaayyy!!! Its Miss Tilii's Birthdayyy Todayyy

Yayyyyyy!!!! - unlike many folks, who are afraid to age, I love it when i get older, cos for year after year my skin gets tighter and I still look younger and beautiful for my age - (dont ask a lady her age - thats rude lol lol ) - Whats my secret i drink a gallon of water a day (yep a whole gallon), cleanse twice a day and I laugh everyday at any given chance- i find something to laugh about.

I am greatful to God and dont take anything for granted - No matter the circumstance life brings me - I am always able to say "It is Well with my Soul". I can go for a whole year and not even get a headache let alone a cold - I am healthy and thankful. Like everybody else I may not have all i want in life yet, but the fact that I am alive I am strong happy and at peace (most of the time) is priceless..

Ok so I told my Dell Laptop - Yayyy!!! its my birthday today - and you know what he (my laptop) said to me "Ms Tilii Its Time To Upgrade" lol lol so today I am taking time off to go to the Atlanta Buckhead Apple Store to get my #1 laptop Desire an IMacBook - Lord I have been yearning for this laptop for ever - but it aint cheap and with such purchase you plan towards it and forgo some stuff to make it happen

Though a shoe addict - I have been good and havent bought a new shoe in over 6 months (unheard of) so i think I deserve my Mac today on my birthday. I wish i could afford an IPad at the same time - but I will be realistic and postpone that purchase for now (I am eyeing the Pink one and I will get it before I relocate home this Christmas 2011)- IPad its not in my budget right now but rest assured i WILL get it. Good bye to pc computer viruses - supposedly Macs NEVER get virus - its like an elite club. lol - I hope its true and I hope i dont spend more than two hours in that store, cos Apple stores always have people waiting to be served - the lines are too damn long. I know exactly what i want - I just want to get it and bounce.

So what am i doing today?? - Well I took the day off - I will sleep in late, and I am just going to relax, blog, twitt, do a lil acrylic painting on canvas, watch movies, Receive Calls and BBM my family & friends all over (London, Ghana, Nigeria) - oh and I am for sure going to BBM my new found friends - wink! wink! wink! - Deep down I truly wish I was back home in Accra.

This evening I am going to go out to dinner with 3 or 4 friends of mine (i have never tried Ethiopian or Moroccan so i wanna do either or). And I would love to go to a Reggae Club tonight - I havent been to a Reggae club since i Left London in years, I miss it, I just want to go sit down, chillax and listen to some Reggae - but honestly one of my girlfriends will do that research cos here in Atlanta - I dont have a clue where a Reggae club is - I am more of a home buddy than anything (or occasionally a lounge or jazz club)- I stop clubbing many of years ago - the scrubs, the smoke, the bad breath, the sweat and screaming spit into ones ear to speak audibily enough for one to hear and vice versa was getting too much and too immature. If you pass age 25 and you still clubbing - sorry but that aint much of a good look - get it together boo!!

On Saturday I am going out to get these sneakers below, called Shape Ups by Skechers cos i heard it tones butts down-and lawd knows i need mine toned down a notch (KimK if you are lieing about this commercial u did - and the supposed benefits these sneakers do to ones butt - you will see what i will do to you).

I know its all a marketing ploy - but what the heck - I'll go get it anyway (its only $80 odd dollars) - just to spoil me - cos its my birthday. I just hope I utilise it as planned - all the procrastination to working out is too much. I plan on walking 4 miles a day (I hope - lol) - Talk is cheap right ???? lol lol

What is my wish today??? - Lets just say I got some of them and I am sure there is more to come even if not today the many months remaining in the year. No I am not eating any cake (maybe I will take 1 cupcake instead) cos summer is around the corner and I want to get that booty down just in time for the summer to get into all those nice jeans (I love my flat abs but not my big butt), besides these oyibo cakes sold here in this country are too sugary for my liking (I miss home made cakes from back home with less sugar).

I dont know if i have any surprises in store for me - cos i do love surprises (who doesnt) - but we shall see sha. And whilst I am celebrating my joyous day I will have these favourite artist on rotation at home (Kem, Maxwell, Miguel, Sade,Toni Braxton, Psquare, Tuface and Nana Boroo)

Gosh i love this song - i got it on rotation in my car for the past month - It got that PRINCE feel to it. I love it.

Oh and I love me some Instrumentals and Jazz (including hiphop Jazz as follows).


(Thus far, I cant believe the contacts i got today with wishes - i just cant believe it - Amazingingly Wonderful! - tell me I am dreaming! - forget materialistic presents - I am very satisfied right now)


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday,hope you live to see many more.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday dear!cheers....

Bola said...

happy birthday, Miss Tilli! I wish you a hundred fold what you wish yourself. Congrats on the new Mac! Wow! Awesome! Blogsville should watch out! Miz Tilli with her Lamboghini of a PC on the loose! hope you had a great day!

bestting said...

Happy Bdaii Ms.TiLii my was wednesday

Anonymous said...

My fellow lady,

I am 43 and people say I look 34. My answer to them is "I’m not 43. I’m 18 with 25 years experience.”

Happy Birthday and remember:

Yes, muscles may ache and joints may hurt, and life may slow down a bit. But inwardly we can be “renewed day by day” (2 Cor. 4:16).

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday.. wishing you many more years of quality ahead...

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