Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Where Do You Buy Your African Movies (Shops Only)

Hello Ladies/ Gentlemen

Ms Tilii needs your help. Please could you all please tell me where you buy your movies - (where as in the local retail/african grocery stores ) you buy your movies from. I would like to list them here on this page .

Like i stated, i choose not to advertise any online sites, because i cannot be held responsible for online transactions especially when we are dealing with ones debit or credit card. I dont want wahala in getting emails saying "Ms Tilii told me to buy from this site, I paid for the item and never received it". I cannot and will not testify or vouch for any online site. I have never purchased one online before.

Give me the name of the Stores as well as their contacts if you can. It doesnt matter what country you live in, any info will be helpful. I plan on compiling a listing for all countries with retail stores where people can go buy their african movies. If you dont necessarily buy it from a shop but have a long dealer (like i do) who supplies you the movies, ask permission from them so i can list their name and contact.

I will list the stores for Atlanta GA by this weekend starting with Gwinnett county where i live, then to the Dekalb, Cobb and what nots,

If you are one who constantly watches movie for free online/bootleg - please pass go, and keep on walking - cos i dont advocate for such. "If" its a "great" movie the least you can do to help our industry is spend a few dollars and buy it. That is the least you can do.

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Anonymous said...

emem isong i'll take my chances movie trailer


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