Monday, May 9, 2011

Romantic Movies (What Was Your Favourite?)

I am a sucker for romance - hey dont blame me, I am a girly girl and thats what we girls like (and dont tell anybody I cried while watching Titanic - even the 3rd time). Dont blame me - blame all those years of Mills & Boons novels and Pacesetters Novels. When i started watching Nollywood movies 11 yrs ago it was always the pair up of Genny and Emeka Ike, Genny and Ramsey, Genny and RMD, RMD and Stella, but in 2011 thank God we dont have to recycle as much and slowly we are getting some new faces who happen to have such great potential.

#1 My favourite African Romantic Movie thus far is

-*Keeping Faith -Starring Genevieve, RMD, Bimbo Akintola, Joke Silver etc - Produced by Ego Boyo

-*Letters to a Stranger - Starring Genevieve, Yemi Blaq

#1 My Favourite Hollywood Romantic Movie thus far

-*Love and Basketball - Starring Sanaa Lathan, Omar Epps - produced by Gina Prince Bythewood

Its amazing when a movie is more than 10yrs old and still memorable - this goes to show the movie was excellently done - so to fly by night mediocre movie producers - take cure. This 2011 I am hoping one of our great african producers give us some nice romantic movie - a real solid one. Its long overdue. Who would i like to see team up - I got few choices and I will leave my Genny out of this list since ppl are biting my head of for my Genny this Genny that (hey it is what it is - dont hate - she got it and seriously no one does it better, and no am not bias!).

A nice movie with a great romantic theme is what i'd like to see this year. Ok so here is my list of onscreen couples I wish to see

-*Daniel K Daniel and Ini Edo
-*Daniel K Daniel and Uru Eke
-*Paul Sambo and Nse Ikpe Etim

-*Paul Sambo and Genny (ok so i lied, sue me, had to squeeze her here somewhere)

-*Yul Edochie and Yvonne Okoro

-*John Dumelo and Mercy Johnson
-*Jim Iyke and Martha Ankomah

-*Jim Iyke and Nuella Njubigbo

-*Yemi Blaq and Martha Ankomah

-*Yemi Blaq and Genny (yes again!)

-*Alex Ekubo and Chacha Eke

The above are just my wish list, what is yours?

Ps:(Message to the Crap "QUANTITY" Producers Coalition Members - please stay clear from my request ( you know who you are ; V.P, U.J.U, N.E.O) - so dont let me mention names - this is not for you. Please Lets leave this to the professionals like the Tchidis, Emems, Vivians, Shirleys, Izus and the likes. lol lol


Anonymous said...

Hello Ms list of onscreen couples that I would like to see are Ebube Nwagbo and Chigozie Atuanya, Ruth Kadiri and Gregory Artus Frank,Daniel K Daniel and Mercy Johnson and John Dumelo and Cameroonian actress Solange Yijika.

Miss T-i-l-i-i (African Movie Reviewer) said...

Bia? who is Gregory? is that Artus legal name lol

Who is Solange Yijika

I wish i can embed a Voting Poll into a thread, Does any blogger veteran know how and show me how.

Anonymous said...

Some onscreen couples I would like to see are Daniel K Daniel and Mercy Johnson, Ruth Kadiri and Gregory Artus Frank, John Dumelo and Cameroonian actress Solange Yijika.Also Ebube Nwagbo and Chigozie Atuanya.

NollywoodReinvented said...

Alright! This is getting very confusing. In Lady's men they said his name was Daniel R. Daniel and then in the other movie it suddenly became Daniel K. Daniel. Which one is it and are you sure?

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