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If your home is too hot - you may wanna put the air-condition or fan on before you proceed this thread - Lol - Thank You Ladies - as promised - here goes - Enjoy.! now i can rest small from the email bombardments and request for these guys photos - this is what i could come up with.

By popular demand after THIS THREAD i have been asked by readers to post a new thread with photos and lil bio of each and everyone of our new rising hunks from our movie industry - So here goes.


Education: coming soon
Hobbies: coming soon
Favorite Food: coming soon
Favorite Actor: coming soon
Role Model: coming soon
Past/Upcoming Movie: "Ladies Men", "Love & Sacrifice: (click link)

Education: Bsc Applied Biochemistry
Hobbies: Swimming, Travelling, Soccer (watching & playing)
Favorite Food: Oha Soup, Fried Plantain

Favorite Actor: Will Smith, Robert DeNiro
Role Model: ??
Past Movies: "Ladies Men", "Love & Sacrifice" (click link), Under, The Child (AMBO4) Upcoming: The Visitor, Away From Home

Education: coming
Hobbies: coming soon
Favorite Food: coming soon
Favorite Actor: coming soon
Role Model: coming soon
Past/Upcoming Movie: "Ladies Men", "Aina" (click links)

(like Kenneth Okolie he is also Former Mr Nigeria)
Education/Major: Lagos State University - International Relations
Hobbies: Swimming,Dancing, Travelling, Baking, Video Games
Favorite Food: Plantain

Favorite Actor: Will Smith, Keanu Reeves, Denzel Washington, The Roc
Role Model: Nelson Mandela, Obaro Ibru (for the ambassadorial & entrepreneurial endevours)
Past/Upcoming Movie: "I Will Take My Chances" (click link)

(from Nigeria Big Brother TV Fame)
Education: coming soon
Hobbies: coming soon
Favorite Food: coming soon
Favorite Actor: coming soon
Role Model: coming soon
Past/Upcoming Movie: "Bursting Out" as Majids friend - click link

coming soon -
Hobbies: coming soon
Favorite Food: coming soon
Favorite Actor: coming soon
Role Model: coming soon
Past/Upcoming Movie: Tango With Me (click link) coming soon

(Won Former Mr Nigeria and voted 3rd Most Desirable Man In the World)
Education/Major: Valley View University, Ghana -
Hobbies: Dancing, Swimming, Volleyball
Favorite Food: Rice and Stew, Oha or Bitter Leaf Soup with Pounded Yam
Favorite Actor: Will Smith
Role Model: My Father

Past/Upcoming Movie: AINA

I will add more as time goes by. Oh dont think i forgot my fellow ghanaian actors (thems r my ppls / brethrens lol - ebonics) - I am simply waiting to watch Adams Apple - where Shirley features a few good men to list them here too - with Shirley's casting I am hardly disappointed. I hear Adams Apple will finally hit the US shelves in June 2011.

If you have noticed any great talent with great potential (it can be Ghanaian, Nigerian, South African, Sierra Leonan, Kenya etc - Tilii shines on any african with great potential- I am not bias) in any african movies we usually watch - just holla let me check it out. This is the least i can do to shine a light on our brothas - and market them to fans across the diaspora - AFRICA IS COMING UP YALL - and I feel so proud to be African.

The ladies have been getting shine for years on end, now its time for the fellas to shine too. These are not just pretty boys - they got looks, alternative talents and brains to match and though we have witnessed a few in movie such as "Ladies Men" (no pun intended - they surely are ladies men huh?) - we wait to watch the rest too to make our judgements. Watch out. Enjoy - and watch these space for all their upcoming movie promos and M-O-R-E.

I said it is christmas for us ladies all year round - you ppl thought i was joking abi? Now tell me do you have a reason to look forward to the coming months / years in african movies - All due respect to the veterans who have entertained us in the past years (particularly the lackluster ones who just filled space and coasted by just to get paid - yall know who you are - the ones who have coasted for a decade or more with not a single memorable performance) but see for us the audience , its like you have been eating cream crackers for a long and someone threw you a new pack of McVities Digestive Biscuit - what are we suppose to do now?? lol . Abeg leave us jor - lets enjoy these new digestives (cheers ladies).

No one is taking away anybodys job ( r u kidding me- as large a continent as africa is - u thought we were going to continue recycling the same old 5- 7 actors - hell nah!)- This is simply the more the merrier for us the audience now (whilst the recycling of actors seizes) - there is room for everyone to grow. And like i have said many times - my one and only prayer is that none of these fellas have the VV syndrome. I will be so heartbroken. I hope the fine looks come with excellent talent. Surprise us!!! -

I wish every one blessings and luck (both old and new actors) - If the likes of our Djimon Honsou can make it in Hollywood - well so can you - You can be whomever you put your mind to if you put hard work into it- (Ms Tilii #favourite saying - Please be selective with your script and work with the best to bring out the best in you and challenge you while you build a good CV/resume - many are watching you. DONT BE LIKE THE OTHERS WHO SEE THIS ACTING AS A BUSINESS TO MAKE QUICK MONEY OR BE FAMOUS - BUT RATHER A WORK OF ART TO PLEASE YOUR AUDIENCE - Put your heart into it. I will be your biggest advocate/fan but also will be your biggest critic not because its any thing personal - i dont know you neither do you know me. I just want the best for you and you get your last love home. A word to the wise is enough)

We Salute You Brothers -

You're all Welcome to the African Movie Industry and Good Luck in your Acting Career in Africa & Beyond.

We watch you keenly and wont miss a beat -

In addition to your fine looks you gotta "Bring IT! on screen - lets see what u working with" Lol..

(Miss Tilii)
(I said i had a surprise for you ladies - well this is not it at all. - NO -that is still coming)

PS: Fellas, personally from a lady's point of view I think these photos are fine, but if any of you are not feeling any of these pics - yall got to tell me - go to contact page and contact me on MS TILII FACEBOOK or send me a jpeg of what you want the ladies to see. Also if you have any upcoming movies you'd like me to promo for you for free - Miss Tilii is here to help - just let me know - and consider it done (No - am not charging any fee - I just love what i do ).


Mmm Mmm Mmm ! Ladies please dont email me telling me you starting not to feel your feet ohhhh by simply looking at a mere pikchor of one - Tilii u are crazy (yeah i know - *wink*wink*) - chei. There is more to come


Anonymous said...

Hi Ms TiLii, thanks for the pictures.It made my day.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pictures of these handsome men. We the viewing audience is advocating that these men be the front cover of magazines and posters.We should start celebrating our own people; no more foreign stars. Start celebrating the beauty of our African men.

bestting said...

Thanks Ms. Tilii and Uti was from Big Brother Africanot Nigeria and he won the $200,000 last year. I reallythink theyall have the potential and will not contract the VV syndrome IJN. AMEN

plz check out 2 brides and a baby new movie coming up staring Stella Damasus...not the trailer just interview

Anonymous said...

Hi Ms. TiLii, I am hoping you can add one more person in your 'Rising New African Movie Actors' list. The actor is Seun Akindele;I think he has great potential to be a great actor. He is also a nominee in the Best of Nollywood Awards as Best Upcoming Actor. Those who share my opinion please vote for him. Thanks

Miss T-i-l-i-i (African Movie Reviewer) said...

Oh ofcourse u are right my dear, i have noticed and do like Seun Akindele's talent- I just did not mention him cos he has been acting for a short minute and i dont really consider him new anymore.These guys i have listed I just noticed them this year (or just last year - 2010) - thats all.

Adesuwa said...

... don't forget age...

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