Thursday, May 5, 2011

New Domain Address

Hi ladies and gentlemen -I finally linked my domain name to this blog so you dont have to type that long blogspot address - just type as seen below "african movie reviewer" - my blog address use to have the word "reviews" at the end this new one is "reviewer" with an er at the end so please dont mix it up.

Here is the address for my new domain, so from now on you can simply type this in the address bar and it will forward/re-route you here. You can also google search "Miss Tilii" or African Movie Reviewer" or "Ms Tilii AMR" and am there.!

More better things to come. I am not a real techie savvy person, so i am learning as i go to make this site more friendly the best i know how - so sometimes I ask that you please have patience with me - this blogging is a hobby i do late nights after work when most of yall are snoring ya hearts away (lol). I am learning new techniques and styles with this new blogger. I initially wanted to go the other route having a real hosted website, but after careful thought i decided (not yet), I'd rather just stick with this blogger (i tried wordpress but didnt like it as i do blogger so i came back here). Blogger is just easier to use and as time goes by they are adding more and more options.

If any of you have advice for me how i can make the site better let me know. Right now i lost my followers gadget/icon - it just vanish (as igbos will say) FIAM!!!!! - so to all my followers abeg have patience, i lost you all and i am currently searching for you lol! and i cant find it. Blogger is not giving me any solutions neither.

I'd like to know how to have a flash banner which changes every 20 seconds with my hot topics or movie jackets.

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