Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Paul Sambo

Daniel K Daniel (aka DKD)
(no he is not- case closed!)
Alexx Ekubo

Paul Sambo, Daniel K Daniel and Alexx Ekubo- New Nollywood MALE HOTNESS! Chei i know i was always asking for it but now this 2011 they are suffocating me with it. First Joseph Benjamin, then Bryan Okwarra, now Paul Sambo, Daniel K Daniel and Alexx Ekubo. Chei. Word on the street is that Mr Nigeria himself (whom Alexx above was runner up to in Mr Nigeria) - who won Mr Nigeria -is also coming out soon in Royal Arts Academy series called "Catwalk", Oh and how can i forget there is also Uti Nwachukwu from Big Brother fame - chei ladies - its christmas all year for us - all these fine boys - all am saying is they are fine ooh but we beg in the name of God - we dont want any of them having the VV syndrome - we dont want any fine man on screen who cant act a lick - no emotion - nothing. We had enough of that with VV. Me say you know me sha ! if you cant act me i will say it, I dont care how fine you look. Now whats my name now??????????? All i got to say is i dont want to mention any names but current top actors who have gotten real comfortable over the years should know that they are in some serious competition and will fade off if they dont watch out. These fellas are bringing it big time.

This is all the pics i got for now for all the fellas but rest assured - there are more to come (and thats a promise) - they will be better pics than what you see above. This will do for now so for those who havent seen them or watched the movie yet youcan at least visualize how they look like.

Its going to be an interesting 2011. We asked for a diversity in our male young actors since the recycling of the old and good ones was getting too much and thank God we are slowly getting what we asked for - "Good" with great potential to be great based on great direction and their choice of scripts.

Thus far from what we have seen their acting is "GOOD", they are Handsome, Articulate, Eloquent and then ofcourse you know my other personal lookouts are nice teeth, smile and some 6 pack to match.

Paul Sambo played Funke' Akindele's characters first boyfriend(the physical abuser) in recent release "Ladies Men" and Daniel K Daniel played Funke's second boyfriend - the mommys boy (whats up with all these bombardment of cute lips lately). Alex Ekubo was Halima Abubakars pervert boyfriend who wanted to have sex 23 times a day - as though womens coochies were Everready battery of some sort - he pissed me off in that role - which means he did a good convincing job in his acting - great smile he has too.

The same way they have Genny, Ini, Tontoh, Mercy and the likes posing for mags, we want to see these guys on mags too with their shirts offf showing their abs. It is not only men audience who should enjoy the feminine views, we female audience (and you must admit we present like 90% deep) want to see some fineness in the men too.

Yep - Guys (Paul, Daniel and Alexx) i will be talking about you real soon so watch this space. You have been noticed, not just by me but several others. We got our eye on you and this journey you are embarking on in this industry. Welcome to the movie industry and Good Luck, We wish you well, but you best believe if you make wrong choices of script or dont act up to par Miss Tilii will tell it like it is. I dont sugarcoat anything - even if you got fine boy looks (wink wink).

(ps: I already posted a photo on Byran Okwarra and Joseph Benjamin a few weeks ago - u can search. )


Rose Gyampo-Evans said...

Pictures of these newbies will do. Love me some Ghana/ 9ja movies but have been slacking lately so havent't seen these guys. Tried googling images( serious overload-wasnt even sure I was looking at the right ppl) :)

Miss T-i-l-i-i (African Movie Reviews) said...

Thanks Rose, I will find their photos and post on here tonight when i get home from work.

Anonymous said...

Mhhhhh i watched ladies men and i was telling my cousin about Alex...Chei that boy is cute.....ohhh well time for me to move on from Chidi Mokeme!!!!!
BTW, I watched I broke My Heart, i liked the movie, the only thing is, Frank needs to move from the issue of putting women naked on movies even the ones that we don't need to see them...Jeez!!!!!

yehni djidji said...

For Paul Sombo Picture, try his facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=774490698

Anonymous said...

all i need is 1hr wit Alexx alone, i have some reali "private questions" i want him to answer...Lol

Anonymous said...

pls wts Alexx's tweet handle...if i dnt follow him i will DIE!!!!

Anonymous said...

ladies men toooooooooh bad

Anonymous said...

Ms Tilli u too much jooooooooor

Anonymous said...

Ms Tilli pls inbox me Alexx Ekubo phone numba,im plannin a Birthday party in London, it wld make my Day if he comes thru, all expense paid. Janeanna34@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

that mummy's boy is handsome

Anonymous said...

i like how u put it,Class of 2011, hope they dnt dull

Miss T-i-l-i-i (African Movie Reviewer) said...

[QUOTE]Anonymous said..
that mummy's boy is handsome
May 18,2011 6:36 AM[/QUOTE

Oh you think huh??? - thats an understatement - mind ya self. LOL

Anonymous said...

Alexx is way undercover ladies. Ask Uti

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