Sunday, May 29, 2011

I need Updates on Kenya and South Africa Film Industries

For my Kenyan, South African and other african countries, please as I have mentioned here severally, I like put a shine on all my brothers and sisters from these nations (Africa Movies is not just Nollywood or Ghana) - if there are any upcoming projects which seem interesting and you have the details for it - let me know and I will most definately post it here for you.

I always want to know whats going on in these parts - when it comes to films/movies, but the info i get is always few and far between and only once in a while. I know our anglophone brother Kenya is growing pretty fast and even attended a lot of the international film festivals with some of its stars winning awards. I want to know more about these actors, actress ,producers and directors so please give me some info if you have any - My one wish is that, some day all of africa can collaborate to showcase our rich cultures and customs - do movies together and take the West by storm - I wish you all nothing but the best.

You can post a comment on this thread or go to my Contact me Page on the top right of your screen and send me some info if you do have some

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