Monday, May 2, 2011

Genevieve Nnaji's Interview (May 2011)

This is a new interview and photos (all owned by HiMagazine). This is Part 1 of the inteview and Part 2 will come later as stated by HiMag - I repeat i give all credit to HiMagazine. Visit the site and read the interview. I think by far this is one of the best photos i have seen of her in a long time - kudos to makeup artist, photographer etc for doing a good job.

Gosh i love me some Genevieve, just a breath of fresh air this monday morning. Chei, Omalicha Indeed - Hollywood is just oozing out her pores and she is not chasing it neither cos they will come chasing after her where she will name her price - I guarantee you that. Some people are just born with it - just effortless - they dont try too hard. Genevieve Nnaji is in a league of her own, i have said it for 10 plus yrs - some HATERS have bitten my head off for such statements and rained verbal insults on me of some (popular) blogs i belonged to years ago and i quit and started my own blog cos of that nonsense.

You can turn it, twist it, or roll it - It is what it is, She is great, take it or leave and i am not saying that cos i met her and i like her as a person. I am her greatest critic if she does a movie that sucks and thus far in her 10 plus years of acting, I can personally only name 3 odd movies of her i did not like, everything else she shines in it. I tell it like it is and i dont understand why haters just dont want to accept this blatant fact that she is great. When I think of the haters who use to want to bring her down years ago (and they still try now - as they did Ini Edo the whole of 2006/2007) - every week - every tabloid was saying something nasty bout Genevieve (esp 2003/4/5 etc) - I mean brutal comments about her by ppl who had never even met her and to rise above all of that after all that and get here is amazing. I am glad she has kep her family and close friends whom she has known from way back close and shed all the pretenders - she gets to a set read her lines and bounce. No need to make any new friends joh, amass of talentless ppl want ya spot. Do you Genevieve, Just do You - More love you out here than you ever know. More blessings this 2011.

Photos By: Ty Bello, Make Up by: MUD cosmetics; Interview and Photos all owned my Hi Magazine



Lady Jaye said...

hey Mis Tilli - I am just wondering - is she your friend?

PS - i just saw for colored girls. it was interesting. it was not as good as it could have been but is was far from terrible. i wonder what the bad reviews were about....

Miss T-i-l-i-i (African Movie Reviews) said...

Yes she is.

the bad reviews were from white folks who dont understand the movie

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