Tuesday, May 24, 2011

ELETAN (Lilian Bachs First Yoruba Production)

EMG actress Lilian Bach embarks on her first movie production - A yoruba movie titled ELETAN. ELETAN is a tale of a woman’s desperation, greed, and deception and how these vices eventually resulted in painful consequences. The movie is set to be released in June 2011 (ps: the least they coulda done is spelt Yemi's last name correctly as Blaq)

ELETAN stars Lilian Bach and Yemi Blaq - both actors are known in English movies (Lilian not much anymore as much as she did about 7 yrs ago - she geared away from English movies into Yoruba movies - but Yemi you all know him in our english movies and we love his acting - this will be my first time seeing Yemi act in his native tongue - Yoruba - and i cant wait to see it - with that voice - I definately want to hear it in Yoruba- Yemi is one of my favourite actors as i have mentioned here many times. Lilian is an ok actress)

If you read this blog you should not be surprised, cos as i mentioned to you all - I do watch it all - Every African Movie I think I like - I watch (English, Yoruba, Igbo, Edo, Efik, Francophone etc)- and if i dont understand the language - subtitles will do me fine - I am very quick to grasp storylines and follow it cos i love movies and i live it.

Thus far i have watched at least 30 subtitled Yoruba movies and I love it all - sometimes i think they even have better script and better acting. My ultimate favorite remains JENIFA with Funke Akindele. My favourite actress is ofcourse Funke and I enjoy watching Fathia Bolagun and Iyabo Ojo as well as Ireti Bakare.

If you have never watched any african movie apart from English movies - I advice you give some of these native language movies such as Yoruba, Igbo, Edo, Twi (Ghana) etc a shot, especially if it is subtitled. You dont know what you are missing - many are very good and worth watching. I have watched the yoruba movies so much - and lately they intertwine the english so much - sometimes you dont even need translation - you can figure it out.

I HAVE ALWAYS SAID, GREAT ACTING DOESNT NEED WORDS/SPEAKING - EVERY THING IS IN YOUR ACTIONS- THAT IS WHY I LOVE THE LIKES OF GENEVIEVE, MAJID, MERCY, INI, FUNKE ETC - whom i describe as "method actors" cos they become the characters and stay in it so much I forget I am watching fiction - cos they are so real with their emotions to everything - you can figure it out, and you can even simply put the movie on mute and still be able to tell the story line - if an actor is able to translate or do that then he/she is a great actor/tress in my opinion.

To the up and comers please take note.

This thread will eventually move to the "Subtitled Movies" Heading on your left panel. Soon I will be reviewing subtitled movies when time permits. I am doing the best i can.

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