Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bed of Roses (An Upcoming Ghanaian Movie)

Watch This Upcoming Trailer called "Bed of Roses" directed by Pascal Amanfo - I wont rave about it because like Venus Production I am not a fan of director Pascal Amanfo - however the trailer seems interesting - Martha especially. Because i have never been a fan of a single movie by Pascal - I wont rave about this just yet, he has to earn his dues - I wait to watch to make my final judgements after watching it. They will premiere in selective cities across USA this summer - Atlanta, DC, Houston, NYC included.

The only thing i have to say is to actor Adjetey Anang - (like i said to Majid, Martha and Yvonne Okoro) please dont fall on this wagon like all the rest who say "YES" to any script, (Adjetey continue to be selective as you have always been as you build your resume/cv) - your skills is a little above the rest. I wont judge this movie yet cos I havent seen it. I am hoping we see more of you in future, working with the likes of veteran and better film makers like Kwaw Ansah, to cast you in some of his upcoming movies - he (like Shirley) are the kind of filmmakers than can challenge your abilities to the upmost - not just "anybody". Good luck Adjetey - I got my eye on you.


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