Tuesday, May 24, 2011

ALEROS SYMPHONY (An Upcoming Izu Ojukwu's Movie)

Well you all know by now I am die hard fan of Izu Ojukwu's work. This is the trailer for the Izu Ojukwu film, Alero's Symphony, starring the Season 5 Amstel Malta Box Office (AMBO) winner - Ivie Okujaye.

Alero, the twin daughter of an affluent family, is a top law student who is expected to graduate with honors and thereafter join her father's prestigious law chambers. However her passion and heart is really set on being a singer, a desire she carefully hides from her parents. During an Easter vacation break, Alero comes across a lowly waiter/fisherman named Lovechild who also happens to be a talented musician.

Though from different sides of the divide in terms of class, education and social status, Alero and Lovechild found their common love for singing -- a bond that bound them professionally at first and then romantically.

She finally confessed to her father that, she has strong desires to pursue a career as a singer rather than as a lawyer. An indignant Dr. Coker gave his daughter an ultimatum; dump Lovechild, her music ambition and focus on her legal career or risk his wrath. She decided, albeit reluctantly and for the sake of peace, to follow her father's orders. But, can Alero succeed in forsaking the cravings of her heart?

Watch this space for more update and promotion of this upcoming Ojukwu's movie. It is very much worth saving your money to purchase this type of movie - Mr Ojukwu hardly ever disappoints.

(ps: to our up and rising actors/actress - amongst many other good ones and my several favourites- Izu Ojukwu is an producer/director you will want to sort to work with and get on your cv/resume. Definately International Film Festival bound)

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