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The Untold Stories of Africa

By Miss Tilii

1. THE WAR OF THE GOLDEN STOOL (Yaa Asantewaa) - Ghana

2. BIAFRAN WAR - Nigerian (one of my greatest inspires- Chimamanda Adichie has some great stories that, with her permission, could be turned into film)



I know that within these historical events - there area hundreds and hundreds of untold stories, many of us dont even know about. Some filmmaker can just take one of those untold stories and make it into a film.

I love Africa, I love our culture, our languages, our customs and our history. I read a lot of historical books and events and hear stories from many who know more than me and tell me the stories (some accurate others not lol) and my ultimate wish is that one day some African filmmaker will bring this to film (not Hollywood - we dont have to wait for Hollywood to tell our stories like they did with Blood Diamond or King of Scotland and got Oscars or got World acclaim for) -

In 2012 and beyond, I hope some filmmaker can really plan on coming out with a film covering the so many historical events of africa,

We emulate the west in so many of our current home movies - that does not make us unique in any way - and we should be unique. Stories of such as mentioned above - when put into film and told right (right cast - right direction - right production) will have so much accolades. I remember once a friend of mine had a conversations about these topics - she said "Some Stories are better left Untold" - and my question was "Why"? - cos the truth is best not to be known? lol

For those who invest and donate to filmmakers (individuals, banks etc) - this is the type of stories you need to support to have made. The Jews had Schindlers List made and it broke box office records for months on end and exceeded its anticipated revenues. Why not us, and our stories. And please lets not use the "we lack funding" excuse. We can do whatever we put our minds to -and not always stretch our arms for funding from the west.

Though its my wish to see this stories come to film - please - if you think you cant do it - then please dont TRY TO touch it. Do it right - or dont do it all.

Readers - tell me - if you were to choose one Director/Producer to make these type of films - who would choose and also which actors or actress (known or unknown) would you pick - and to play what lead role. What African Stories would you like to see on screen - we covered the "marriage" and "royalty" topics a million times over. I am sure there are many stories you would like to see apart from the regular (fiction or non fiction).

ps: Other stories (not necessarily historical) that can be told as i mentioned in this thread is turning some of these old Pacesetter Novels (by African Authors) into movies. These type of movies is what will make us unique than the west - not copying from the west

Sunday, May 29, 2011

I need Updates on Kenya and South Africa Film Industries

For my Kenyan, South African and other african countries, please as I have mentioned here severally, I like put a shine on all my brothers and sisters from these nations (Africa Movies is not just Nollywood or Ghana) - if there are any upcoming projects which seem interesting and you have the details for it - let me know and I will most definately post it here for you.

I always want to know whats going on in these parts - when it comes to films/movies, but the info i get is always few and far between and only once in a while. I know our anglophone brother Kenya is growing pretty fast and even attended a lot of the international film festivals with some of its stars winning awards. I want to know more about these actors, actress ,producers and directors so please give me some info if you have any - My one wish is that, some day all of africa can collaborate to showcase our rich cultures and customs - do movies together and take the West by storm - I wish you all nothing but the best.

You can post a comment on this thread or go to my Contact me Page on the top right of your screen and send me some info if you do have some

TWO BRIDES AND A BABY (An Upcoming Movie)

(This is not a trailer)

Storyline: your guess is as good as mine - cos i watched the video and still dont know what the story line is about, even after watching this 12 min long rave by the cast production team about how good the movie is suppose to be. We all wait for trailer and/or storyline..
Starring:Stella Damasus, Kalu Ikeagwu, O.C. Ukeje, Chelsea Eze and a host of other new faces
Produced By: Blessing Effiom
Directed By: Teco Benson

source: Nollywooduncut

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What is"Great Acting"?

Though this post was originally posted on March/31/2010 - i felt the need to bump it up again cos I am still constantly receiving emails - readers asking me my defintion of "great acting". (when you read this thread - Well I guess My Wishes came through/true with the Sixpack actors lol lol )

So someone emailed me yesterday asking me what do i define as GREAT ACTING because many actors she/he thinks are great, yet I dont. Hm - am glad lady/dude asked me this question.

But am wondering why do what I think matter (:lol:) - afterall am not an actor / actress - No am not - but i am that part of an audience who spends my hard earned money to give you a paycheck cos i purchased your movie (for the producer to pay you)so the least i expect back in return is you give me my monies worth. I am just a mediocre critic of african movies, yes, but sometimes the best critic is not an actor or an actress but the other person on the seat watching that movie with a keen eye.

Who better to critique you than the audience watching the movie. Afterall arent you all doing this movie thing for us to watch. BUT - dont take my word for it - Denzel Washington has said in his interviews he doesnt read reviews - so maybe you can follow suit too - but bear in mind - he is a well acclaimed actor now - he read the reviews before - he can choose not to now.

We can agree to disagree. - right? :lol:

ps: A part of me thinks anonymous person might be as aspiring or an actress/actor or someone i havent really raved about on their movies on this site - so they are concerned or something. Dont take it personal - i just like to tell it like it is. I dont know you to be personal.

So - my definition of great acting is as follows (when i use the term actors in this following sentence, i am refering to both male/female)

A GREAT ACTOR IS ..............

- Someone with the all in one package "eloquence + articulation + attractiveness + talented enough to bring the character to life to make us believe in what they are playing - and diversity in playing different roles is a huge plus.

-For african actors - yes english is not our first language thats understandable, but the majority of audience watching it prefer it in english cos we all dont understand our 100s of native dialects, there fore a great actor must be eloquent and articulate in expressing themselves in the english language without coming across as forcing an accent that doesnt belong to them (i.e. BriMerican Accents - slanging doesnt make u a great actor).

Be natural and be yourself. If you struggling to express yourself, thats ok, just audition for a movie in your local dialect which you are comfortable with (Igbo, Yoruba, Ibibio, Akan etc).

Agya Koo the ghanaian actor is great at acting but in his own local dialect movies of Akan - he doesnt force to speak english cos he knows he is not comfortable with it and thats absolutely fine - English is not his first language nor ours neither.
-you need to learn how to raise the stakes, beyond simply being told you must do this.

-Commanding Eyes, Commanding Voice, Superb Timing a free-flow of emotions and impulses expressed in the body and voice; an understanding of how to create life-and-death, moment-to-moment acting; a vivid imagination; and a body and voice capable of telling all kinds of stories etc

- Actors who are master at using no dialogue/script but being able to tell the story with their expression (like they say actions speak louder than words) - (in nolly/ghollywood Majid, Genevieve, Bimbo, Jim, Rita, Mercy are masters at this, in Hollywood Elizabeth Taylor, Anthony HOpkins, Meryl Streep, Denzel Washington, Sanaa Lathan, Gabrielle Union, Angela Bassett, Blair Underwood, Derek Luke, Terrence Howard, - just check out this link for my personal list)

I started watching Genny 10 yrs ago and theres is one particular movie that had me convinced that "this is it" with this lady - the movie was called "My first Love" and it was a particular scene between her and Tony Umez in Tony's House (to some that scene was nothing but to me, that scene said a lot about her acting potential and it sealed it for me that day), then came the Blood Sisters and the many others that followed

I love actors who understand the importance of continuity - having great balance between comedy and drama. Knowing instinctively when to go there ("there" as in the moment eg sad,happy, surprised, shocked), how to go there, when to give the funny, when to give the drama, when to pull back and when not to. Great actors dont even need direction if they are good at what they do. Bear in mind in Nollywood and Gollywood a BAD director (and lawd knows we got plenty more than we need) can bring the worst out of good actor (go back and read old threads to figure out who these directors are)

-When an actor is diverse and able to pull off any role - see how Leonardo DiCaprio played a convincing retard in "Whats Eating Gilbert Grape" or how Chalize Theron played a convincing lesbian serial killer in "Monster", Genevieve Nnaji playing a evil step mom in Blood Sisters, yet a timid & naive teenager in "" (starring with Zach Orji), or Funke Akindele playing a convincing Village Champion (yels) in "Jenifa" - i mean the list goes on and on - I will be here all day if i have to list them all.

Bottom line being diverse in your roles and playing the character to convince the audience and make us forget its just a movie - whether your evilness made us hate your character - then maybe yes you did your job

Once again i repeat as i have said in many threads, being attractively beautiful and/or handsome does not constitute great acting - so dont think you can fool me with your beauty - this movie thing is not a beauty contest abeg - I mean it helps and is a huge plus if you are cute BUT on top of great acting ability - not just cute. I love watching Blair Underwood & Denzel Washington, cos they are not just cute but also a great actors - that type of package is so good.

Many out there (especially a few i know who just started watching african movies less thatn 2 yrs ago - still go by actors who are just attractive to their eye - and are quick to shell out $5-$10 odd dollars to buy their movie - sometimes not even caring to read the story line - "So far as so so and so is in this movie - I am buying this movie - "ohhh they are so Handsome and and so Cute" - or they are so beautiful" - i love watching them. I dont make my choices like that - so to each his own. Id rather watch these cute talentless actors on mute as i cook, clean or do something around the house.

Shouting and screaming to get your point across doesnt constitute great acting. You crying all the time at the bat of an eye doesnt necessarily constitute great acting - I tell you the one actress who doesnt cry much in movies but when she does - its convincing you might end up crying together with her is RITA DOMINIC ( watch her in movie "All my Life", and "Sleek Ladies") - great actress who is able to play her roles so well and very convincing. When her character is hit with tragedy/bad news and she is crying - u forget you are watching a movie. She does it so well. And bear in mind she doesnt cry too much in movies but when she does - she does it well.

You wearing dark or black clothes and smoking doesnt convince me you are so bad as most directors may think with directing "bad character roles". I always ask when watching a movie and the characters are bad or suppose to be bad - whats with the smoking - are u trying to tell me if they dont smoke - i will not see them as bad. I mean c'mon. This is 2010 - nollywood/gollywood get it together, learn from the pros in hollywood.

Personally there is one actor I watched years ago - the actors name is Paul Campbell (very underrated actor) -
(an interview with Paul)

Watch CVM OnStage - Paul Campbell Interview - in Entertainment View More Free Videos Online at

(Paul in a scene Dance Hall Queen the Movie - go buy the movie - its a sure keeper)
He is a jamaican actor - and till date i cant separate his evil character from the real person (same way my one and only Patience Ozorkwor plays her evil characters so well)-

Paul Campbell plays his evil character so effortlessly and convincing like nobodys business (even Anthony Hopkins playing Hannibal nor Al Pacino as Tony Montana character didnt scare me as much as this dude) - I am truly scared of him (and he didnt even have to smoke for me to be scared of him :lol). He was in the jamaican movie "Dance Hall Queen" (walk & live, talk & bomboklat dead :lol:), as well as "Third World Cop". Watch his movies and understand what am saying. Excellent Excellent Excellent yet underrated Actor of our time.

Loved and respected even more after watching his several interviews including the above on CVM - goes to show he is nothing like his character - he just played his role so well and so convincing - it was hard to separate the two. I mean if you listen to his interview you can tell he is a real talent - not just in acting but in several other stuff such as painting and all - and well travelled. He is to me one of the very best actors to come out of Jamaica and i respect him enormously (though i am still scared of him a lil :lol:) - I love jamaican patois by the way - it took me a while to understand at first - but its very easy after watching their movies as much as i did.

Another excellent underrated actor is Michael Wright who plays Eddie King in Mr Townsend famously acclaimed movie (and a favourite of mine ) "5 Heartbeats".

So Ladies and Gentlemen i open the floor for you to also contribute on what you define as GREAT acting - not "good acting" - but GREAT ACTING - i only care for the greats.

Not everyone can be a great actress or actor - MANY ARE CALLED AND FEW ARE CHOSEN, if we the audience are not feeling you (its nothing personal) - take some time off brush of ya skills (watch movies of great actors and study them like science) and come back and try and again and again - and if we still not feeling you - maybe this acting this is not your forte.

In nollywood and gollywood thus far i only consider a handful GREAT - but what frustruates me is i feel there are more out there - Africa is a huge continent - we cant possibly be ok with just a handful, We need more greats, and this is where i always have stated i want to lend my effort in finding those great, diamond in the ruffs who havent been discovered yet.

I yearn for a new male actor to be discovered this year who has all the package. I really do (having all packaged all in one talent and for once - a six pack wouldnt hurt either).

In conclusion Acting is a tough profession and yes i totally agree and understand, but then try and be perfectionist, either you going to be GREAT at it by investing in some classes to be great at what you do you or dont do it at all and make it come across as some type of hobby and expect us to go purchase your movie and watch (just cos u think u look cute or something else). You sit down yourself sometimes watch your own self and be truly honest to yourself and critique yourself.


Clearly in nollywood and gollywood a lot of aspiring actors are just jumping into this acting cos they simply want to be famous - PERIOD, they are NOT dedicated to the acting itself (and i can clearly detect those type of actors so easily) and the talentless producers who just want to make a quick buck are not challenging them either.

They better be glad they are not in brutal hollywood where there are worse criticism than what we give. All the lil criticism we do here is just chump change.


If your home is too hot - you may wanna put the air-condition or fan on before you proceed this thread - Lol - Thank You Ladies - as promised - here goes - Enjoy.! now i can rest small from the email bombardments and request for these guys photos - this is what i could come up with.

By popular demand after THIS THREAD i have been asked by readers to post a new thread with photos and lil bio of each and everyone of our new rising hunks from our movie industry - So here goes.


Education: coming soon
Hobbies: coming soon
Favorite Food: coming soon
Favorite Actor: coming soon
Role Model: coming soon
Past/Upcoming Movie: "Ladies Men", "Love & Sacrifice: (click link)

Education: Bsc Applied Biochemistry
Hobbies: Swimming, Travelling, Soccer (watching & playing)
Favorite Food: Oha Soup, Fried Plantain

Favorite Actor: Will Smith, Robert DeNiro
Role Model: ??
Past Movies: "Ladies Men", "Love & Sacrifice" (click link), Under, The Child (AMBO4) Upcoming: The Visitor, Away From Home

Education: coming
Hobbies: coming soon
Favorite Food: coming soon
Favorite Actor: coming soon
Role Model: coming soon
Past/Upcoming Movie: "Ladies Men", "Aina" (click links)

(like Kenneth Okolie he is also Former Mr Nigeria)
Education/Major: Lagos State University - International Relations
Hobbies: Swimming,Dancing, Travelling, Baking, Video Games
Favorite Food: Plantain

Favorite Actor: Will Smith, Keanu Reeves, Denzel Washington, The Roc
Role Model: Nelson Mandela, Obaro Ibru (for the ambassadorial & entrepreneurial endevours)
Past/Upcoming Movie: "I Will Take My Chances" (click link)

(from Nigeria Big Brother TV Fame)
Education: coming soon
Hobbies: coming soon
Favorite Food: coming soon
Favorite Actor: coming soon
Role Model: coming soon
Past/Upcoming Movie: "Bursting Out" as Majids friend - click link

coming soon -
Hobbies: coming soon
Favorite Food: coming soon
Favorite Actor: coming soon
Role Model: coming soon
Past/Upcoming Movie: Tango With Me (click link) coming soon

(Won Former Mr Nigeria and voted 3rd Most Desirable Man In the World)
Education/Major: Valley View University, Ghana -
Hobbies: Dancing, Swimming, Volleyball
Favorite Food: Rice and Stew, Oha or Bitter Leaf Soup with Pounded Yam
Favorite Actor: Will Smith
Role Model: My Father

Past/Upcoming Movie: AINA

I will add more as time goes by. Oh dont think i forgot my fellow ghanaian actors (thems r my ppls / brethrens lol - ebonics) - I am simply waiting to watch Adams Apple - where Shirley features a few good men to list them here too - with Shirley's casting I am hardly disappointed. I hear Adams Apple will finally hit the US shelves in June 2011.

If you have noticed any great talent with great potential (it can be Ghanaian, Nigerian, South African, Sierra Leonan, Kenya etc - Tilii shines on any african with great potential- I am not bias) in any african movies we usually watch - just holla let me check it out. This is the least i can do to shine a light on our brothas - and market them to fans across the diaspora - AFRICA IS COMING UP YALL - and I feel so proud to be African.

The ladies have been getting shine for years on end, now its time for the fellas to shine too. These are not just pretty boys - they got looks, alternative talents and brains to match and though we have witnessed a few in movie such as "Ladies Men" (no pun intended - they surely are ladies men huh?) - we wait to watch the rest too to make our judgements. Watch out. Enjoy - and watch these space for all their upcoming movie promos and M-O-R-E.

I said it is christmas for us ladies all year round - you ppl thought i was joking abi? Now tell me do you have a reason to look forward to the coming months / years in african movies - All due respect to the veterans who have entertained us in the past years (particularly the lackluster ones who just filled space and coasted by just to get paid - yall know who you are - the ones who have coasted for a decade or more with not a single memorable performance) but see for us the audience , its like you have been eating cream crackers for a long and someone threw you a new pack of McVities Digestive Biscuit - what are we suppose to do now?? lol . Abeg leave us jor - lets enjoy these new digestives (cheers ladies).

No one is taking away anybodys job ( r u kidding me- as large a continent as africa is - u thought we were going to continue recycling the same old 5- 7 actors - hell nah!)- This is simply the more the merrier for us the audience now (whilst the recycling of actors seizes) - there is room for everyone to grow. And like i have said many times - my one and only prayer is that none of these fellas have the VV syndrome. I will be so heartbroken. I hope the fine looks come with excellent talent. Surprise us!!! -

I wish every one blessings and luck (both old and new actors) - If the likes of our Djimon Honsou can make it in Hollywood - well so can you - You can be whomever you put your mind to if you put hard work into it- (Ms Tilii #favourite saying - Please be selective with your script and work with the best to bring out the best in you and challenge you while you build a good CV/resume - many are watching you. DONT BE LIKE THE OTHERS WHO SEE THIS ACTING AS A BUSINESS TO MAKE QUICK MONEY OR BE FAMOUS - BUT RATHER A WORK OF ART TO PLEASE YOUR AUDIENCE - Put your heart into it. I will be your biggest advocate/fan but also will be your biggest critic not because its any thing personal - i dont know you neither do you know me. I just want the best for you and you get your last love home. A word to the wise is enough)

We Salute You Brothers -

You're all Welcome to the African Movie Industry and Good Luck in your Acting Career in Africa & Beyond.

We watch you keenly and wont miss a beat -

In addition to your fine looks you gotta "Bring IT! on screen - lets see what u working with" Lol..

(Miss Tilii)
(I said i had a surprise for you ladies - well this is not it at all. - NO -that is still coming)

PS: Fellas, personally from a lady's point of view I think these photos are fine, but if any of you are not feeling any of these pics - yall got to tell me - go to contact page and contact me on MS TILII FACEBOOK or send me a jpeg of what you want the ladies to see. Also if you have any upcoming movies you'd like me to promo for you for free - Miss Tilii is here to help - just let me know - and consider it done (No - am not charging any fee - I just love what i do ).


Mmm Mmm Mmm ! Ladies please dont email me telling me you starting not to feel your feet ohhhh by simply looking at a mere pikchor of one - Tilii u are crazy (yeah i know - *wink*wink*) - chei. There is more to come

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AINA (An Upcoming Movie Starring Alexx Ekubo and Kenneth Okolie)

A society that does not value its women is a society without values."

Set in present-day Nigeria, AINA is a story of courage, survival, and friendship. It is a love story with a tragically enticing plot, complimented by wonderful cinematography, eye-pleasing locations -- making this film a joy to watch.

Produced By: Ikenna Chidoka

Directed By: Olamide Maarore

Starring: Kadiatu Kamara, Kenneth Okolie, Alexx Ekubo, Opeyemi Awoyemi, Ijeoma Agu, Onyeka Udechukwu, Maxwell Nwokoye, Abu Tafawa-Balewa, Rita Oribioye, Alexandra Ameh and Realwon Dada

(when i watch movie trailers of such i feel so happy and at the same time i feel so sorry for the mediocre "money miss road" illiterates/marketers who have been bombarding us with junk for years on end - yet we dont say anything - cos we had to make do to while away our time - They should now know their days are numbered and are in some serious competition - Many are coming up and coming up quick with their good productions - leaving no stone unturned and We the die hard fans have finally sighed a big sigh - Finally! - my dreams are coming true - where more and better movies will saturate our market.

ps: Ladies - see your hunk of a bobo in this movie trailer "Alexx Ekubo" - Are you Excited????

Watch this Space for more updates - as i get it and sincere thanks for all those (movie makers and my readers) who help me by sending me any info that they know might be of interest to me)

ALEROS SYMPHONY (An Upcoming Izu Ojukwu's Movie)

Well you all know by now I am die hard fan of Izu Ojukwu's work. This is the trailer for the Izu Ojukwu film, Alero's Symphony, starring the Season 5 Amstel Malta Box Office (AMBO) winner - Ivie Okujaye.

Alero, the twin daughter of an affluent family, is a top law student who is expected to graduate with honors and thereafter join her father's prestigious law chambers. However her passion and heart is really set on being a singer, a desire she carefully hides from her parents. During an Easter vacation break, Alero comes across a lowly waiter/fisherman named Lovechild who also happens to be a talented musician.

Though from different sides of the divide in terms of class, education and social status, Alero and Lovechild found their common love for singing -- a bond that bound them professionally at first and then romantically.

She finally confessed to her father that, she has strong desires to pursue a career as a singer rather than as a lawyer. An indignant Dr. Coker gave his daughter an ultimatum; dump Lovechild, her music ambition and focus on her legal career or risk his wrath. She decided, albeit reluctantly and for the sake of peace, to follow her father's orders. But, can Alero succeed in forsaking the cravings of her heart?

Watch this space for more update and promotion of this upcoming Ojukwu's movie. It is very much worth saving your money to purchase this type of movie - Mr Ojukwu hardly ever disappoints.

(ps: to our up and rising actors/actress - amongst many other good ones and my several favourites- Izu Ojukwu is an producer/director you will want to sort to work with and get on your cv/resume. Definately International Film Festival bound)

Nse Ikpe Etim Interview with Vanguard

When did you discover you had a flair for acting?

It was when I finally decided that I was going to do this; that was after “Reloaded”. But I always had a thing for Sophie Lauren and then I saw Lil Sid. I knew I wanted to be a woman like that but I wasn’t sure how it will work here. It really wasn’t a dream per se and I got into acting earlier; after I graduated from the university, just to prove a point to my mother that I could do what I wanted to do.

I was happy at first but I wasn’t satisfied. I guess because I was still in search of myself, I rushed out, got into banking and into other industries. I did radio a bit, did a bit of compere on stage. Then, I went into banking again. I also did a bit of fashion. But after Emen Isong fought with me in my kitchen; I still remember that because it was what propelled me – that and the script of “Reloaded”.

How do you mean she fought with you in your kitchen?

It was not a physical fight but she kept saying:

“It is because you are not confident enough to go into acting, that is why you keep running out.”

And, I thought to myself that how can anyone say that about me. That sort of propelled me and I took up the challenge with the script of “Reloaded” and I made it. This is where it has brought me thus far.

How did you get into “Reloaded” and what was it like being on the set for the first time?

Emem just said to me that she has a script that she was working on and she wanted me to take a look at it. When she showed it to me, it was basically to have an input because normally, as a writer and a story teller, you basically have to get fillers about what people think of your story – just to know how it will do in the market.

I told her: “I like the story. Let’s see what we can do.”

And, I had a bit of input in “Reloaded”. Then she said to me:

“Listen, I would like you to take this character.”

And, I said no way. I am not an actor.

So, we argued about it in the kitchen; which was why she said to me that I am not confident. I am not this, I am not that. Then I said:

“Okay, let’s give it a shot.”

And yes, I was afraid. I still get scared before I go on set because I am my own competition. Nothing for me to compete with; there was nothing. It was a case of just-fresh, nothing really was there for me to compare myself to. It was scary.

And then, there was Lancelot Imasuen. There was Rita on set; though Rita has been my friend from way back. There was also Stephanie; there was Uche Jombo; there was Ini (Edo); there was Ramsey (Nouah). I have been on set with Ramsey before but it was like a whole new Nollywood. I mean, I was like fish out of water but they made me very comfortable, which I think was what helped me.

As an actor, you have experienced both worlds – on stage and on set. If you have to choose, which would you rather do?

It can’t be compared. Stage and screen are two different worlds entirely. For stage, you feel like a demi-god. You are in control of your audience. You don’t see anybody, nobody sees you. For you, it is like this is my space; you are the lord and master of the space: “Now, take me as I am!” That is stage for you.

With screen, if I dry up (drying up is like forgetting your lines), what happens is that I get corrected. On stage, there is no such thing so, if you make a mistake, you have got to blend it and it’s got to look like it is okay. So, stage needs a lot of practice and I give kudos to stage actors. I know that I will still do stage because, it is one of the things that I really love and being in control is a good thing.

Being your first after a long while on set, how did you feel being nominated for the AMAA Awards and later winning the award for Best Leading Actress at the Nigerian Entertainment Awards for your role in “Reloaded”?

For me, a nomination for the ‘African Oscars’, as I call it, is as good as a win. That recognition is second to none. What else would I be asking for? It was a first time and it was amazing. Did you see the names that were on set? I would have said:

“Take the awards back, please, to the rightful owner.”

Do you understand that that is how I felt? I think no better honour could have been bestowed on me than that. It was so amazing; I was totally speechless!

Growing up, what influenced you as a person? What motivated you to make a success of yourself and career?

I come from a close-knit family; from a family that was relatively large. Because, for me, six kids is large. We were like a family and then, losing my dad at a tender age and watching my mother being a woman that I will always love to be.

she was able to keep us together. We still go to the same church. That is rare these days. We go to the same church. We have the same beliefs. We are still in the same line; that is really hard to do. So, it is not the case of: “Oh, I am here and there, it is still like that.” Things like that have helped mould me; so when I do things, it is always about what would Martha think (that is my mother’s name).

I call her Martha when I want to piss her off and then she will laugh. I always wonder what she will think. Sometimes, I think – let my father not go and rumble in the grave and things like that. It hurts but I think it has helped me. I think that much as we say we do not want our loved ones to go, it is a formidable one that has really helped (to build) whom I have become today.

Do you think you are living your dream? Are you doing what you have always wanted to do?

If I say no now, it is because I have not yet reached the moon, literally. I will say yes, I am living my dream because I am an actor and I am doing everything I am passionate about – acting, writing, cooking. Those are the things I love (doing), so it is not a case of me doing anything because I am going to make money out of it. I am doing them because I love them and when you love them, all other things will be added unto them.

When it comes to style what influences the look you put together every time you step out of your home?

I am more bohemian in my dressing. But at the same time, because, sometimes, I can be like an ardent, I like to wear my jeans and tank top. Then, I have my designer who is constantly trying to make me a lady. When I am going out in public, Wange does a lot for me, especially if I am going out. She would say:

“You have to wear this.”

She sinks it with my personality and it works. I think my style is not fashion-based because I feel that style transcends fashion.

Women are generally into shoes, bags, jewelleries… What are you into?

I am into food!

You said you love to cook. Where did you get that from? Why cooking?

I will tell you a story that I don’t think I have told before; except to my close friends. At thirteen, my father made me pound yam and cook egusi soup. I made the soup. There was egusi on one side, water on one side and oil on another side. Then, the pounded yam had ‘co-co’ in it. My father ate the food and I saw the pain in his eyes. I said to myself I wish I could wipe that off his face.

Since then, it was a case of me trying always to impress with my food; trying to cook but I don’t eat egusi soup till tomorrow. I don’t like it.

When I left my first banking job, what I did was sit at home for a year cooking. I bought all the cookery books I could get. I was just trying to look for something in me. I went to Jo’burg for a few months as well. For about five, six months, it was all about food. And, I came back broke and looked for another bank job. By that time, it was a case of me and food. That is it.

What is your favourite?

Because I cook, I don’t have a favourite. I like everything as long as it is healthy.

How do you relax when you are not working?

My couch should best explain that; my couch potato. I love to lay on the couch a lot. I read a lot. It is as bad as reading three books at the same time, depending on my mood. Then, I play a lot of Scrabble as well. I watch soccer, I love soccer. Sometimes, I go out with friends. It is always nice to hang out with friends.

What would you love to be remembered for?

I will love to be remembered for the lives I have touched, either by making them laugh or by lending a helping hand or by just being there. Sometimes, a word of encouragement is a lot more than money and there is a lot of pain right now. I am on the board of this charity programme. It is called ‘The Empowerment Programme’. It is for young girls really.

Here, you know we don’t talk about a lot of things that have happened to us. We love to bottle them up and this informs you; this makes you who you are in future. But when we learn to speak out, when we talk about our problems – people don’t talk about rape, people don’t talk about sexual harassment, people don’t talk about even death. They bottle them up but when a woman can talk about these things, it makes her a better woman. She is a better woman in her relationship and as a mother. For instance, sex education is not taught to a lot of kids or maybe they are beginning to talk about it now.

Talk about sexual harassment in Nollywood. What is it like? Have you ever been harassed?

I will answer you the way I answered them at Harvard. The same views I have of sexual harassment in banks, schools, hospitals, everywhere. Because we are in the limelight, everyone seems to think that it is more in our industry. It has never happened to me but I can’t say it does not happen. It is bound to happen when you have men and women together.

It can happen either way; women can harass a man, men can harass a woman. It all depends and it happens in all industries. We are not the only ones.

Do you have a role model?

My mentors are my mother, if I can be like her, I think I will be completely fulfilled. My other mentor is a neuro-surgeon, Ben Cason. He was able to become the best in his line despite his shortcomings; he was disadvantaged and he fought through it all and he is the best in his line.

Source & Credits: Vanguard NGR -Nigerian

I dont usually like to pick interviews others have done and post it here, but this was a Nice interview by Vanguard. I do plan on interviewing Nse my self in future. Thank You Vanguard. And watch out for a VERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRYYYY surprising interview i have for you all pretty soon. Pretty Pretty Soon.

ELETAN (Lilian Bachs First Yoruba Production)

EMG actress Lilian Bach embarks on her first movie production - A yoruba movie titled ELETAN. ELETAN is a tale of a woman’s desperation, greed, and deception and how these vices eventually resulted in painful consequences. The movie is set to be released in June 2011 (ps: the least they coulda done is spelt Yemi's last name correctly as Blaq)

ELETAN stars Lilian Bach and Yemi Blaq - both actors are known in English movies (Lilian not much anymore as much as she did about 7 yrs ago - she geared away from English movies into Yoruba movies - but Yemi you all know him in our english movies and we love his acting - this will be my first time seeing Yemi act in his native tongue - Yoruba - and i cant wait to see it - with that voice - I definately want to hear it in Yoruba- Yemi is one of my favourite actors as i have mentioned here many times. Lilian is an ok actress)

If you read this blog you should not be surprised, cos as i mentioned to you all - I do watch it all - Every African Movie I think I like - I watch (English, Yoruba, Igbo, Edo, Efik, Francophone etc)- and if i dont understand the language - subtitles will do me fine - I am very quick to grasp storylines and follow it cos i love movies and i live it.

Thus far i have watched at least 30 subtitled Yoruba movies and I love it all - sometimes i think they even have better script and better acting. My ultimate favorite remains JENIFA with Funke Akindele. My favourite actress is ofcourse Funke and I enjoy watching Fathia Bolagun and Iyabo Ojo as well as Ireti Bakare.

If you have never watched any african movie apart from English movies - I advice you give some of these native language movies such as Yoruba, Igbo, Edo, Twi (Ghana) etc a shot, especially if it is subtitled. You dont know what you are missing - many are very good and worth watching. I have watched the yoruba movies so much - and lately they intertwine the english so much - sometimes you dont even need translation - you can figure it out.

I HAVE ALWAYS SAID, GREAT ACTING DOESNT NEED WORDS/SPEAKING - EVERY THING IS IN YOUR ACTIONS- THAT IS WHY I LOVE THE LIKES OF GENEVIEVE, MAJID, MERCY, INI, FUNKE ETC - whom i describe as "method actors" cos they become the characters and stay in it so much I forget I am watching fiction - cos they are so real with their emotions to everything - you can figure it out, and you can even simply put the movie on mute and still be able to tell the story line - if an actor is able to translate or do that then he/she is a great actor/tress in my opinion.

To the up and comers please take note.

This thread will eventually move to the "Subtitled Movies" Heading on your left panel. Soon I will be reviewing subtitled movies when time permits. I am doing the best i can.

Monday, May 23, 2011

TRAPPED (Trailer to an Upcoming Movie - Another RAA Production)

Watch out for An Upcoming Movie - A Desmond Elliot and Emem Isong Production - directed by the Governor (Lancelot Imaseum),

Nice one.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Promote Seat Belt Wearing and Safe Sex in African Movies

I would like to see the promotion of seat belt wearing and safe sex (condom wearing) in African movies. If there is a love scene please showcase condom wearing. If someone sits in a car please let them put on seat belt.

I dont think promoting such will take away from the movie.

I was watching a movie with an African American Friend and i guess she had noticed so she asked me "Dont you all wear seat belts back in Africa". I didnt know what to say.

African Stars at 2011 Cannes Film Festival (France)

Here are a few photos from 2011 Cannes Film Festival held in France recently.

Susan, Nadia, Yvonne O, guest Yvonne N

Susan, Yvonne O, JD, Yvonne N and guest

Nuamah, Nadia, Majid and Susan

(source: Susan Peters)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Yaayyy!!! Its Miss Tilii's Birthdayyy Todayyy

Yayyyyyy!!!! - unlike many folks, who are afraid to age, I love it when i get older, cos for year after year my skin gets tighter and I still look younger and beautiful for my age - (dont ask a lady her age - thats rude lol lol ) - Whats my secret i drink a gallon of water a day (yep a whole gallon), cleanse twice a day and I laugh everyday at any given chance- i find something to laugh about.

I am greatful to God and dont take anything for granted - No matter the circumstance life brings me - I am always able to say "It is Well with my Soul". I can go for a whole year and not even get a headache let alone a cold - I am healthy and thankful. Like everybody else I may not have all i want in life yet, but the fact that I am alive I am strong happy and at peace (most of the time) is priceless..

Ok so I told my Dell Laptop - Yayyy!!! its my birthday today - and you know what he (my laptop) said to me "Ms Tilii Its Time To Upgrade" lol lol so today I am taking time off to go to the Atlanta Buckhead Apple Store to get my #1 laptop Desire an IMacBook - Lord I have been yearning for this laptop for ever - but it aint cheap and with such purchase you plan towards it and forgo some stuff to make it happen

Though a shoe addict - I have been good and havent bought a new shoe in over 6 months (unheard of) so i think I deserve my Mac today on my birthday. I wish i could afford an IPad at the same time - but I will be realistic and postpone that purchase for now (I am eyeing the Pink one and I will get it before I relocate home this Christmas 2011)- IPad its not in my budget right now but rest assured i WILL get it. Good bye to pc computer viruses - supposedly Macs NEVER get virus - its like an elite club. lol - I hope its true and I hope i dont spend more than two hours in that store, cos Apple stores always have people waiting to be served - the lines are too damn long. I know exactly what i want - I just want to get it and bounce.

So what am i doing today?? - Well I took the day off - I will sleep in late, and I am just going to relax, blog, twitt, do a lil acrylic painting on canvas, watch movies, Receive Calls and BBM my family & friends all over (London, Ghana, Nigeria) - oh and I am for sure going to BBM my new found friends - wink! wink! wink! - Deep down I truly wish I was back home in Accra.

This evening I am going to go out to dinner with 3 or 4 friends of mine (i have never tried Ethiopian or Moroccan so i wanna do either or). And I would love to go to a Reggae Club tonight - I havent been to a Reggae club since i Left London in years, I miss it, I just want to go sit down, chillax and listen to some Reggae - but honestly one of my girlfriends will do that research cos here in Atlanta - I dont have a clue where a Reggae club is - I am more of a home buddy than anything (or occasionally a lounge or jazz club)- I stop clubbing many of years ago - the scrubs, the smoke, the bad breath, the sweat and screaming spit into ones ear to speak audibily enough for one to hear and vice versa was getting too much and too immature. If you pass age 25 and you still clubbing - sorry but that aint much of a good look - get it together boo!!

On Saturday I am going out to get these sneakers below, called Shape Ups by Skechers cos i heard it tones butts down-and lawd knows i need mine toned down a notch (KimK if you are lieing about this commercial u did - and the supposed benefits these sneakers do to ones butt - you will see what i will do to you).

I know its all a marketing ploy - but what the heck - I'll go get it anyway (its only $80 odd dollars) - just to spoil me - cos its my birthday. I just hope I utilise it as planned - all the procrastination to working out is too much. I plan on walking 4 miles a day (I hope - lol) - Talk is cheap right ???? lol lol

What is my wish today??? - Lets just say I got some of them and I am sure there is more to come even if not today the many months remaining in the year. No I am not eating any cake (maybe I will take 1 cupcake instead) cos summer is around the corner and I want to get that booty down just in time for the summer to get into all those nice jeans (I love my flat abs but not my big butt), besides these oyibo cakes sold here in this country are too sugary for my liking (I miss home made cakes from back home with less sugar).

I dont know if i have any surprises in store for me - cos i do love surprises (who doesnt) - but we shall see sha. And whilst I am celebrating my joyous day I will have these favourite artist on rotation at home (Kem, Maxwell, Miguel, Sade,Toni Braxton, Psquare, Tuface and Nana Boroo)

Gosh i love this song - i got it on rotation in my car for the past month - It got that PRINCE feel to it. I love it.

Oh and I love me some Instrumentals and Jazz (including hiphop Jazz as follows).


(Thus far, I cant believe the contacts i got today with wishes - i just cant believe it - Amazingingly Wonderful! - tell me I am dreaming! - forget materialistic presents - I am very satisfied right now)

Looking forward to a great Summer

I got a surprise for you all in the coming weeks/months - things you would like (i promise). Just know its going to be a fun filled summer.

Ms Tilii is upping it up a notch on this blog.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Be Very Excited for 2011 Impending Great Releases

Insiders tell me there are some reaaaaaaaaaaaaalll good movies lined up for release and we must all be very excited. Save your monies to buy good movies and stay away from trash. I will update you with more info as time goes - i am not allowed to give any info out yet.


News for Aspiring Actors:

Oh and for aspiring actors - apparently you guys are being highly sort after by "TOP" directors and producers (I SAID TOP oohhhh not bottom) this 2011/12 so if you are interested in movies make your self known, go to casting calls and auditions, network- cos this year could be your lucky year. The industry heard our complaints about too much recycling and ready to do something about it - but i've been told the actors are being sort out more. The industry needs more than just our current top best Ramsey Nouah, Jim Iyke, Desmond Elliot, John Dumelo, Majid Michel, Mike Ezerounye, Muna Obiekwe and a few others - that is less than 10 top guys, but thankfully/hopefully we got 5 new ones now - Class of 2011 (Paul, Daniel,Alexx, Bryan and Joseph Benjamin) and more are needed.

It is not possible to have a country as big as Nigeria or even as Ghana and just recycle the few that we have been so there needs to be some changes and this is why many our being sort after - Anglophone region of Africa alone is big region with possibly a lot of hidden talent. Gotta have the looks, the diction and with great potential to be great - you dont have to be excellent - you have to have the potential - and an onscreen presence for yall to catch our eye even in your first movie like these three cute guys did - Paul Sambo, Daniel K Daniel and Alexx Ekubo.

I am so excited, and I will post more information on here as i get it - Good luck to you all Aspiring Actors and IF you do get your foot through the door - please take your jobs seriously and be selective ( i cant say this enough).


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Black Hollywood News (May 2011)

Tamera Mowry got married this weekend to her long time boyfriend Adam Housley (bridesmaids included her very heavily pregnant identical twin sister Tia Mowrey Hardict. Will post wedding pix soon. Congratulations Tamera.

Uru Eke Nominated for Bono Awards

Though not necessarily a household name amongst a few movie audiences, Ms Uru Eke has been in nollywood movies for a few years now and definately a star in rising and thus to watch out for.

The first time i notice Uru and her talent was about 4 yrs ago in a movie called "WIDOWS MEN" starring Pete Edochie and Jim Iyke. I just fell in love with her acting and knew instantly she is bound to be a star - she got the complete IT factor and the camera loves her so. We became friends and communicated a few times (and still do) and now I call her a friend. Uru is such a sweet friendly person with such an undeniable subtle graceful beauty and aura about her - you just gotta love her!. Like me, she also grew up in London and still resides there and works an IT professioinal in central London, but whenever times permits and she gets a good selective script she is interested in she flies back home to Nigeria to shoot movies - you could call her bi-coastal.

Amongst few other rising talents, Uru has recently been nominated for in Bono Awards as "MOST PROMISING TALENTED FEMALE" - and that i agree, she is. The BON (Best of Nollywood) Awards, celebrates the accomplishments of Nigeria's actors and filmmakers.

Rest assured you will be seeing more of Uru in the coming months/years. She has already a few good movie lined up fo release including an Emem Isong blockbuster production. Uru has "excellent" on screen chemistry with Jim Iyke as she did in WIDOWS MEN, and i have a few other fellas in mind i would love to see her paired up with for future projects. Watch this space for updates as well as my long overdue one on one interview with her.

Check out some of the clips for Uru's past movies. Enjoy and dont forget to vote for Uru.


Friday, May 13, 2011

GBAM! There U Go - Genevieve Nnaji Wins Monaco Film Festival Award!

My schnookoooms GENEVIEVE NNAJI was awarded the ‘Best Breakthrough Performance’ accolade at the annual Monaco Charity Film Festival (MCFF) last night. A specially selected jury, headed by Russian film actor Oleg Vidov awarded the actress the prize for her gripping role as ‘Teema’ in the 2011 Nollywood movie ‘THE MIRROR BOY.’ The glittering ceremony was held at the prestigious Hermitage Hotel in Monte Carlo.

Now in its 6th year, the Monaco Charity Film Festival is a non‐profit charity event for the benefit of poor children around the world. The festival also helps new and developing filmmakers to find financing and distribution for their films.

Nnaji, who was unable to attend the ceremony said in a statement; “I’m thrilled to have received such an amazing honor from the MCFF. I put a huge amount of passion and love into every role I play so it’s wonderful to be recognized not only in my country Nigeria, but now on the international stage. I would like to thank the MCFF jury, my amazing team, family and of course my fans”

The Mirror Boy is set for general release in UK on June 10, Ghana June 17 and Nigeria June 24. Additional release dates to be announced.


BEST MOVIE – (Unanimous)
FACE TO FACE (Australia) Directed by Michael Rymer

INALE, Director Jetta Amata & Producer Keke Bongos & Hakeem Kae-Kazim

HELLO, HOW ARE YOU? Directed by Alexandru Maftei (Romania)

MORGAN SIMPSON in Black, White & Blues (USA)

EVELYNE ROMPRE in Twice a Woman (Canada)
& JULES BRUFF in Part Time Fabulous (USA)

FACE TO FACE (Australia)

SYLLAS TZOUMERKAS for Homeland (Greece)

LEN ROSEN for Fallen Leaves Golden Sky, (China/Austria)

Philippe Bottiglione for THE RICE PADDY (LA RIZIERE), (China)

LEAVING HONG KONG (Yakutia, Russian Federation)

Most promising DIRECTOR (1st Time Director) (Unanimous)
ALEXANDRU MAFTEI for Hello, How are You? (Romania)

Breakthrough Performance (Actor)

Breakthrough Performance (Actress)

Nne to say we love, appreciate you and our proud of you is an understatement - you Rock!!!!. Chei - This is just a huge breakthrough and at this point - I dont know what to say. Africa is EXTREMELY UTTERLY MUTTERLY Proud of you - am almost in tears- cos this has been a long journey and we all know this was no overnight success - you paid your dues, you were patient, you rose above negativities and it all paid off.

Keep shining girl - we love you so much. We all wait patiently to watch this movie. Gosh am so happy for you girl. Overjoyed. May your cup runneth over Genny - you make us (Africans) hecka proud. Tonight i am going to watch "Sharon Stone" and "Blood sisters" "He Lives in Me" "Not Man Enough" "Butterfly etc etc lol lol lol to reminisce from whence you begun and shed a few tears of joy.

I mentioned this movie here - but if you missed it watch the trailer.

(ps: if I am this excited - imagine after her Oscars someday - I will be doing cart wheels like the clergy at Westminster Abbey after Kate and Williams wedding - but with mine - I will be butt nakid lol lol lol)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

LADIES MEN 1-4 / LOVE and SACRIFICE 1-2 (Movie Review)


Love is sometimes funny. We always fallin love with the wrong people. Is it that we fail to make the right decisions? Some people get everything good in their relationship, but yet they dont appreciate it, while on the other hands other struggle to acuqire what we already have. You dont cherish what you have , but others admire what you have. Folks protect your love, cos if you lose him/her, its hard to find

Ms Tilii's version: Ok so now that we finished typing all that grammar off the DVD box (lol), let me just put the syponosis of this movie in simple terms. Its about 4 couples going through the ups and downs of relationships in life that every average person faces everyday - Some with the wrong people - others with the right people yet dont appreciate it.

The Ladies

-Mercy Johnson as Mirabel
-Funke Akindele as Samantha
-Halima Abubakar as Sandra
-Ruth Kadiri as Vanessa
-Queen Nwokoye as Magaret/Maggie

-Nazareth Jesse (aka Naz) as Jemima

The Gentlemen

-Paul Sambo as Kelvin
-Daniel K Daniel as Benard
-Chigozie Atuanya - Mike
-Femi Adebayo as Richie
-Alex Ekubo as Jude
-Sam Iheanacho as Charles

PRODUCED BY Ephraim Arinze

CO PRODUCED BY Stanley C Ebonnie
DIRECTED BY Afam Okereke

CASTING DIRECTOR: Stanley C Ebonnie - great casting Oga!!
I must admit, I really enjoyed this movie, and though i will not put any movie rated less than 8/10 on my shelve, this is going on my shelve - its a nice movie i can enjoy when i have friends over. Everybody can relate to one character or the other in one point in their lives

The Acting: The acting by all cast was very good, and you cannot help but notice the new male actors (well they may not necessarily be new but they are new to the most of us). They are namely Paul Sambo, Daniel K Daniel, Femi Adebayo, Alex Ekubo and Chigozie Atuanya.

Femi Adebayo is not known in English movies but he is a household name in most yoruba movies (which i was watch a alot). Chigozie i already mentioned here, he may not necessarily be a household name, but he has been in the game for a long minute and paid all his dues to be finally getting some shine with some lead roles. All the brothers are fine, and that makes the movie even better..

In the movie all the ladies/guys were going through their own share of relationship problems. We had an Sex Addict (Alex Ekubo's Character), a Workaholic (Charles character), A Mommys Boy (Daniel K Daniel's character), a Womanizer (Femi Adebayo character), The Dictator and physical abuser (Paul Sambo's character) and Mr Push Over or Too Nice to a Fault kinda like Aidan from Sex in the City (Chigozie's Character). Though the acting for almost all of them was "good" in my books, If you ask me the two that caught my eye the most are newbies Paul Sambo and Daniel K Daniel.

Paul Sambo - Kelvin the Abuser/Dictator: was just cute and natural in his acting without even trying too hard - but the physical abuse part of him was really getting on my nerves (kinda like Blair Underwood in movie "Madea's family Reunion" - he is cute and all but I was not liking that).

I wish to see Paul paired up with the likes of Genevieve or Nse IkpeEtim in a romantic movie of some sort. Dont know much about dude but he comes across as a a well trained actor - either - he did some stage plays in the past or maybe belong to some TV series sitcom. He is just a natural on screen without trying too hard (like most of the mediocre actors do) - I say if any of our great producers are reading this, try and write a script with this gentleman in mind. He will do you justice. (PS: oh and did it tell yal he has some great hands and finger nails -See am a neat freak and i pay attention to the hands and clean finger nails - some men pay attention to womens feet - I like the hands - it speaks a lot. NOt to say this has got anything to do with review, but am just saying - Miss Tilii got great eye for detail and i noticed sha lol lol - wink wink ).

In Summary MR PAUL SAMBO we got our eye on you and this journey - welcome to Nollywood. We like you already. We likes We likes. Mmmm

Daniel K Daniel - Ben the mama's boy -Daniel character was a realllllll mommy's boy, cant think for himself - Mommy Mommy Mommy, whatever his mom says goes - and I am sure we can all testify to knowing someone like that in real life.

I also saw Daniel already in a recent movie titled "UNDER" - though I did not rate it that high due to some lackluster acting by a few actresses - the sript was ok, and i will review it later just for the sake of it. In this movie he plays a gay/mistress to Artus Frank (Ok i had to come back and edit this part - someone emailed me saying i cant call a guy a mistress - abeg tell me what do i call a guy having an affair with a married man- MISTERSTRESS?????? I dont run in those circles - maybe I need to drive to their mecca in Midtown Atlanta and ask those queenies - and whilst am it ask them where they get their eyebrows done- cos no one does it better lol). The movie "UNDER which Daniel stars in and has scenes with Artus, was not ewww, or explicit like Muna and JD "Dirty Secret" -but I just paid real good attention to him in particular and he acted well and natural in this role which tells me he could be versatile and we need to watch him closley cos he is bout to climb this ladder fast - IF he chooses good scripts.

Apparently Daniel is also in Izu Ojukwu 2008 movie "THE CHILD" which I am yet to see ( i am tired of complaining of not getting a hold of Izu's work in these parts of the diaspora - I am waiting DESPERATELY to see them all - I am very behind on Izu's movies - cos it is is not available here. I am still waiting - If I havent watched it yet I cant rave about it and there are a lot of ppl in US waiting - so please Mr Ojukwu please make una do). Daniel like Paul - i reallly got my eye on. I want to see Daniel play opposite Ini Edo, Mercy Johnson or Martha Ankomah or some new face talent actress we dont know yet. You best believe I am hinting to some folks to use him. So DKD like i said, please be selective - i truly wish you be selective. The money maybe tempting but - I promise being selective will pay off in the long run.

I was quite impressed with both Paul and Daniel considering they just got in this acting thing (at least i assume or as a movie watcher this is the first time am seeing them so i consider them new). Exactly what i have been wanting to see, cute, handsome, eloquent and "NATURALLY" articulate without forcing it and can bring the character to life. The camera loves these new fellas and so do we (the ladies). I really want to see more of all these guys, they are a breath of fresh air after the years of same ole same ole recycling of the old. (ps: and Oh Daniel got some cute lips/smile i tell ya, first it was Joseph Benjamin- now Daniel, Chei i guess i gotta get my meeni meeni mini mo on lol). Thank God we ladies wanted some pin ups and we gradually we getting em.

Chigozie Atuanya - Mike - Mr Too Nice to A Fault or Mr Pushover: Now this character was just like Sex in the City Aidan (the best guy for Carey yet she was still in love with Mr Big). Looking at this character some men will say "Women dont like good guys" its always the bad guy who will treat them wrong - but abeg oga dont generalise. Some women like good guys as such. He did all any good man will do to please his woman - but his woman walked all over him and treated him like he was not worth a dime. When he loved - he genuinely loved. Mike was a real gentleman - the kind every good woman should have - In Love & Sacrifice even after Mirabel tried to cheat on him and he found out, he was angry like any normal person would be - but as a real gentleman that he was - as they left the ranch - he still found it in him to open the door for his lady to sit down in the car. Am like "GTFOH" - THESE TYPE OF MEN DO NOT EXIS joh - make i hear word -. But honestly Chigozie if this is how you are in real life - then kudos to you brother - cos you are the last of the Mohicans. Chei.

Femi Adebayo - Richie the serial womanizer: Between the Pervert (Alex Ekubo's character) and Richie's i dont know who was worse. Adebayo's acting was neither here or there with his acting and I cant really rave about it, but i guess with time, in english movies, he will grow more comfortable like he is, in the yoruba movies. Oh Mr womanizer will cheat on you before you could say "Jack Robinson" and got his apology on track - the ultimate player. He'll be on his knees, eyes all squinted like he is about to cry, voice all sweet & lo, and will say things like.

[Quote]"I swear on my honor all i want is for you and I to be together, and never apart" "Please Mirabel dont shut me out, I know i am not deserving of your love but this is a lost man trying to find himself, so please Mirabel dont Push me Out, Show me the way Mirabel and I will definately follow your lead" -[/Quote]

After spewing all those grammar - he will tell you to meet him at a restaurant at 8pm that evening - only to stand you up while he does what he does best - this self acclaimed lost man will just trip and fall into another womans ***** (ok let me stop here) like magic and then call you the following day and tell you he was in a car accident thats why he couldnt turn up and the mumu girlfriend will believe every word of it. Sometimes too he will use reverse pshychology on you even when he was wrong and still his mumu girl will fall for it. Chei Women don suffer. I guess is the power of that magic stick - will make some women act like blind fools. If you have a friend like Mirabel - please slap some senses into that skull of hers to wake her up before they walk into a ditch.

Sometimes Adebayo's delivery was quite lame in just a few parts and the "I love your HHHH-eyes" and "Mirabel is "I"story (as in H"istory) he kept saying it, and at first i didnt catch that but with time i understood he meant to say "I Love Your Eyes" - (that "H" thing was too much lol) none the less Femi like the rest is also a cute man and i love his smile. He did well nonetheless in most of the scenes. Though a womanizer he still knew never to hit a woman and always tried to advice his brothe Kelvin. He had conscience and I enjoyed watching him. I truly truly look forward to seeing him more in english movies. Like Funke - he knew when to throw in a few funny yoruba lines too - and i liked that.

Alex Ekubo - Jude the Bonified Certified Pervet: (Mr I want sex 6 times a day chei) plays the sex addicted boyfriend to Halima Abubakar character. He did a good job and I wish him well in this movie acting thing. He didnt have but a few scenes/lines in Pt 1 of the movie but nonetheless he played his role very convincingly and that is the most important thing. I wanted to slap the sense out his head when he tried raping Halimas 12yr old cousin. I was like what an idiot - you need to give Eric Benet a call and get ya self some help dude. Do what you do best, lock ya self in the bathroom and use your hands and some towels and leave this poor girl (Halima) alone. What is she - your "Everready" battery or something. lol - I dont know if Jude's kind exist in this world - his own was too much and if there is his kind, then God help them. Its beyond sickness. Chei. I wonder if Eric Benets one (with Halle Berry) was this bad. (i just had to come back to edit this part of the thread - Aleexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Ekuboooooooo - chei - Make una start some facebook FANPAGE or something (cos if not some idiot is bound to create a fake one on ya behalf like they did for Majid,Ramsey and the likes) - The personal emails and comments i have been getting from females from all over is too much. I am getting emails and comments about Paul, Daniel and Chigozie too, but with Alex I have lost count of women writing to me in the past week and especially today asking me who you are and how to get in contact with you. Chei See women? - the baddest guy of them all - the sex addict - Mr 6 times a day before noon - thats the one they want to know about) - Also two separate guys here in the states also contacted me asking me for your publicist - one claims he is an movie maker based here in the states and has a perfect script in mind for you (Alex)- So please Alex if you have a publicist - please tell them to go HERE and send me some info of you (I want your publicist to contact me) and let me pass it on to that inquirer (Mr inquirer if you are reading this send me ya contact too). Women - Abeg I dont know Alex oohhh - he is just as new to me as he is to you - but clearly you have all shown me yall want it be tore up (undercover freaks lol lol lol - u r laughing abi??)- Go ahead and seek him - I will do my best to interview him if that will make you happy - that is - if he grants me one. Let me know what type of questions you want me to ask if i get that opportunity). I have also gotten many emails asking me these one liners "What is the name of the guy who played "Jude" - lol lol - see if you took patience - you will notice i mentioned him many times and THE NAME OF THE GUY WHO PLAYS JUDE IS - ALEXXXX OHHHHH!!!!! - JUDE'S NAME IS ALEX EKUBO, chei. Ms Tilii don tire- See, apart from Genevieve and a few producer/director friends and industry folks- all the rest of Nollywood I have NEVER EVER met - I dont know them and Mr Alex is included - and even if i did i will run away from him (lol lol lol) - clearly some of you are brave and wont run - cos you are ready to hug on him. Lol Lol Lol (oh lord - this is all in fun sha). By Popular Demand i have pinned him up as HUNK OF THE MONTH for you ladies. Hia!! i hope you are all satisfied.

Sam Iheanacho - Charles The Workaholic - was married to his job - everything else was secondary. I know first hand this kind of person. A character that is so annoying - cos they really know how to ignore one like they dont even exist in the same room and just go about the money chasing job stuff. The actor who played this character (still looking for his name in the credits) - did an ok job. At least his role was convincing. These type of guys are so frustruating. Charles played his character well cos i was very frustruated with him too. In one scene this is a conversation between him and his ex - as he is begging for forgiveness

Charles: "I quit"; Maggies: "Quit What?" Charles: My Job;

Maggie: Ok, uhhmmm, how can you quit a job you own"

I had to laugh at that - and mind you all this while Charles is pleading his damn phone is still ringing off the hook and he is answering business calls - imagine the ultimate nerve!!!)

FOR THE LADIES, everyone did very well, including Queen Nwokoye whose acting I have never really cared for in the past, (and like Chigozie she has also been in the industry the longest as compared to the rest of the female cast). The other lady who played the roommate to Mercy and Halima - Nazareth Jesee (played Jemima) i dont have much to say about her acting - it was just ok . The best actress goes to Funke, followed by Queen, Mercy, Ruth, and Halima.

Funke Akindele as you would expect, brought it. Dont get it twisted - she can acted well in her yoruba movies but also in english movies. This time unlike movie "White Hunters" or "Jenifa" she was not playing any illiterate type character , but one of the ladies dating one of the guys (Paul Sambo character) - yet Pauls physically abused her constantly. Everything Funke does makes me laugh -for example when she confronted her boyfriends mom and gave her, her piece of mind and never failed to rattle her few yoruba lines-(but whenever i watch her I still cant shake of her illiterate characters like "Jenifa" or "Omo Ghetto" off my head cos she does it so effortless and is so hilarious in her characters). Funke is very eloquent because lets not forget in real life Funke is a well educated and was a certified trained lawyer before she turned into acting (many dont know this fact)-Funke Akindele is an excellent actress and i am glad she is slowly coming back to her roots of english movies which she started off with - she has the best of both worlds - I love me some Funke.

The first time i saw Funke Akindele in a movie was in "Sharon Stone" starring Genevieve about 10yrs ago, where she only had a cameo role but I never forgot her. I know she was bound to be a star and even back then, she was still funny ("Kaalllluuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!) - playing the girl who, Stephnora's Okereke Fiance character cheated with (talk about actress Stephnora where is she? I miss her).

I wish more of our english african movies will allow the characters to speak their native language lines in between scenes and subtitle them - i personally like that. Most South African soap operas are like that and it makes foreigners learn from it. Like in most south african soap operas they will be speaking their normal english but every now and then they throw in a line of zulu in there and i think its so cute - i pick up on words so easily and it sticks. The actors in nollywood known for such are Bob Manuel Udokwu and his side kick Saint Obi (if you get these two in a movie - its a wrap lol - though its may be an english movie - i guarantee they will rattle a few of their igbo lines in there somewhere - and its cute i think). Patience Ozorkwor does it sometimes too and the king of them all actor Chiwetalu Agu (lol) - Chiwetalu is the male version of Patience - in his coniving characters. I am always looking at him with a side eye like he is always up to no good. lol

Mercy Johnson did very well too but her character gave women a bad look acting so desperate for a guy who showed and desmonstrated time without number He is just not into you. She kept persisting like a mumu - am like dahn girl get some dignity, I dont care how BIG he is lol. The man doesnt want you - move on. But Mercy, girrrrrrrrrrllllllll u know i love you but i gotta tell it like it is - cos thats my name - sometimes in your characters when you are trying to act surprise or shy, the emotions you play is way overboad, Aba! its as though you are are bout to have a heart attack or something. I mean like you and Chigozie's character in house, as you two are about to kiss - am like, "oh! whatever Mercy, just get on with this kiss and stop acting like we need to call 911 cos you bout to get some heart attack". Ogini???. I mean you are trying act all shy/surprise like "I dont want" and every thing but - girrrrrlllll it is not that deep. Its starts off natural then becomes borderline annoying. Watch your own movies and critique your self in such scenes.

Mercy you are a EXCELLENT actress (one of my favourites) and i dont want you to be predictable in any scene - Please surprise me. I dont want to put you in the same category as i put Tontoh Dikeh were her outburst or rage scenes are always predictable cos you know whats coming (i always roll my eyes and like "here we go again" - "Vein popping on her neck and speaking with force to emphasize her strong points on an issue OR like Chika Ike who ALWAYS has the same facial expression in most scenes no matter what the moment is - that frustruated look where she has frown lines at her temple - whether its a scene of happiness, sadness, surprise, shock - anything - same facial expression - i can never differentiate when Chika is happy, surprised or sad. Stay clear away from that Mercy - you are too good an actress to be predictable in any scene.

Queen Nwokoye like is stated before played her role well and I was quite impressed - personally I'd say this is the best i have seen her. But Chaley that hot dirty slap for a ring? - No m'aam. You can keep your 1/4 quarter carat ring as i knee you in your balls for slapping me. Anuofia!!! She played her role very well. But seriously you and Mercy - what was with the green contacts. It was not necessary - you all looked beautiful as you are.

Ruth Kadiri who plays Sandra in this movie , was also the one who wrote the storyline of this movie, and as an actress she is good and has great potential to be better. She writes good movies and I like that. Good luck to her. In one scene she is mad at her boyfriend and poor bobo is on his knees begging and everything, and she looks at him dead in the eye and ask him, "You know what?" -he ask "what" - she responds "Your Breath Stiiiiiiiiiiinnninks" !!- Gosh i nearly choked on my water when i watched her say that - am like chei Ruth - you are funny ooh - what kind of wicked statement is that. No remorse even though the man is on his knees begging. Nice one Ruth, to put that in the script - I liked that.

Halima Abubakar as Sandra - I was quite impressed with Halima (and i have never been with any of her past movies either)- she did very well. Halima has potential to be a very good actress. She played her role very well and i like the fact that she even pressed charges towards her guy for the stunt he pulled - That sent a message to women - cos i know some women may have let it slide. I look forward to see you in such good scripts Halima - its about time you bow out of the Campus and Aristos type movies or always someones friend - someday i hope to see you in a lead role where the director /producer can make you shine to bring the best out of you - but i guess you have to work your way up to demand screen presence - I wish you the Best Halima - I like you.


Nazareth Jesse as Jemima - she played the roommate to Halima and Mercy's character. Like i said before i cant rave about her acting - it was just "OK" - but she played nice overrall especially dating the mama's boy (Ben) with the mama from hell. Personally i dont think she and Daniel K Daniel had any on screen chemistry - maybe if Afam, Ruth and the rest of the crew decide to continue with this movie - they might want to pair her up with Charles (Mr Workaholic) instead - I saw that flirting going on at the Ranch

The one scene in the movie i still dont understand and was wondering whether this is the new trend back in naija or something, was when Queen Nwokoye got one unexpected hot dirty slap from her boyfriend Femi Adeboyo character, and then immediately after he proposes marriage to her with a surprise ring, and she gladly saids yes, as she holds onto her broken sore jaw (i laughed so hard,yet scratch my head confused like "WTF was that?" - I said surprise me but DAMMMMMMNNNN!!!!!!!! as Chris Tucker will say to Ice Cube in the movie "FRIDAY"). Is that suppose to be sexy or something. I guess the new Millenium -

There was another proposal scene at the end of the movie with a ring stuck in a cake - am like chei African man go kill person finish oohh - So this is suppose to be a creative way to surprise your chic with an engagement ring - right in middle of the cake, so if I didnt see the ring and i eat the cake - it gets in my stomach. I guess anything is better than a hot slap lol lol. I'd rather swallow a ring than get slapped BUT nothing beats a stupid proposal than the British Man who put a $12,000 ring on a ballon to propose to his chic, and he approached his chick gleaming like an anuofia fool - before he could say Jack Robinson the ballon and the $12,000 ring flew out of his hands into thin air and he NEVER found the ring again. If you were his girlfriend - what would you do. Some one needs to write a book to show MEN how to really propose to their women. Its a long overdue book.

I dont like to give movies away by telling the whole story (this is the most i have given out for any movie review), but lets just say the movie was one of the most enjoyable movies i have seen since the beginning of the 2011. Besides this movie like any other nollywood movie do a good enough job by giving the story away within the first 5 mins of the movie by the simple ridiculous music lyrics (see the bottom of the page for the lyrics in blue and sing along with me)

ITS FUNNY IN LIFE HOW THOSE YOU LOVE/WANTS DONT LOVE/WANT THE SAME, YET THOSE WHOM YOU DONT LOVE/CARE FOR ARE THE ONES WHO LOVE YOU THE MOST. Life is so funny and which ever way you look at it EVERYBODY on this planet want and search for one thing - TO LOVE ONE AND BE LOVED BACK EQUALLY - yet the majority are wasting their time loving the wrong people who do not love them the same and they in turn loving others who dont love them. Seek ye first the..... and the rest will follow. Many are seeking the wrong things and creating such a web for themselves when the love could be found so easily - sometimes its staring us right in our faces. The Question is are you with the one you are suppose to be with or you are just filling space and time until the right one comes along? Examine this question and answer that to your self.

Ruth Kadiri (screenplay) and Afam Okereke(director) if you are reading this I personally think this movie can easily turn into some sort of continous series, so you and your team should think about it. It ended on a good note but could easily continue. Also you could twist it up a notch where by this time its not just mainly the guys with the issues, but the women with the issues. We dont want the audience to brand you Terry McMillan like you were male bashing any man in this movie with their characters.

THEME: Relationships, Love, Sex, Romance, Heartbreaks, Break Ups, Make Ups, Abuse, Rape, Sex Addiction, Workaholic, Womanizer.

RUNNING TIME: 120 mins

(this is not a movie you can watch with kids, some scenes are not appropriate)

I bet you are all wondering if i liked this movie this much why did it loose three points - the movie lost its points particularly for me are the scene that we should have witnessed but did not, and then the narrative part of it which i think was so unnecessary.

I think the height of the could have been the final part (Love and Sacrifice) when all hell broke loose at the vacation ranch - after all the partners realise their other counterparts were cheating with each other. One scene we see they were all given invites by the hotel manager to a party (which was going to be a surprise cos each other did not know the other was at the same vacation ranch)- the next minute we get a narrative telling us what happened but we never actually see it happen. I wanted to see the part where Magaret and Vanessa supposedly jumped on Samantha for trying to get with Kelvin (that was Samantha's mission whilst on vacation - "to get a last quickie with EXie" lol) -that whole bit was narrated to us and i was like "WTF" - i wanted to see that - dont tell me it - let me see it. So points were lost for not seeing that part.

The other parts i was not really feeling was the narrative bit. I mean at the start of the movie you see this lady who is supposedly some sort of relationship therapist/adviser or what not, in a group session with a bunch of ladies, whereby they play a clip/scene of the movie and they discuss the different types of characters of the men and women in the movie. Sometimes the therapist poses a question from a scene in a movie they's just watched and asked the ladies their opinion - their responses to the questions were sometimes blahhhh and border line embarassing (am like huhh? what did she say??). Their acting (if you could call it that) was bad and the whole narrative bit was sooooo boring and not necessary. I even forgot they existed in the movie.) - The lady who played the counselor was just as worse as the girls playing the extras just sitting there with no emotion and blah look on their faces just filling space. The acting was just so pitiful in those sections you have no choice than to put ya fingers on your FORWARD button like i always do enduring such lackluster acting.

Also the sex scenes though only 2 scenes (Jude banging his interviewee + Richie with banging his ?? whilst he stood his girlfriend up at the restaurant)- i personally think it coulda been toned down a notch to make it more descent - but then again when Hos cheat with other peoples men (aka DOGS), what the dogs do to them is not necessarily "love making", so i guess there is nothing descent about it). If you have any children in your home you may want to send them to go to your room to fetch your earrings underneath the bed, when those scenes come on. I am just warning yall just in case. There is no rating on the DVD box- if i were them i will rate it 18. Nonetheless I dont think the sex scenes overshadowed the movie or story line (its not the booty crack & breast showing kind)- but none the less its not appropriate for a young person (whatever that means these days) to watch that scene.

This catch was nothing big and many would not catch it but am a perfectionist and watch everything wtih every lil detail especially movies and this scene they (the movie makers thought they could simply slide in and no one would notice was) in Ladies Gang - when Mirabel (Mercy) was begging Mike (Chigozie) forgiveness - that scene was suppose to be at the ranch - but they showcase the begging scene in Mike Living room. This is how i caught it, So in one scene Mirabel wearing a short green dress - is on her knees begging Mike in his living room, then Mike said "I dont regret going on that vacation" ("that" vacation is past tense meaning they are not at the ranch right? ) - however he goes on to say - let me take u home - and then the scene switches to him pulling Mirabels lil luggage thru the parking lot of the ranch - whereby Jemima is standing at the parking lot to bade her friend (Mirabel) good bye. I scratched my head like wait a minute -Ohhh yall think yall slick huh?. How do you show a scene of Mikes living room one minute and next minute they are at the vacation ranch. The first begging scene between Mirabel & Mike should have simply been shot in their hotel suite, and not Mikes supposed living room with the brown leather sofas. Some of us caught it - am just saying.

I initially talked bout the movie here and finally it has been distributed nationwide on DVD so for those of you who dont own it - contact your dealer now and grap ya copies before it runs out - make sure you get all 3 parts and treat a family/friend by buying some for them too - they will appreciate it.

After careful thought i have decided to create a page where i can list all the publicist for all the stars - that is if they have one and they care for me to list it on this blog for free. Think about it - its free ad - it makes it so much easier for people in the diaspora (hopefully professionals) who want to get in contact with you for business to do so - I dont need any of your personal contact - all i need is your PR contact - if you dont have one get one. Also Face book is free so for your growing fans create a free page they can "LIKE" and not bombard your personal pages.


So in Conclusion To my Review
Sing Along with me



I am saying you gotta give it to Nollywood / Ghana Movies (THEY ARE UNIQUE INDEED - we hate it yet we love it lol) - they are the only ones that will have a movie sound score (scratch that the word "sound score" this word is too sophisticated) - They are the only ones who will have background music whose lyrics are a dead given away for the story line of the movie - Hmmmm but what can we do sha! - its nollywood/africa - They do what they want to do. Even the movie credits for Love & Sacrifice spelt it wrong and said "LOVE and SCAREFACE!!!!! - but me i wont say anything ooh - If i talk now they will say Ms Tilii pior pior pior, I talk too much. lol lol lol.


(Google Blogger - I am getting reallty frustruated with this spacing thingy - ah ah - whats going on - I fix it and take the spaces out and it gives it triple space - Ogini???)

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