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SOMEWHERE IN AFRICA (An Upcoming Ghanaian Movie)

By Miss Tilii

Well I guess after "Heart of Men" by Frank Arase which i hated, he may probably redeem himself this new upcoming movie titled "Somewhere In Africa" which by watching the trailer looks like the type of movie that could easily make it into a global film festival and i wish that for them (GRANTED ITS NOT A STRAIGHT JACK FROM South African movie "SARAFINA" from way back when - after all Raj and his Venus crew have never been known to be that creative anyway - its like a huge challenge for them)- Frank prove us all wrong that you can really write a good script and give a great production that is not MEDIOCRE.

Though Frank has a lot of movies behind his belt - but the only one i liked to date and cared for was "Crime To Christ" which i watched In November 2007 starring Magid and i predicted this boy is going to go far - Majid is a method actor and he studied and literally became the character of Tony. After that movie i never really cared for any of Frank's movies including the infamous Beyonce - though amass love it - but hey! to each his own.

So Frank if you could write good movies like this why didnt you all this while and wasted people time with the Heart of Men, Beyonce and all that nonsense - come out the box and do something different - i hope this movie proves me wrong about you. I am glad you were able to tell this story prevalent in Africa and its many civil war nations and not just sit there for Hollywood to come tell the story and gain oscar awards and nominations for it like "King of Scotland" of "Blood Diamonds" did. WE OWN THESE STORIES (and these tragedies are nothing to be proud of) but am saying WE HAVE TO TELL THESE STORIES and am glad Frank you took a different route this 2011 in your production.

If you watching the trailer wondering whats with accent - well i dont know - I guess the movie is based on fiction or truth of a civil war torned country in some part of Africa where military overthrew government to take power. Ghana did have military overthrowing government once (JJ Rawlings) - and granted ppl vanished and died anonymously and mysteriously, but it never amounted to a civil war with such mass killings (Shedding blood or getting into wars is the last results for "MOST" Ghanaians and thus why we have never had a civil war ever!-we try to avoid war at all cost - We Cherish Peace, its like a recipe passed down from generation, and by Gods grace will do so forever! some have even called us cowards or timid cos of the "I dont want trouble attitude" we carry, but thats ok "We will be the last cowards standing - ALIVE!")

Am curious to learn more about this movie - whether its fiction or truth and if true based on which country's story. The accent i heard Majid, Eddie Nartey, Roselyn Ngissah speak were more of a southern or eastern african accent - I cant make it out. The town which Majid even named (FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF KIMPALA) is not any town in Ghana. Be warned that some parts of the movie may be too graphic for kids especially the killing parts - its extremely graphic, so dont watch with kids.

For ghanaian veteran actor like David Dontoh to say yes to this script and agree to work in it tells me a lot about what to look forward to in this movie, cos David does not say yes to just any script. Not at all. HE IS OUR ONE AND ONLY DAVID DONTOH - WELL ACCLAIMED AND VETERAN ACTOR GHANA HAS EVER PRODUCED.

I (Miss Tilii) said it here first - Majid Michel will win an international film festival award for his performance in this movie - how do i know when i havent seen the movie yet, well like I said - you heard it here first (April 17 2011). Dont ask me how i know - I just do, and my predictions are almost always on point when it comes to african movies (i live movies lol)- if you like bet with me. As i mentioned here in the Rising Stars to Watch out for, and two of the ladies i mentioned are in this movie: Martha Ankomah as well as Roselyn Ngissah

Starring: David Dontoh, Majid Michel, Martha Ankomah, Roselyn Ngissah, Kofi Adjorlolo


Produced: Frank Raja Arase - Heroes Production

Directed By:

Watch Trailer:

Will add more info later - so watch this space.

Kudos Frank - you "MAY" have got it right this time - we wait to judge. Frank Raj and Raj Production (as well as your Venus sidekick) - prove and show us for once in your movie production life - that you can be creative and unique in your work and not steal from any bodys script. I just hope not one scene is stolen from Sarafina (trailer below)

Commentary Below by Francis Addo

IN THE wake of numerous upheavals sweeping across the world, an award-winning new Ghanaian movie, 'Somewhere In Africa' , retells the story of how some African regimes have been maltreating its citizenries. In the last few months, the African continent has recorded a number of uprisings in countries such as Egypt, Tunisia and Ivory Coast, and an ongoing conflict in Libya, which has claimed hundreds of human lives.

The new Ghanaian movie couldn't have come at a better time despite reports that it only coincided with the upsurge in the unrests. It was shot sometime in October last year in locations outside Accra, and is expected in the cinemas this year. Directed by Frank Rajah and produced by Heroes production in collaboration with Raj Films, it stars Majid Michel as a dictator. Other award-winning actors in the movie include David Dontoh, Kofi Adjorlolo, Rev. Eddie Kofi, Roselyn Ngissah, Martha Akomah, Amanorbea Dodoo, Eddie Nartey and a tall list of others. 'Somewhere In Africa' follows in the traditions of award-winning and freedom crusading movies such as ' Hotel Rwanda' (2004), 'The Last King of Scotland' and ' Sarafina' (1992), among others, which were based on real events in Africa. ' Hotel Rwanda' is about genocide events in 1994 in Rwanda while 'Sarafina' is centred on riots during South Africa's apartheid era when students opposed the implementation of Afrikaans as the language of instruction in schools. 'The Last King of Scotland' is also about the dictatorship rule of Idi Amin in Uganda.

' Somewhere In Africa' is also plotted around the dictatorship regimes. Currently, the movie is being described by industry people as 'the next big movie to come out of Africa. The days of having foreigners to come and tell our stories in a messy way are over. 'Somewhere In Africa' looks at the reality behind the various dark reigns that have tormented our Africa.' The movie will be launched in Johannesburg, South Africa, on May 13, 2011, ahead of a grand premiere in Accra at the Ghana National Theatre later. By Francis Addo



bestting said...

looks a little lyk SARAFINA...but i'll watch it love Majid and Martha..and I know our country Ghana is the most peaceful country in Africa

Gifty said...

I saw the trailer of it on facebook and it reminded me of Sarafina a little bit. The whole school scene and singing parts were very similar to Sarafina. And the song the guy is singing at the funeral sounds like zulu or sotho... "hele manba oo" sounds like the song "Sechaba" in Sarafina. Maybe i'm wrong.
Anyway, Martha Ankomah looks soo young in this movie! Well, can't wait to see it.

yehni djidji said...

I agree with you it will surely be an award winning movie...
Martha Ankoma is very cute and look adorable in this role which I presume is different from her "sexfull" usual character...
Here is the adress of a longer trailer...

Nollywood forever said...

What I'm wondering is. why is Majid in blackface?

william said...

I saw the trailer and i have to say I wasnt too impressed. Granted it has a huge cast and big production but if the trailer is any indicator i think the story is rather cliche. African dictator brutalising and committing unspeakable atrocities on its people.....i really hope when the movie is released i'm proved wrong.

Anonymous said...

Can't we have new faces for a change? I mean, is Majid Michel the only actor in Ghana? If you can only field the likes of Michel, Dumelo and Adjorlolo constantly, then there must be shortage of actors!

Noir37 said...

I cant wait to watch this film. Something a little different. Great actors and actresses.

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