Friday, April 15, 2011

Shining The Light on CHIGOZIE ATUANYA

By Miss Tilii

photocredits: Chigozie Atuanya

I just want to shine a lil light on this brotha cos lately i have been watching him and paying real good attention . Chigozie has been in the game of acting for a while now and is one of those guys you would say has really paid his dues. When i started watching him about 11 years ago - all he ever played was a brother to someone or a friend, he was never a main character. I always thought he was cute (gorgeous smile he has) and a good actor - but not necessarily one you would have described as a "great actor" but he was one of those you instantly knew had potential, yet all he seem to do was coast along with no memorable performance.

He went MIA (missing in action) for a couple of years 2006-2007, but lately he has resurfaced and in my opinion he is doing better than i ever seen him. In the past - no role he played ever stood out (he just coasted like many do today) so i never really paid attention.

Granted ridiculous movie "Blackberry Babes" was in my opinion a silly movie not worth purchasing (yet you can borrow it to watch if you just want a laugh or you are simply bored) - he played his character very well as the convincing Igbo International Business Man EMEKA who was dating OGE OKOYE's character. Being that he is igbo himself in real life, he however doesnt speak like his character did, but that igbotic accent he put on was convincing and funny as hell.

Look out for him in upcoming movie LADIES MEN / LOVE & SACRIFICE - a movie screenplayed by RUTH KADIRI - if you get a hold of this movie I encourage you to buy it - its worth it. I am still waitiing for my DVD copy -(Ruth wuzzup with yall USA distribution - it still very delayed)

I think with great direction and a good script he can do very well. Besides he's cute so thats a plus for the ladies. In our movie industry you cant count but on your fingers actors whom you would describe as being very good or great actors and handsome at the same time. Just watch out for him. I hope he gets better with time and be selective in his choice of movies.

Word of advice to all actors and actresses -I have said it here and i will say it again - unless you have a one breakthrough movie with a phenemenal performance that audience will ALWAYS remember, all you are doing is just coasting along and getting paid and in todays industry there are a lot of "coasting along" type actors and actresses (typical example: Chika Ike - not one memorable movie / performance girl has done to date -ultimate coaster). You need to aim to get a good script with a good director to make you the headline and for you to give us (the audience) the best performance ever, that will forever remain in our memory and ofcourse thats when your name also sticks in our heads and we shall call you a household names - an actor or an actress the majority remember - remembered for your great performance - and not your looks. Once you have acted for at least 3 odd years always playing a friend/daughter/son etc in roles, its about time to move on up, and convince someone to cast you in a lead (pray about it) - if you deserve it by your great performance. Yes it is easier said that done to get a big headline role, but maybe in your little role if you act excellent someone might take notice and give you a chance. Uche Iwuji started acting in Jurassic Park days (meaning "long long time" ) and forever played a friend in every role until she slowly faded out and we dont see her anymore. She had great potential but it didnt go far.

There was talks amongst some veteran movie watchers that Ini Edo only caught a big break with her breakthrough movie "World APart" (released in 2004) because she was fortunate at that time she was casted - that was the time of the "BIG 8 BAN" which included Genevieve (if you scratching ya head as you read this wondering what was the big 8 ban - lol - it was a some ridiculous silly ban of the top actors/actresses in nollywood in 2004 to 2005, cos Idumuta marketers claimed their demand fees to act was too much. I thought that was one of the silliest thing ever) - but anyway - Personally i feel whether or not Ini caught her big break because the best were on ban and away from site, I dont care - all i know is with this was one opportunity to prove her self - she did one heck of a job with that role, and nobody can deny that. I still give her the respect for that role she played. She got one chance to prove her self and she went all out - with no stone unturned; so right after World Apart thats when everybody started raising their eyebrow to this new girl call Ini. People like myself will go to my dealer and was asking "Do yo have that movie with that girl in World Apart" -and gradually her name stuck in my mind. WORLD APART was produced and directed by Tchidi - and you cant go wrong working with one of the greatest producers such as Tchidi especially on a traditional village theme movie like World Apart was. It was Pure classic and very enjoyable to watch. Ini played a convincing village bush girl very well. And talk of the ban - i wish they give audience a chance to ban coasters - lord knows Miss Tilii will be banning ppl left right center. The following actresses and their breakthrough movies which made them household names for us to always remember were.

- GENEVIEVE NNAJI (movie: Sharon Stone 1, 2, 3 by Adim Williams)

- INI EDO (movie: World Apart by Tchidi Chikere)

- MERCY JOHNSON (movie: The Maid by ??)

- RITA DOMINIC (movie: ALL MY LIFE by Tchidi Chikere)

If you dont own movie WORLD APART (released 2004) produced by my favourite producers TCHIDI CHIKERE - i think you should try and get it - matter of fact - try and get ALL of TCHIDIs old movies - Collectors item you can watch over and over and over again. I guard mine with iron hands - no body can borrow my Genevieve or my Tchidi or my Emem movies. They are all in the special place in video libary labeled "cant touch this" - warning to my grogro cousins and friends who dont know rules to borrowing and returning ON TIME - once ya name is crossed out in my black book - ya borrowing days are over. If i can turn all these DVDs to blue ray version i would - but there is hope cos most of these movies i watched on VHS, then VCD and now i have them on DVD.

In order not to deviate from my topic - all am saying is Chigozie - am watching you and i wish you blessings and favour. You have paid your dues and been in this game long enough and i hope you become successful and in demand for lead roles to shine this 2011. Like I always say be selective - say "No" to all the wrong roles and "Yes" to that 1 role - all you need is that one big role and the sky is the limit. I got my eye on every single actor / actress in the industry - and believe me i do take notice - even extras standing by the side. If i see you in one tiny act which catches my eye, I will mention you.


talking about Tchidi - he will be in my next month "WE SALUTE YOU" person. I dont think he gets enough shine and respect - especially when it comes to awards - He has done some major excellent classic movies in the past. Tchidi Chikere (and Adim Williams) were the number 1 producer/director who got me liking nollywood movies and i will never forget him for that.


Anonymous said...

Hoping to see this cute guy in more leading roles.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ms Tilli,

Loved the Article.

The Maid was produced and Directed by Kenneth Nnebue. This is the guy that Produced and Directed the film that launched the Nollywood Era - The Igbo film, Living In Bondage (1993).

Kenneth later went on to make the first English Nollywood movie - Glamour Girls.

I have a feeling you already know all this. LoL

Miss T-i-l-i-i (African Movie Reviews) said...

Oh whao see why i love my readers, You always keep me informed. NO i did not know this fact, Ms Tilii doesnt know everything. I learn from you just as much as you learn from me. Thank You.

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