Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I'LL TAKE MY CHANCES (New Upcoming Movie by Emem Isong and Ini Edo)

New Actor and Former Mr Nigeria Bryan Okwarra

(ok someone get me a glass of water cos i think i cant breath - I mean how is this even possible - Chei. But Lord please let him be a good actor and not have the VV syndrome, Please.)

Ini and Bryan

Ini posing and rocking her beautiful ghanastyle corn-rows hairstyle - I love it

Ini and Bryan

Ini in a scene crying

Shrine Scene

PRESS RELEASE –‘ I’ll Take My Chances’.


Just when we thought we had seen all there was to Emem Isong, she is at it again! The workaholic producer has embarked on her most ambitious project yet, - a big budget dance movie titled 'I'll Take My Chances'! ‘I’ll Take My Chances’ is the next big budget Nollywood film to take Nigeria by storm. When you combine the creative genius of Emem Isong with solid directing by Desmond Elliot and scintillating acting from Ini Edo, what do you expect? Joining the trio on the set is veteran actor, Sam Loco Efe and new entrant, former Mr Nigeria Bryan Okwarra. The production is executive produced by Emem Isong & Ini Edo. They are ably supported by a large cast of professional dancers and together, they showcase a magical story of dance, drama, love and intrigue. Parts of the movie, are being shot in Lagos and some scenic areas in Cross River State.


(By Bola Aduwo)

“I’ll take my chances” is a tale of love, passion and dance. I.K is a young Theatre Arts graduate that majored in dance in America and is passionate about it. He hopes to stage a drama called “Drumbeats” and scouts all over for sponsorship together with his American girlfriend Gisele and they are both hopeful to find it. He however has to go for his Youth Service Orientation in the rustic village of Ikot Uyai in Cross River State and there meets the enigmatic and beautiful Idara (Ini Edo). Despite their obvious differences, the two are drawn together but Idara harbours a dark secret. She has been selected to be the next High Priestess of Unek, a deity that is worshipped by her people through dance. Torn between her love for I.K and her duty to obey the call of the deity, Idara must choose and face the greatest battle of all.

Shot with the latest digital camera manned by an international crew, the movie is executive produced by Ini Edo & Emem Isong, directed by Desmond Elliot.

It is set to be shown in cinemas worldwide.

For more information and enquiries please contact;
Bola Aduwo,
Co-ordinator, Media & Publicity
Facebook: www.facebook/bolaaduwo
Twitter: www.twitter/nollywooduncutcSkpe: http://www.nollywooduncut.com/

Miss TiLii's Comments:

You people will not kill me this summer ohhh - all these fineness of men NOLLYWOOD has NEVER seen - being poured on the audience nyafu nyafu this 2011, now i dont know which one to choose. First we got slammed with one tall glass of finess called Joseph Benjamin now this former Mr Nigeria Bryan Okwarra. Hmmmm. Six pack - Six Pack that we the female audience have been wanting to see for a while now and finally we get two at a go: Joseph Benjamin and now Bryan Okwarra . Chei - I knew this was going to be a good year, I just knew it.

I cant wait to watch this movie - ofcourse its Emem, so you know am always on it like white on rice, we got the beautiful slimmed down looking fabulous Ini too. Its a different story line from Emem's usual and am happy about it. I love dance and I love musicals so i look forward to this movie. Everyone lets support this movie when it finally premieres and eventually hits the shelves (i just hope we dont have to wait to 2012 for this andthat its coming very soon - DVD i mean! - we dont want tha long Gap like yall did us with premiering Bursting Out to finally releasing it on DVD).

Watch this space for more update.


(Thanks Bola for all the Update - keep em coming)

ps: Bola tell Ini, I said "Osi gini"? what is it?- when are we here in USA getting to finally see "Memories of the Heart" - how long should we wait - BigBooty Ini - Oh shoot :lol: i guess a kettle should not tease a pot by calling it black with mine just as big lol - i forgot)


Anonymous said...

miz Tilli! You give the most hilarious outbursts! lol! My dear, the guy is hotness personified no be small! Infact he is too fine his own good! This one aint no photo shopping nonsense! Looking forward to watch this when it comes out!
This summer is mos def going to be hawt! lol

*the* chatter*box* said...

lol!!! @ ok someone get me a glass of water cos i think i cant breath - I mean how is this even possible - Chei...

DEAD @ But Lord please let him be a good actor and not have the VV syndrome, Please.

I share your sentiments the guy is fine...i hope he performs well..

bestting said...

LOL can't wait too

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